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Minimizing the Downtime


What is needed at this time is information on what is taking place and communication of what is present so we can make better choices that serve people. – John Morton

This article is excerpted from Blessing This Day with John Morton & Leigh Taylor-Young Morton on March 27, 2020.


Dear Lord
We welcome Your presence this day
Full of blessings
Full of the consciousness of the highest good
We open ourselves again to be aware of whatever is present
So we bring You our concerns, whatever they are
We find that everything is embraced
And also in a movement that is lifting, clearing, balancing, healing
And whatever is needed, wherever it is needed, and for whoever is needed
We are in the consciousness of the Beloved
In that consciousness, we have great altitude
And in this perspective of the higher consciousness
We can see the beauty and grace
And know that whatever is going on in the world is momentary, always changing
So we bring our attention, our focus, into what helps, what lifts, what comforts
Also that we have compassion
This compassion is for whatever is difficult
Whatever is challenging, confusing
We send this compassion to our own consciousness, our own selves
To whoever is near, even if we do not see them
And whatever is near, if we do not see what that is
You remind us that we always have the opportunity to call forward light and love
To come into that presence called the Holy Spirit
That it brings us in the absolute truth, the living truth, the eternal truth
We give thanks to rejoice
That we still can find the cause for celebration
Especially as we can see into the transcendence
The nature of who we are spiritually
That transcends whatever is going on in this world
We find that presence that is relaxing, assuring, and bringing our strength
In this consciousness, we have the experience You are always with us
You also lead us in the ways that are serving the highest good
You let us see
You let us hear
You let us feel
Whatever is serving this Presence
We give thanks that this is being done through the Christ, through the Traveler
In that Presence that is in all levels
We experience also Your rhythm that comes and goes
Moves in perfect ways and perfect timing
And endures through all conditions
Baruch Bashan


What is needed at this time is information on what is taking place and communication of what is present so we can make better choices that serve people.

I’m obviously doing what I like to call “minimizing the downtime,” which is minimizing what is unnecessary in everything that’s good and the highest good. I see the practicalness of doing that individually.  We need to take care of ourselves as an important ministry and action, and then take care of somebody else. And I extend that to neighbors.

Let’s be about that perfect attunement into our highest consciousness. That’s an opportunity we have every day. We call it spiritual exercise. We call it worship. We call it spiritual attunement. It’s being who we are in this way, and there are always signs. That we lift into a consciousness that transcends in ways that are of the Christ with Light and love; not partially but entirely. And to let that move us in what we do and what we see.

So let’s do something that John-Roger would often do, issue ourselves a challenge in this day. It is blessed. That we will be those who look for the good and the divine in everyone and everything. And that we also have this opportunity to let go, to release, to trust and relax. That we are fully embraced in the consciousness of the Christ, the anointed one.

This way we become the perfect Christ that can see the divine purpose, a good purpose. When it is shared, we are in the peace, we are in the understanding that surpasses all the difficulties, all the negativities.  That this is what is before us today.

Now, let’s go out and do some good.

Baruch Bashan


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