Developing Your Spiritual Muscles

By: John Morton, DSS

October 8th, 2020

Developing Your Spiritual Muscles

"We are building our spiritual strength. Another way I look at this is that there are spiritual muscles. It’s in our teachings about how to use our abilities that are inherent and innate within us all along, breath-to-breath. We were born with them." - John Morton

This article comes from John Morton’s sharing in May 2020 at a “Building the Strength Within” Workshop

We are building our spiritual strength.  Another way I look at this is that there are spiritual muscles.  It’s in our teachings about how to use our abilities that are inherent and innate within us all along, breath-to-breath.  We were born with them.

As we begin to expand and exercise these spiritual abilities, our life in this world can beautify, clarify, purify and become more enjoyable.  We can have more fun.  Not everything in this world registers as really fun and enjoyable.  There are challenges.  There are challenges going on right now in the world on a major scale.

Having our spiritual abilities called forward on a major scale is something we can utilize so that we are still having experiences of peacefulness, harmony and inspiration.  It’s a joy to be alive!  These are all qualities of our spiritual strength.  These spiritual abilities are in us.  We walk around with them.  When we breathe, all these qualities are present.

In the Movement of Spiritual Awareness, we endeavor to bring these qualities forward more and more.  Many ways and many tools are available in MSIA.  Much of this work is coming from John-Roger, but it’s also something that is ancient.  It’s been here all along.  We take advantage of that opportunity to tune into what is spiritually true and universal in the way every human being has as the opportunity.

In a way, we don’t consider ourselves a religion or something that is like an institution.  But, then again, we have a seminary.  We have a place where you can come and study and practice these teachings.  Primarily, the teachings are about going within yourself, finding out that your spiritual awakening is always with you.  The ability to use these tools to awaken spiritually is a way to come into a great life.

John-Roger referred to how we can become spiritual warriors.  That is a way of looking at coming into an intention as one of the qualities.  John-Roger spoke of God as intention.  The presence of who we are as a divine nature can be called forward by focusing on who we are as an identity.

When we really get hold of our spiritual nature, it’s all good.  It’s magnificent and glorious.  It is also something we can look at as our fulfillment, our anointing and fulfilling our destiny in this world.  There is an aspect to this that is transcendent of this world.  John-Roger referred to it as Soul Transcendence.  We have a life beyond this world.

We make a distinction about what we call the “90 percent”, which is a way of evaluating how much of who we are is spiritually based and driven, which is about 90 percent.  What goes on with our physical life in this world is a mere 10 percent.

Regardless of how long you’ve been involved with MSIA, this still may not make sense.  Let’s consider that what we are being told is spiritual power and strength is tremendous.  If we utilize this spiritual strength, great blessings come into our life.  These blessings can include health, wealth, happiness and success with what you want to create in your life.  It can also include sharing these spiritual gifts and having great experiences with other people, as well as creatively making things happen that make the world a better place.  That’s all the more reason to develop our spiritual strengths.

Another quality John-Roger talked about related to the spiritual warrior is impeccability.  I love that word.  It’s pristine.  When we come clear spiritually and awaken to the power of who we are, our consciousness can become something beyond measure in its clarity.  We can remain calm in the midst of great upheaval and disturbance, whether that’s personal or in the world or in our environment.  If you have a sense that your true nature is clean and clear in an impeccable way, this is another way to understand who you are spiritually and develop that quality of impeccability.

Another quality of the spiritual warrior is ruthlessness.  Does that mean it’s willing to conquer, defeat and do what warriors do in war? From the book, Spiritual Warrior, John-Roger wrote: “Ruthlessness is the spiritual warrior’s sword of truth.  The sword of the heart, which cuts away all that is no longer necessary or useful, cuts away the illusions.  Spiritual warriors do not accept just anything and everything but are ruthless in ridding themselves of limitations and addictions, the habitual and unproductive behaviors of the past.  They keep their eyes on the Lord.”

If you wonder, “Who is the Lord?”, consider that is also a consciousness within.  There is an “inner master”.  There is a divine nature inside of us and in the level of who we are as a Soul.  Another quality we can develop as a strength is to be in touch with our inner master and to become what that is.  Wake up to our own mastership.  It is an opportunity to go through this world as something that is magnificent and beautiful regardless of external conditions.

Baruch Bashan

Blessing of the Good and Divine Presence

Thank you for gathering here as two or more

In this Presence, we call into the name that is sacred and holy on all levels

So, we lift ourself up into the inner sound and light, higher and higher

We are the consciousness of the Beloved in all of the Creation

We do this in the anointing that comes from the Holy Spirit

And through the Christ Consciousness into the flesh, into each one

This consciousness is in all as the highest good of all concerned

We are moving traveling consciousness

We can be still into this point, into the place where we are

And expand into all who are gathered

This gathering is in peace, harmony, joy, all the blessings

We take a moment to look upon those who are gathered with us spiritually

To open up into that attunement

So physically, it is behind our eyes and in our listening, in all of our senses

We give thanks also that we are holding this blessing for all, radiating to all

We release and let go of any negativity that is no longer necessary

The limitations, the conditionality

Come into the beauty, the grace, all that is good

We can hold that for those who are awakening, who are finding their wisdom

Finding what transcends all these conditions, every single one

We know we can overcome whatever is needed through strength

Through our willingness to move through all of this in cooperation

We have a most beautiful understanding of the good and divine presence

We give thanks this day.

Baruch Bashan



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Thank you, John, for all you do as a Traveler and as a human being. I love you.

Thank-you for your inspiring words and blessings they always lift me to a higher state.
Love and Light
Peggy Logan