A Letter From John Morton, DSS

By: John Morton, DSS

April 3rd, 2020

A Letter From John Morton, DSS


The following is from a letter John wrote to a minister and initiate just after the events of 9/11. It seems just as appropriate and applicable to current events as it was back then, potentially useful and helpful to all those in our family.

The spiritual domain is not threatened by any of the negativity that takes effect in the world. – John Morton

Information used wisely is our friend, advisor and protector. As people of good and peaceful intent around the world come together in a cooperative effort, we will create a world that is more than ever based upon mutual harmony and respect. A new world order due to the integration and cooperation amongst various cultures will be sufficient to pass this test of our collective will.

Being practical, what is up is to be aware of what we are working with as both local and world conditions. Consider an appropriate response while doing the best we can to focus on maintaining and raising the quality of our life. Despite the intense disturbance – one in a series that goes back through history – our world is in the process of changing for the greater good.

Despite what might seem to be a giant impact, most of our lives remain in large part the same. We still need to do the mundane and personal things that represent taking care of ourselves, taking care of others as best we can and should, and cooperating with how life is working moment to moment.

I am supremely blessed to having children to raise. They’ve shown me that their lives have essentially the same agenda as prior to the current situation. All the other non-human things, like our cat, clearly have the same agenda.

It is my experience that good is the actual power that shall prevail as God’s will is done. We just need to enact the good in what we see and do. This is the power with us when two or more are gathered in the purpose that is the absolute love of God. More than ever we as a humanity, which is really a collection of individuals, are called upon to raise the standard by which we live in this world.

For the most part, my life and my inner life in particular, have not changed in regard to purpose and priorities. Let’s consider that what has occurred has shown an endemic weakness and disease that has been increasing through the ages. All along, the power of God’s love and redemption has been intact and available to those who would choose their divinity rather than negativity. Our world has evolved to a capacity of negative power that could be massively destructive. This has been in our midst for some time, not just recently.

The spiritual domain is not threatened by any of the negativity that takes effect in the world. Our spiritual life remains whole, complete and perfect. It is full of love, joy, peace and all the goodness that our heart and soul know to be so – past our mind, feelings, fears, doubts and sense of alienation.

Now, more than ever, we are called upon to realize who we are spiritually – Divine beings who are indeed children of God whose true home is not of this world. While in this world, we are to raise ourselves to our true nature, which is divine, eternal and inherently good. Therein is the resolution.

In the Spirit within each one of us is the consciousness that knows we are protected, that we are not what takes place in the world. And so truly, we are not subject to this world, but rather we belong to the world to come that is perfect of God. Neither are we exempt from the ways of the world.

From the Spirit within each one comes the consciousness that fulfills every challenge of this world, enduring until at last overcoming the world completely, to triumph in the domain of God, which is eternal.

This is the inheritance of the Soul that we each are. This is the promise of God, already delivered. What remains is to claim our inheritance in full and make good. By God’s grace we will be delivered regardless of what we are in this world.

Let us praise and celebrate the good news yet again as we remember ourselves with God. Let us each step forward to make the greater good manifest for all.

Peace be with you ever more in love and Light,



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Thank you, and AMEN!!!

Beautiful, Thank You Beloved

Allways present message from the Spirit. Times of challenge, change and practice our learning in this teachings.Gracias Viajer