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Compassionate Leadership During the Coronavirus

Doctor of Spiritual Science (DSS) student, Wayde Binder, is on the front lines of the coronavirus as a hospital administrator at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York.  He recently sent a sharing to us.  We are sharing it with you so that you can send the Light to all involved and be inspired by Wayde’s dedication and devotion to the Teachings:

I do DSS Light Body almost daily, and Spiritual Exercises. And, I can tell you I am practicing some of my previous month’s “doing differently” DSS tracking items on a daily basis. For example:  speaking kind words more than I ever have; seeing the love and God in others and appreciating their dedication; sharing compassion, caring and love in almost every communication.  It is extraordinary how this has changed me in so many ways.

I am also so aware of the love and Light that so many send me. I literally feel it come in. I am so very, very blessed to be leading at this time. Compassionate leadership guides me daily. As you can imagine, the DSS focus of “doing things differently” is something I have to practice daily to find new solutions and ways of doing things differently almost minute by minute. I feel so very blessed to have J-R and the Travelers with me, guiding me, supporting me, and demonstrating the Teachings through me.

I am doing the DSS class daily, just in the way that I have to do it right now. This process is teaching me so much more than I could imagine and changing me in ways I did not know possible.

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  1. Alissa Meredith

    Thank you for your important and courageous presence. We are with you. Blessings of Grace, Wisdom, Discernment, and Loving. Your DSS classmate.

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