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The Way That Works

"It is important to establish within yourself a sense of freedom. When we travel the levels of spirituality, when we go into the inner strength of our consciousness, there are certain things that we can be aware of on the way..." - John-Roger

This article by John-Roger was first published in the Movement Newspaper, June 1986.

It is important to establish within yourself a sense of freedom. When we travel the levels of spirituality, when we go into the inner strength of our consciousness, there are certain things that we can be aware of on the way. One of the first qualities we notice when we enter into this movement for spirituality is a curiosity. Then we might begin to become more serious about the things that are going on and how things are said.

Freedom is not supported by the one-way pollution that is so prevalent on the planet regarding religious and spiritual teachings. Many organizations that I have come to see have often said, “We’re the only way and there is no other way.” When they said there is no other way, I looked at their definition and kept going because I discovered a long time ago that God was no dummy. If He was able to organize this planet and keep it going for all these millions of years, He had enough sense to supply enough organizations to fit everybody. I’m well convinced that there is one way and that is the way that works for you. That way may encompass many different philosophies, educational procedures, types of food, and environmental locations. However, what I’m describing doesn’t involve that because, to me, the ten percent level is you involved with your body, emotions and mind. Then there is a ninety percent level and that’s the Spirit; that’s us in the greater part that I’m working with. Not as an ego trip, but as a factual statement. I don’t work on the other levels except as a reference point.

Have you ever noticed that we do the very best we can with where we are and with what we know. It’s usually by hindsight that you can always see where you could have done it better or different. But you can’t live in that because while you’re in hindsight the present moment is shooting by you and when you look that way you have a regret because you’ve let things go by. Then you ask, why did I let that slide? It’s because you were looking behind you. Most people, when they’re watching right here and now — it’s called heresight — don’t have to be concerned about hindsight and then at some point they get foresight. Foresight is given to few, hindsight is given to everybody and heresight is given to those who will look right here and now. Here is where everything is present in the moment.

There is a time when you can stand up to let your own Light of consciousness shine. You might say, “I’ve found this and this works and I would like to share it with you.” Why should a person want to share it with you? Why not keep it as a pearl of great price? Because when you reach to the state where you are in action, your True Self is in action. That self that is true is connected with all the selves that are true and you’re involved in the inner society that is spiritually aware; that is inspirationally active and is intuitively profound.

The interesting thing with being in action with your True Self is that to some people it can happen faster than it took me to describe it. While to others it may take a life long concept of eternal vigilance – he wins who endures to the end. You may wonder if the end is going to be worthwhile. Let me just say something and this is my own testimony: if your awakening at the end of this life pattern is anywhere near the awakening I experienced within my own consciousness it’s worth it 10 times over. To have it just a second before you leave this physical plane, you’d get on your hands and knees and crawl across any desert to tap into it.

If it’s so glorious, you may ask, why doesn’t it radiate through a person’s consciousness? Why doesn’t it just reach out and touch everyone? It does and that’s the paradox of spirituality. The thing does reach out, but you must choose back.

Spirituality is full of paradoxes. As soon as you say, “This is it,” the other thing appears and you might say, “No, that’s not it.” The way that works is it, and you always have to watch it because it’s always moving. As soon as anyone says, “This is it,” I suggest you exercise eternal vigilance. We’re involved with Spirit that doesn’t have a lid on the top, that can’t be defined on a vocabulary level. After you get there and you see the writing on the wall, it says, “etc.” and that means keep going.

Baruch Bashan


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  1. Dearest J-R, Thank you for being in my life. Thank you for your impeccable spiritual teachings! I love you into the entire cosmos.

  2. I cannot get enough of these wonderful way shower videos, but they are so short and end far too quickly.
    How I wish they could be so much longer. I thank God for them, and I thank God
    For MSIA.
    Thank you to all the staff also.
    Barush Bashan! !

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