Q&A with Traveler John Morton on Loving

By: John Morton, DSS

February 21st, 2020

Q&A with Traveler John Morton on Loving


Q: Throughout my life, I’ve been very loving and thought more of other people than myself. Where is that balance between love and intelligence or being smart?

John: That’s a good question. The intelligence would be, “Is it loving?” And open loving communication can check it out. “Was that as good for you as it was for me?” That’s checking it out. If you serve something on a plate, do you enjoy it? Do you taste the love? When you prepared it were you consciously putting loving into it? Do you love your shoes when you put them on and take them off, so that you are conscious and loving whatever you are focused on? These are areas where we can increase the loving and put that smile on your face. That communicates loving is present and here with me. Is this always easy? It hasn’t been for me. It takes awareness and an intention to be loving. When you are fully in your loving, it’s not dependent on anyone or anything, including yourself. You can find your loving regardless of how you feel or the conditions you’re in. With the divine aspect of loving we can bring forward a loving like never before. A loving that transcends, embraces and forgives all. In my experience, that’s God’s love.

Q: I find myself pulling my love away from my family at times, as if I don’t have the ability to be loving with them. Do you have any suggestions?

John: That loving ability is still present. Now we’re talking choice. Be aware of what you want to choose. One of the ways to express loving to somebody is to touch them. Make sure it’s coming from your loving because there are other ways to touch people that aren’t so loving. In your voice you touch people, so put the loving in your voice. Then people see you put the loving in what they see. It’s okay to go first. If people are pulled apart and not choosing the loving, be the first to love. Maybe it’s, “Well, I’ve been the first 50 times in a row.” You’re getting closer to God. You’re scoring with God, getting “love points” with God. And love’s going to return it. We were born to love, because that’s what we are. It’s okay that we got distracted along the way. We forgot some things about love. One of the things the Traveler does is to remember you to love. Remind yourself, you are love. You can do this. Let your life be lived with love, that you have a balance forward. You have more loving coming to you because you keep giving it away. God’s the kind of a guy that multiplies it. There’s lots of ways to increase the loving.

Q: There was a judgement that came present in me, “You don’t love yourself?” What can I do with that?

John: Are you ready to love yourself? That’s the correct attitude. Whatever is being held back from the loving will present itself to you, calling out for the loving. Sickness is one of the forms that calls out, sometimes called “heartsick.” We need to do open communication with ourself. God loves us the way we are. That’s not necessarily approving of what we’re doing, because if we go against ourself or hurt ourself, that’s not a great approach to loving. What is your heart wanting to express? Often, in our childhood, we were thwarted and rejected in the open expression of our heart, perhaps because someone around didn’t find it convenient or approve of it. So we shut down our heart expression. It’s not too late to express what’s in your heart. Express it freely and openly. It’s important for your wellbeing, to make yourself happy. You need to let your heart connect with your expression and then you can be happy with all kinds of things.

Q: How do I give instructions in a loving way as a leader without reacting to my previous experience as being judged as a fool when I did that?

John: I don’t know if I’m qualified for this one, because I’ve had a fair amount of what you’re describing myself. I think it’s important to strive to be loving as a first way of being. There are ways to hold in the loving. And we don’t hold onto a grudge. Often, when you’re in the light and loving consciousness, you bring people’s reactions to you because you can handle it. They’re bringing their burdens to you, but it’s not really personal. They are in some way releasing what they need to release. And then you find out if you can handle that. Stay loving. That doesn’t mean you don’t ever feel hurt, irritated or frustrated. But loving becomes what’s most important, so focus more to the loving. We can express the intention toward loving. I’m going to love you anyway. It tests new levels of the loving within us. Our growth works through loving, so we become greater beings with a greater capacity to love. Those who are the most powerful lovers and the greatest amongst us often demonstrate loving when others are not expressing loving. It’s not always to be in words or actions. Loving is a presence.

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So perfect to read this during heart month, valentine’s week! Loving this new post resurrecting the written Q&A, like we used to have …. Ask J-R. Now we have an ask John Morton! Grateful!