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Taking Care of Her Dad in the Time of Covid-19


Chace and her dad in 1996. PHOTO COURTESY OF CHACE BEECH.

Chace Beech, daughter of Stephen Beech and Elaine Lipworth, grew up in our community.  Many of you may have known her since the time she was born.  She is 25 years of age now.  Many of you may also know her beloved parents, and you may be aware that Stephen was diagnosed with a brain tumor two years ago.  Since that time, Chace and her mom and sister have been caring for Stephen at home.

Chace’s story of taking care of her dad during this time of Covid-19 was featured recently in Healthyish on Bon Appetit’s website.  It’s a beautifully authentic sharing full of loving, learning, caring and growing.

You can read Chace’s story at

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