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Windermere in One Accord


After every Conference, as long as I’ve been in MSIA, we’ve had a tour of Windermere Ranch. This year was no exception. And it was not held over Zoom. Thank God!

Rita and I reached the Ranch just as David Whitaker and his family were leaving. We soon learned from Milo that many had reserved tours and visits for other days, and that we were the only two for the day after Conference.

We had a private tour, shadowing Milo our rancher as he watered the newly planted vegetable garden, fed the sheep dogs, and most exciting of all, milked the newly acquired milking goat. The creamy milk tasted so good!

Milo shared about the projects coming forward on the land and the people who are coming forward to support them. Renovations on the guest houses, benches for the newly built labyrinth, and a short term guest program. I experienced the momentum building for all that is to come.

As I walked the land with Rita and Achilles, calling forward blessings and attuning to the peace that was so richly present, I fell in love again with the beauty of the land and the healing nature that this special property offers its visitors.

I took a refreshing swim in the Near Pond, and in the shade near the island pond I delighted in the song of a very deep-throated frog as I ate lunch.

We walked down to the Queilin Rocks, noted by J-R for the especially healing properties that come through them. And as I sat in SE’s, I was filled with tremendous gratitude for the moment, this Movement, the great legacy we stand on, and the grace and ease that pulls us forward into our shared destinies.

May we continue to celebrate what we have, who we are, and all that is still coming. Thanks to Milo and LeiLani for all they are bringing forward.

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