Letting Go to Let God Completely

By: John Morton, DSS

July 10th, 2020

Letting Go to Let God Completely

"We have to change our ways. We have to pull back our individualized forms that are not allowing the highest good to come present. How could we possibly do that? Let go so completely so that you let God in completely."- John Morton

This article is taken from a sharing session John had in March 2020 with the Master of Spiritual Science class.

Sometimes there is value in just expressing whatever it is that you have as an intention, an interest, to have the Light more present in your conscious awareness. What does that mean? The Light is already present. The difference becomes how aware we are in the continuous opportunity we have to increase the awareness so it’s fully aware, fully conscious. That’s God consciousness.

That consciousness doesn’t have memory because it doesn’t forget. It has awareness; whole, complete total awareness. Omniscience. What does that mean? It knows all the dimensions, all the elements.

In my consciousness, I find there’s something in there we have to let go. I let go of the lower nature, the nature that has restriction and conditionality in it. From a personal level, God consciousness can sound like, “What are you talking about?” On the personal level, that consciousness is invisible and in silence.

What we’re attempting to bring more consciously aware is invisible and silent. Then, it’s like, “I don’t hear it because it’s silent and I don’t see it because it’s invisible. How am I supposed to relate to it if I don’t see and hear it?” It’s still present. It’s entirely present.

You might ask, “Is it the tingling?” Not really, but that could be a reflective condition – the tingling – reflecting Spirit’s presence, but it’s not the tingling.

When you put a musical tone in a room, everything vibrates to that tone and frequency. You might say, “Well, there are different frequencies.” That becomes more like a symphonic or harmonic sound with multiple sources. As we look at that, those things can have something like geometric formations that take shape. Light formations also have that.

The higher harmonics tend to take over. If we seek those, like the highest good, and we make room for it, then it will come forth. Then, you may say, “Why wouldn’t it just come forward?”

You’re probably not going to like this answer. It’s because you’re not ready for it. You’re not being given the highest good because you’re not ready. You’ve got yourself all blocked up, locked up, shut down and in againstness. The highest good doesn’t waste its energy field on that. You may need to learn a thing or two.

What does that mean, “learn a thing or two?” If you don’t already know what I’m talking about, here you go. You’re in the classroom titled: “Oh, I didn’t realize I was messed up.”

Okay. Do you know that now?

“Yeah, I know that. Can you help me?”

I’m glad you asked.

“Why wouldn’t you just help me?”

Because, again, you’re not ready for the help. It doesn’t waste itself on someone that rejects it. It’s like the people who reject God’s hand and bite the hand that’s feeding them. Then they may wonder, “Why is it that God’s hand pulled back?” It’s not going to be bitten. If you want to harm it, it’s not going to work.

We have to change our ways. We have to pull back our individualized forms that are not allowing the highest good to come present. How could we possibly do that?

Let go so completely so that you let God in completely. It’s kind of simple. Relax. Be open and accepting. Patience is the next byword. That’s when I go, “Patience? You mean I’ve got to wait in line?”

There’s some part going, “I want it now. I want it and want it. It’s already too late because I wanted it back there. I’m frustrated and disappointed because I didn’t get it back there.”

You weren’t ready back there. It didn’t come because you weren’t ready. You weren’t available. You weren’t open to what it is.

We are all being adjusted in that way. We know the natural world in our midst is inducting us to be in more harmony with the natural world and with each other. That’s obvious once we are open to see and know clearly.

Another way I’m relating to adjustment is all the people who are homebound. When you are bound to be home, you might ask, “What do I do?” Some people try to entertain themselves. They’re watching a lot of things on their devices. Or they’re going “device crazy” because they have so much time to be on a device.

Some parents with children at home aren’t experiencing it that way. Some are treating it like it’s the best time ever. A family vacation where we can’t go anywhere. It doesn’t really cost that much. It’s not distracting trying to do all these things on the vacation. We can do things together at home to get to know and relate to each other.

There’s a blessing in all of this if we just keep ourselves attuned to what is for the highest good.

Baruch Bashan

Blessing of Becoming an Instrument for Divine Will

Thank you for the opportunity to come together as the Beloved
We are the Beloved as this is the presence of God, to love it all
We welcome the Light also radiating with us, breathing with us
In this attunement, we come into the consciousness and the awareness
Of the highest good of all concerned
We take a moment to be aware of who we are and what we are physically
The sounds and whatever is sensing with us through the body
We place in the Light
We release any unnecessary energies
So there is greater healing, balance
We come into the attunement of the vitality that is always in our life force
We take advantage of the opportunity to call forward the greater Light
The higher energies that are serving this highest good
We become an instrument for the Divine Will
The grace can go out into the world, right where we are
We bless this place
We place the Light, as connection into the earth, the very core
We breathe it in and out
We can hold in our vision that the Light is surrounding and going higher and higher
To engulf all of the earth
We have this attunement and we have this intention to be the Light
To be the loving that is in the Light
And extend it for whatever purpose is serving the Divine
We also open ourself up in the sharing and the caring of who we are together
To everyone, to everything
We are aware also of the Presence that comes through our spiritual nature, our higher consciousness
We make room to let go of our restrictions, our doubts and fears
To become this Divine Will
This is the movement, this allowing transformation and transmutation
Allowing this grace that can just be done because we ask, because we are open
It’s a beautiful movement on a beautiful day.

Baruch Bashan


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Thanks dear Traveler for all the blessings. I am grateful.

It takes courage and a disciplined mind to let go and let God.

Gracias Amado John
Bendiciones eternas para Ti