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To Our Valiant Worldwide MSIA Representatives


Our Traveler John Morton requested that Angel Harper’s message to the MSIA Representatives be shared with our MSIA family on the New Day Herald.

Dear Precious and Valiant MSIA Reps,

What an expansive, wild and wooly time we are living right now!
Who knew that we would all be called to the front line as the Spiritual Warriors we are, to be courageous, impeccable with our energy, including with washing our hands, sanitizing, and social distancing, ruthless with our loving, and to hold in our intention of keeping our eyes on the Lord as we navigate this brave New World.

For our part many of our staff are now working remotely and working in creative ways to get the Traveler’s teaching out to support all of us and those who are looking for these teachings through these challenges that are present.

The NOW Crew techs are diligently working with the PREZ and John Morton to provide seminars, workshops, and other events on-line. John and Leigh are doing a daily online blessings time so that we have a daily virtual connection with the Traveler – 9:00am pacific time. Click onto or type in your browser

Please remind your communities to tune in at that time OR later in the day when it is posted for online viewing.

And here are more notes and reminders to support your community:

*To participate in any live stream event you can create an account on the MSIA website (if you haven’t done this already) so you can access all the coming offerings.

Click onto the link below and follow the easy “how-to” steps:

*PTS staff are putting up on-line classes and seminars as fast as they can. You can contact Gaby Grigorescu to learn how to hold seminars on Zoom (as David Whitaker is on paternity leave :0) Also remind your lovely community members to create an account on the MSIA website if they haven’t done that yet so they can access all the offerings (Julie provided directions for that), and

* you can contact Skyler Patton is ZOOMing Heartreach community gatherings each Saturday from 10:00am – 11:00am pacific time – you can click on this link to join the zoom meeting and it takes you through the steps for downloading the software for your device – and Meeting ID:450 173 476. (Downloading the ZOOM app or software takes 2-3 minutes and it’s free).

*Each day Paul Kaye is recording a Daily Sound Meditation with a different instrument and posting it. Here’s a sample:

I’ve also been hearing from our different MSIA communities how they have started (or are continuing) their Ministers’ meetings by ZOOM. And some of the communities are doing “Whatsapp” groups so that they can easily check in with each other for free/no text cost. Whatsapp is on your smartphones as an app.

I’m deeply moved by some of your notes and reading and seeing how young and old alike looking out for each other. Even my new neighbors let me know that they have plenty of eggs and bread to share if I need it. In our MSIA communities and in the world we have been called to cooperate in taking care of ourselves so that we can help take care of others and and as a result there has been and continues an outpouring of caring and kindness and consideration.

J-R said that he would “move into a high state of cooperation” rather than resist what was present. I’ve reminded myself of his words many a time over the last few weeks, particularly when my little rebellious part wouldn’t want to scrub my hands or wipe down plastic food cartons, etc. And I’ve been saying to myself “More Fun.” This little gem was given to me by John Morton when I was going into my fourth surgery in as many months. At first I thought he was coming from a different planet (ok, maybe he was) but I thought why not check it out. So as I went into the surgery prep, I told myself and my sweet Basic self, “We are going to have fun with this.” and the suggestion became my beacon to “look for the fun, the good…and I can find it. Maybe not right away, but the looking is what opens me up.

Of course, J-R was fond of saying “If it’s going to be funny later, it can be funny now.” Sharing humorous takes and comics are giving us good laughs and much-needed breaks in the tension that fear can create.

Thank you for being there. You are creative, Light-filled, and truly amazing people. I’m so grateful that you are Light Bearers for your communities. I am here for you so you can continue to email, text, whatsapp, zoom, skype (angeljg)) or call me whenever at +1-310-429-6456.

This week I flew to Washington, DC to take up residence in Chevy Chase, Maryland–my old stomping and playing grounds. I’ll be working remotely and continuing as the MSIA Rep Liaison and Travel Coordinator and when the bell rings “Clear”, I’l be back on the road with the rest of our services’ staff.

These next weeks I’ll be taking advantage of the “shelter at home” or as I like to say “this gifted retreat” time to settle in, clean up email files, work on long-time sidelined projects, create a few new workshops or classes for PTS, and try out new recipes. Even thinking I might do a zoom ballet class for my granddaughters…ah well the possibilities seem limitless..

The Blessings abound.
Hugging you and your loved ones in the Light and Love of my Spiritual Heart,
Angel Harper

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