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Sydney, Australia – Conference For the Highest Good 2020
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The title for this year’s conference took on an extra meaning as unprecedented bushfires, floods and a world pandemic virus dramatically led up to this year’s conference. As the date drew closer the organisers received a few concerned enquiries about personal safety but we were able to assure them that the hotel had current hygiene standards in place and that the conference was to go ahead.

My husband Paul and I had been severely affected by bushfires and were grateful to have been given a place at this year’s conference. As we neared the hotel I began to wonder if we would be expected to refrain from touching one another or would “hugging” be out! Upon entering the hotel foyer I spied the hostesses for the services and service recipients over in their usual corner. We were greeted with cries of delight and to my relief, much hugging. Hooray!

The first official event of conference is always an open seminar on Thursday night but this year an extra, special open evening event had taken place on Tuesday night at the home of John Hayson. For the past two years Ian Mills and a team of helpers have been hosting MSIA introductory meditation evenings that focus on soul transcendence. This special event was to give people, who had been attending these evenings, a chance to meet the John Morton. Approximately seventy people not on discourses attended! John opened the space for questions and an amazing evening ensued. What a very special way to begin conference. What a way to make the teachings available.

On Thursday night, Ian Mills continued holding the energy for newcomers (there were about fifteen) and the MSIA family, by being our MC for the “Life of an Initiate” open workshop. Vincent began the evening with much humour and then reviewed the eight keys to being an initiate. Finally the moment we had all been happily anticipating arrived and we became upstanding as we applauded our beloved Traveler, John Morton onto the stage. Knowing that I had agreed to write this article I find that I first noted that JM began by saying “all souls are initiates”. Isn’t that wonderful?

When John opened the evening up for “sharings” I was the first person to be called upon. I have no idea what my question was because I never asked it! Instead John knew far better than I what I needed and began by asking me a question about my bushfire experience and the rest, as you know, is not to be spoken of. Needless to say I received every word as a moment of peace and healing. I know that for those of us who attended it was an uplifting, awakening and wonderful beginning to conference.

The next morning we were welcomed to the “For the Highest Good” workshop, by our vibrant, funny and talented MC, Lily Cabrillo. After guidelines and groundrules she called to the stage the workshop facilitator and we discovered that it was to be the Traveler!! John began by telling us that J-R was co-facilitating the workshop and we knew that we were in for something really special.

View the Photos from Workshop Day 1

What followed was a mini PAT Training with some familiar and some new J-R excerpts (thanks Richard and crew), a few new questions in dyad format, JM sharings and by the end of the second day a complete change of consciousness! There is no doubt in my mind that being part of the MSIA family, a minister and an initiate is the most blessed gift one could ever have. A highlight of the workshop was a recently discovered meditation given by J-R when he was in Texas in 1981. The loving in his voice and Twaji from his eyes were a treasure that I will hold dear to me for the rest of my life.

View the Photos from Workshop Day 2

The final conference event for most of us was Sunday morning’s Ministers’ and Initiates’ meeting. Before it began Paul Kelsey and Jessica Aribau’s sweet baby boy Jack was blessed by John Morton. For the first time in many years we did not have any ordinations.

This time we had the gentle, sweet manner and delightful humour of Rosemary Ferris as our MC. The very talented and professional Marie Lennox and Louise Davidson each sang a song created and composed by them for our enjoyment and upliftment.

Vincent read us the words on the plaques of the ministerial awards for this year and, as usual, each recipient arrived on the stage a bit overwhelmed, deeply moved and very, very grateful. Congratulations to our dear and wonderful ministers, Janice Crittenden, Andrew St John and Bob Zapf. Vincent then went on to give us a report from the Prez and let us now that over the next few years MSIA Australia will move the financial management to MSIA in LA. This will be done with as much ease and support as is required. He concluded by taking us through a lovely tithing and seeding closed eye process.

The Traveler was invited to the stage and in a very loving, relaxed and generous manner he chatted with us for nearly two hours. He reminisced, told us stories, shared wise-words (especially about how to think about the COVID-19 virus) and we bathed in his Light and love. As always he gave the ministers and initiates what they needed outwardly and inwardly. Finally we watched an excerpt of John-Roger reading Tim Matthews’ (an Aussie), delightful poem about the funny old church called MSIA that has more ministers than congregation. How appropriate!

View the Photos from MSIA Australia Ministers Meeting

For most of us this was the end of the conference, for some of us we knew we had changed by being there and for a few of us there were more blessings to come at the Blessingsfest dinner later that day. I happen to know that there were a few people who were attending this event, I can truthfully quite miraculously, because their names had been picked out of a fish bowl. We all shared a final lunch together, so much joy, so much Light, so much love!

View the Photos from the Blessingsfest

God bless you always in all ways John. Thank you.

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