Share Your Light: Speak Kind Words

By: John-Roger, DSS

February 7th, 2020

Share Your Light:  Speak Kind Words


It’s important that you do let the greater love – not the love of man, but the love that comes from God – flow through you in your expression to other people.  It is this love that you must continually bring forward. – John-Roger

This article by John-Roger was originally published in the Movement Newspaper, November 1974.

Part of the basic foundation of spiritual love is the expression of kindness.  It is important to always speak kind words to one another.  If you say to someone, “I love you,” and the next day curse them, it is very difficult for them to carry forward the love of the first day.  It’s important that you do let the greater love – not the love of man, but the love that comes from God – flow through you in your expression to other people.  It is this love that you must continually bring forward.

When you feel that you must chastise those who are close to you, then also speak kind words to them.  It is so very, very important.  Speak kind words to others at home, at school, at work, or wherever you may be.  At your job, if someone really “blows it,” don’t say, “Look, clod. You’ve messed up a whole day’s work.”  Do you think for one minute that they don’t already know and feel bad about what they’ve done?  Maybe something like:  “Well, it looks like we’ll have to go back and do some repair work.  We’re going to have to go back on schedule.  You can come in a little early tomorrow or stay a little later now.  I’ll expect you to finish this up and make it right.  But I know you can do it.”

And the person says, “Thank God, I get a chance to straighten it out, to make it right.  You must really have a love for me, even though you’ve said, “Look, dummy!”  Sometimes when people say, ‘Dummy!” they are really showing you great love.  The words are not so important as the frequency with which they come across.

How would you want someone to approach you when you have done something that hasn’t really been right?  Would you want them to come up and yell at you, berate you, castigate you, nail you to the wall?  You don’t want that at all; you want a little bit of sympathy and a little bit of understanding.  Your point of view is, “I know I’ve made a mistake.  If you don’t think I feel bad inside, get in here and feel with me: it hurts.  Don’t hurt me any more.”

You can come into a type of attitude where you say, “I wonder how we can make it better now?  Maybe we’re going to have to take a few things out and change them around.  I’ll be able to help you for a little bit, enough to get you going.  And then you can take it from there.  It’s no big catastrophe.  God is still in heaven.  The paycheck is still going to come through regularly.  But I would ask that you watch more closely next time – be a little more responsible.  This job is your creation to bring forward, and what have you done with it?  Created a mess.  Now you get to re-create a balance.”

It’s so easy to go into the cell level or basic self responses and just “chew people up one side and down the other” to let them know of your righteous indignation.  But after you have done that, you have forfeited your next statement of, “I love you.”

They say, “How can you love me when you have said and done these things to me?”

Very often, we fight because we don’t know our true nature.  Our true nature is very simple – it’s joyful and happy.  This is the nature of the Soul – us.  And people fight and depress themselves because they’re afraid they won’t find it.  You can’t spoon-feed people, nor can you presuppose that you know what they like or don’t like.  But we do know that all humans have Light and are seeking for the greater Light to make theirs one with it.  And Light attracts Light.  When Light speaks, Light listens.

You can let people know that even though you may not see eye-to-eye with them on the physical level, you support them anyway in their expression.  This is important.  Often, when we would love to express the depth of our love, we find instead misrepresentation, pettiness and bickering because those we love will not change to suit our whim or desire.  But if we go into saying: “I don’t care what you say or what you think, I’m just going to love you without any restrictions or qualifications, just love from this moment with each breath” – then there is the love that has moved mountains.

There is the love of getting along and the love of sharing and the love of compromising to assist.  Indeed, to be a peacemaker is a joyful occasion.  But to have peace in the heart is even more joyful.  And then to share peace of mind is even more joyful.  Or to share an emotional understanding where you say: “I understand that; I felt the same way”— that is glorious, too.  But to shed God’s Light through yourself to others and awaken that within them is transcendental, there are no words for it.  And yet it is the most real state.

We ask people, “Will you allow me to love you?” and we say it in many ways.  But the big thing we say is, “Will you love me?”  And when they do not give forward of love, that is when we fight.  That’s when we yell, and that’s when we feel hatred and pettiness within ourselves.  But it really is crying out, “Oh, God help me, I need love.”  And we do need this.  We need this because it is part of our beingness to be fulfilled with love.  Not physical, emotional or mental love.  Spiritual love is the love that brings with it the consciousness of God and the realization that all things are functioning in accordance with the one Law – that is the Law we know as God.

When you fight someone, you fight the God that is in you.  Sometimes, we want to fight people to wake them up because we say, “I see so much in you that I just want to shake you loose so you’ll look.”  Why don’t you love them loose?  Why don’t you make your love be so dynamic that without it they could not make it and that with it you could go together into the heart of God.

The Soul will respond to love.  It will not respond to anything else.  It responds to love because that is its nature – loving and happy and joyous.  And when we reach more into the Soul and come from that center of awareness into the world, we are coming from a place of joy and a place of thanksgiving – also, a place of thanks-receiving and thanks-sharing.

We’re brought together to refine ourselves, to sandpaper each other.  Chipping away? No, that’s not necessary.  But the refinement of consciousness into the Soul then allows us to consciously have awareness of the Soul – to move into it and know that we are the Soul – and then to move into God consciousness and know that we are an essence of God.

Baruch Bashan


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