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In the Upper Room — The Most Intimate MSIA Conference


John Morton and Leigh Taylor-Young Morton received this email of gratitude for the Conference of One Accord from Paul Bennett in Australia.

Dear John and Leigh,

It is an hour and a half since the close of the Conference and my heart is full of gratitude to you and Leigh and to everyone who facilitated such a superb and magnificent event and to Wendy who suggested we attend.

Thank you for being, as is J-R, our wonderful, loving and humble Traveller and thank you to Jesus our Master Traveller and Redeemer.

Thank you to Angel, Candace, Hugo, Richard, the translators, the assistants, the “Now” production team and Milo and Leilani. Thank you to our successful and succeeding Presidency, (for now we have five). Thank you to the musicians. Thank you to those that chose the music and the excerpts. Thank you to all the support staff whom I don’t know.

Thank you to all we participants who embraced this new technology and who learned so swiftly how to move into and out of cyber rooms.

Thank you to everybody I met in cyber rooms for being so very loving.

Everybody did a magnificent job. Be proud of yourselves.

Wendy and I felt that we had been to a very special place, which of course we had. We had been to the Upper Room.

As I reflect upon my experience of MSIA Conferences, I realise I have always loved conferences, but this Conference ranks as the most intimate. Isn’t that amazing?

I am so lucky and so blessed to be part of this splendid Movement which serves us all so exceptionally well.

Love and Light to you two and to all of us.

Paul Bennett

Paul was then moved to write an additional piece sharing more of his experience of Conference via Zoom from his home in Australia:

The Conference of One Accord 2020 on Kangaroo Island South Australia

Wendy and I live in the town of Kingscote on Kangaroo Island, which is situated at the end of the Fleureau Peninsula in South Australia and bathed by the waters of the Southern Ocean.

The island is very beautiful, once part of Gondwanaland; it carries animals and plants that can be found nowhere else. The next landfall due South of us is Antarctica. We have historical and cultural connections with some of the countries of North and South America. In the 19th and early 20th Centuries vessels would sail from Valparaiso and Montevideo and be guided to safe harbor in Adelaide by the lights of Kangaroo Island. In 1803, one year after its Matthew Flinders, U.S. whalers landed in a tidal inlet on the Island and spent six months building and launching a whaling ship. At this inlet, now named American River, the United States flag, as it was in 1803, is flown in perpetual remembrance. It in some way symbolizes international accord.

The Conference of One Accord is the first international MSIA Conference via Zoom Technology. I have always enjoyed attending our Australian conferences in Sydney, because it has been such a blessing to be in the Traveller’s presence. It has also been such a joy to connect with friends from across Australia, New Zealand and the U.S. whom I’ve known for thirty years.

Physical contact was absent from the Conference of One Accord, of course, but this was replaced by a warm and wonderful intimacy, which I would say was a hallmark of the Conference.

Milo Page and Leilani Drouillard, our Windermere Ranch Managers, were inspirational as they reminded us that peace is always present with clips of vistas of the tranquil landscapes of Windermere, filled with the dynamic peace of Spirit. Paul Kaye was his sincere, faithful and whimsical self as he offered us the opportunity to experience qualities energized and blessed by the Travellers.

The Music is the Message section offered insights about J-R’s teachings expressed in music as well as a completely different take on some much loved MSIA songs provided by Jeffrey Morgan’s unique renditions.

Jeffrey Morgan and Anna Sugai — our Presidents in Training who presented Music is the Message — and David Whitaker at the Ambassadors Meeting, facilitated with warm, reverence and devotion.

Candace Semigran at the One Accord Workshop, and Angel Harper at the Light Ambassadors Meeting, facilitated with great clarity, focus, and awareness of Spirit.

Leigh Taylor Young-Morton, who is such an exemplar of grace and poise, presented her planetary healing meditation. This always inspires me because of its prayerfulness and the ease with which it helps me link my particular circumstances to a global perspective. Leigh also read so mellifluously, from the Gospel of St John, that she made Scripture seem to come alive.

As he is always, John Morton was in all his sharing, and in the celebration of the Eucharist, his loving, humble, faithful and powerful self. John demonstrated with integrity, what Jesus taught in the Upper Room, about love demonstrated in humble service.

We participants seemed to grow in skillful use of the new technology as we moved with increasing rapidity in and out of breakout rooms and Zoom rooms. It is far speedier to be assigned partners than to choose partners in the context of a physical conference.

Both Wendy and I loved anticipating whom we would meet. We met people who were eerily on the same wavelength and with things in common. We even met a person whom we had met years previously when that person was touring Australia. Everybody we met in the Zoom rooms was warm and loving. Everyone was well trained in doing the PAT process and was a joy to work with.

Perhaps one reason that intimacy was so immediate is that everybody was at home, being his or her ordinary down-to-earth selves.

We were enjoined to speak our preferred language when doing processes. I was profoundly impressed by those people we met who chose to use English where possible, even when they would have been intelligible to others in their first language. I thought this both very brave and very loving. Much love to them!

Conference ended in an extraordinarily heartfelt experience. In a last minute decision, John and Leigh, chose to allow us all to see each other as a farewell. We were able to gaze lovingly into each other’s eyes as screen followed screen. What a wonderful way to conclude Conference. What could be better?

I hope that next year even more people will be able to attend by Zoom, because the blessings of connection and love, which span the globe, are very real.

I reflect about the enormous amount of work done by so many to make this international conference a reality. The focus required by translators, must be tremendous. Then there’s all those who chose and played music, those who chose excerpts, all the Now Productions team, Hugo Alvarado who did a wonderful job, the assistants who managed the Zoom rooms. I know there are just so many people I don’t know, who did much to make it happen. Thank you to everybody, for your superb work, including all participants, I am deeply grateful.

I am very proud of us.

Wendy and I thought we had been to a special place. We had; of course, we had been to the Upper Room.

I am so lucky and so blessed to be part of this splendid Movement, which is serves us all so exceptionally well.

This has been the Conference of One Accord and I am aware that ever since Conference ended I have felt bathed in Light. I am trusting that the Light has been anchored here, in some way. I hope that this experience is true for you too! This Island has been one of the most bushfire-impacted areas of Australia and I am looking forward to what the Light brings forward for the Highest Good.

Where ever you may be in the world, love to you.

Paul Bennett

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  1. Lynette Walsh

    Blessings to ALL. Thank you Paul Bennett for allowing ALL of us to experience the Loving that took place at ONE ACCORD

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