News Flash: J-R Archive Portal

By: MSIA Staff

April 3rd, 2020

News Flash: J-R Archive Portal


News flash! We are thrilled to announce the launch of a brand new MSIA website: the John-Roger Archive Portal.

This new site has been created to offer more J-R content to the world and specifically designed to make the teachings searchable for your learning, growth or DSS class research. If you were ever curious to know what J-R or John Morton said about a particular subject, this is the place for you. To start, you will be able to search over 5,000 Loving Each Day quotes library by category, date, or free-form word search. There is also a chronology of MSIA, which is in the initial stages of being filled out. Coming next is a searchable database of John-Roger’s books.

Another important purpose of the site is to keep our community and students informed on the archival progress happening behind the scenes at MSIA. You will also find a section on how to volunteer to assist with the archives, as well as how to financially support the John-Roger Legacy Fund, which was set up to maintain, preserve, and publish all of the teachings for posterity.

The site features a blog page, written by NOW Productions Archive Manager, Marina Van Wormer. The monthly blog updates will keep you informed of developments and progress of the Archives and keep you abreast of noteworthy news about the J-R Archive Portal site, like new content additions to the search databases.

We invite you to visit the site and try it out. You can access it directly at or through the MSIA.ORG home page navigation under DISCOVER / Our Teachings / J-R Archive Portal. If you would like to know when new features, content, or blog entries are added you can subscribe for email updates.

This site was built for you to explore the rich legacy of the J-R teachings and to stay informed on the J-R archival process. We have a feeling you will enjoy it.

Visit J-R Archive Portal

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What a wonderful resource. Thank you so much.

I love this. God continue to bless your good works in promotion of the Traveller’s teachings. light, peace and love be with you.

This is incredible!!!!