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Peace IS Present: A Taste of Peace!


How can we get along on this planet? By spiritualizing more people and learning to live with them as a community, a group, a fellowship, a brotherhood, a sisterhood – a community of devotees to God. If you have enough people doing that, you have a joyful situation.
– John-Roger

Thank you to the many of you who are happily, and currently, enjoying and participating in the Worldwide Peace Prayer!

I received an invitation to write about my ministry, and in particular, to write about the Worldwide Peace Prayer ministry.  Part of my ministry is putting together and sharing the IIWP Peace Prayer going out twice a week via email, in both English and Spanish.  Yay!  In the next few weeks or so, adding Portuguese and soon Bulgarian, perhaps French and others?

I don’t know how I can use words to describe the experiences of this part of my ministry.   I can say it is an inner, sacred process.  I have no words that can begin to describe it fully.  What I can do is share with you a taste of an experience …


Hello,  Lovers of Peace! 

We invite you to enjoy the Peace that is Present.

“Spirit brings peace through your loving.
Focus on loving, and you will discover peace.”
~ John-Roger

Give loving and peace to yourself
by putting your hand on your heart
and silently saying to yourself several times:

“I love you.
God bless you.
Peace,  be still.”

Relax into the loving ….
Be aware of the peace radiating through you and
extending out from you.

Reach out with your loving to enfold
and gently hold the planet earth and all of God’s creation
in your loving care.

As Peacemakers we give unconditional loving to the
extreme points of view and opinions
expressing on planet earth.

We can use John-Roger’s nine magic words:

“We love you.  God bless you.  Peace,  be still.” 

to come into and hold in unconditional loving as these extremes
are surfaced,  processed and healed.

Wherever we see or hear discord,
separation,  judgment,  or hatred
we can chant:

“We love you.  God bless you.  Peace,  be still.” 

We choose to trust God’s unfolding plan for this planet. 

Enjoy an excerpt and a process of Peace from our Friend,  John~Roger:

“Q:  What is peace profound?

A:  Peace profound is an experience deep within,  at the core of your being,  beyond thoughts,  feelings or physical sensations.”


As I go deep within
to the place of peace beyond thought,  I am aware of …

– John~Roger, Founder,  Institute for Individual and World Peace®

A Blessing from our Beloved,  John Morton:

“Thank you,  Lord,  for preparing us again, demonstrating that Youre the one who always prepares the way.

Remind yourself that you are the peace of God,  that you bring peace and find the peace that is present,  and that wherever there is disturbance,  you find peace.

You become the peace that is present.”

Baruch Bashan – The Blessings Already Are

 – John Morton, Spiritual Director,  Institute for Individual and World Peace®


A new prayer and unique peace process is emailed directly to the Peacemakers currently receiving the IIWP Peace Prayer every Sunday and Wednesday.

If you would like to come and play in the playground of Peace, do please join in.  Click here to subscribe and perhaps invite your friends and family to participate.

J-R has said that this is a very powerful process.  As we all know, the world can use more Peace awareness, now and moving forward.  God bless us all!

Come be the Peace!  The more the merrier!

I love you, God bless you,

Peace, Be still!

MaryJo Love


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