Ministers Meeting in One Accord

By: Matt VanFossan

July 10th, 2020


With a reported 1,400 ministers online in one accord, we surmise that this was the single largest gathering of ministers in MSIA history. But the numbers don’t tell the full story.

The highlight of the event: Traveler John Morton Shared his ministerial blessing given to him by J-R during the legendary Insight Seminar of 1978, almost like a Light Study in blessing form with its depth and power.

John shared more of his personal journey in which he found himself drawn to live, work, and serve alongside his Traveler, John-Roger. He invited ministers around the world to get involved with service on the Los Angeles ministerial board where meetings and work are now being done remotely.

Leigh Taylor-Young, our MSIA ambassador, shared her ministerial blessing for the first time at a ministers meeting and it was a beautiful moment. She went on to offer a planetary blessing which continues to echo around the world.

Rachelle Zazzu from NYC and Hristina Kirimidchieva from Bulgaria received Minister of the Year awards to honor their outstanding ministries over the past year. Elizabeth Frumin, Susan Skelton, and Michelle Issel received Volunteer of the Year awards in honor of their exceptional service to the Church. Beautiful speeches were given by each one.

Lori Matson, Vice-Chair of the LA Board, MC-ed the meeting with grace and style. She along with Prince Iwuoha from Nigeria and Rossi Kossacheva from Bulgaria, shared their ministerial blessings, giving a dynamic worldwide flavor to the meeting.

Orion Lopez, LeAnna Sharp, and Matt VanFossan (author of this article) offered a unique and dynamic creative contribution called “Thank You.” It showcased how collaboration and cooperation could yield such fine fruits in musical harmony.

David Whittaker, one of the all star cast of young MSIA staff who are coming into MSIA leadership, gave to all a sweet and inspiring seeding meditation.

These people, awards, and blessings are only the ten percent level of the meeting. The rest continues to reverberate in Spirit as a triumph of Light, Love, and Sound.

If you are an MSIA minister in good standing, you can watch the recording of the Ministers Meeting at the Conference of One Accord.  Login to your account on the MSIA website and choose MSIA Ministry in the pulldown menu.  The recording is posted on the Ministerial Dashboard.

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