Renewing Ourselves to our Divine Nature

By: John Morton, DSS

November 6th, 2020

Renewing Ourselves to our Divine Nature

"When I do a baby blessing in MSIA, I’m reminded I don’t need to worry about this world coming to an end as long as Souls are coming onto the planet.  This is an affirmation of God extending and renewing this planet.  Every time a Soul comes onto the planet, it’s being renewed and restored." - John Morton

This article comes from a seminar John gave for Discourse subscribers after conducting a baby blessing in Sydney, Australia, in March 1999

When I do a baby blessing in MSIA, I’m reminded I don’t need to worry about this world coming to an end as long as Souls are coming onto the planet.  This is an affirmation of God extending and renewing this planet.  Every time a Soul comes onto the planet, it’s being renewed and restored.

When we, as a Soul, come into an existence, being born, incarnating, that is a planting like a new sun.  How would a sun begin and what is a sun?  It is a source of light and a source of energy.  At the core of the sun and stars is something that creates a vortex of energy.  What is in a sun such that it becomes this incredibly powerful source of energy?  What sustains it?  Something that initiated it is what sustains it.

There is an argument about which was first, the chicken or the egg?  I figure the answer is they both were first.  There is something there in every form that is initiated as a force and is a life force that has a source.  Where does the sun come from?  Where does that initiating force come from and why does it choose to take the form of a sun or anything else in God’s creation?

Looking at how a sun begins, we find something finite.  There are those who study the nature of the sun and stars and conclude they have an expected life existence, like a beginning and an end.  Have you heard this about our sun, that it’s not going to last forever and at some point it’s going to exhaust itself?  We may just dismiss this kind of discussion with, “That’s not going to happen in my lifetime!”

From everything I’m seeing, that is really true.  If you want to have a little relief and levity about whether the sun is going to stop while you’re living in this world, don’t worry about that.  That part will go on.  Sometimes there is talk about other things that do end.  When they end there is an opportunity to renew them, to begin again in some other form.

While we are here on the planet, we have an opportunity to renew ourselves.  It works more as a responsibility to renew.  We do things to renew ourselves.  We get rest and sleep, take in food, nutrition and water.  We do things that “re-create,” like recreation. There is an energy inside us that has the power to renew.  When we look upon ourselves as finite beings, we can have a realization that we are going to come to an end, like death.  That opposes what we know inwardly which is that we are everlasting and eternal.

Right here is the opportunity to renew yourself in the knowing that you have no beginning and no ending because you are eternal in your nature.  By choosing that way of identifying yourself as a Soul, the Soul’s nature has an “always” quality about it.

As you start identifying yourself as someone who has an eternal nature, it flies in the face of things that come to an end.  There are a lot of things that come to an end.  Today is going to come to an end and your lifetime in this body is going to come to an end.  When you identify yourself as a Soul, as something that doesn’t come to an end, you ignite a consciousness that renews you.

In MSIA, we have a way of practicing our eternal nature through a reality.  We partake in it when we do spiritual exercises.  When doing spiritual exercises, we give ourselves an opportunity to renew inside by going to the source that has no beginning and no end.  We go to the source that doesn’t die, that which ignites the sun and our birth, that which illuminates us.

If you are looking from a mental position, your mind is finite.  It comes to an end.  It has a limitation placed on what it can realize.  If you are relying on what your mind can tell you about your eternal nature – it’s not going to be able to tell you.  The way this is realized is by having the experience that you are eternal.  When we do spiritual exercises, we are igniting ourselves in a consciousness that will touch the spark of the divine.  That divine spark is something that is constantly being transmitted as an energy.

There is a gap between who we are as a divine being and who we are as a material being.  How great is it?  Once there is a gap, it’s like the proverbial barn door.  Once that door is open it’s too late.  You can’t change that.  Once there’s a separation, a gap between knowing who you are spiritually and knowing who you are psychically and materially, it’s as though that divine spark doesn’t exist.  There is a disconnected experience that goes with that gap and separation.  With the transmission of the divine spark is the connection. Consider this: in the beginning was the divine spark.  Then there was light and then the great waters, etc.  But in the beginning was the divine spark and you are a part of that.  You are an extension of that.

Be active in renewing yourself as the divine spark of God that you are.  If you just touch the ignition of a car ever so briefly, rarely does that start the engine.   There is a sustaining action that is necessary that is enough to bridge the gap so that which will hold that divine spark is ignited.  We do that in spiritual exercise.  To be reborn in the Spirit is to be renewed in the divine spark.

Baruch Bashan

Blessing of the Radiant Divine Glory

Lord, we call forward Your presence once again,
and in doing so, we call ourselves forward
to stand in the fullness of who we are
and the glory of You that is the glory of God.
We resonate with Your truth,
with Your spirit of joy that is the consciousness that forgives
and has compassion for all and understanding.
Let us each now visit our own circumstances accompanying You.
We see a new day.
We see Your light and love permeating all, radiating.
All is new.
All is bright and beautiful.

We ask to bring a miracle.
A miracle is the ordinary of the Spirit.
Let us have the wit to put aside, to let go,
what we have chosen that confines us or in any way would block us.
We give up and let go of our judgments,
our pronouncements that would deny the Spirit,
the truth, and the loving in all.
Place the spark that is divine once again into our conscious awareness
that it radiates inside through the levels of our body,
coursing through our blood into every cell.
We are integrated and whole in an energy
that is harmonious and of our true self.

We see our circumstances and whatever is present
for us to look into right now.
We see Your energy bringing new thoughts,
new ideas, new circumstances, and transformation.
Let us see the Spirit made manifest.
All that we relate to becomes joyous and a source of upliftment.
Each one we look upon, each one we touch or contact in any way,
we receive as a divine being.
Each one is brought to us simply to love and to welcome,
including those who come to test or tempt us to go astray
and move into areas and actions not of our concern or not of the Spirit.

Give us the eyes to see, the ears to hear.
We do not condemn but bless them as you would.
We uphold the way that is true.
We see this taking place with ease and grace.
As Your way is light, and Your way is grace.
We welcome the Christ as we welcome the higher state of the Traveler
that we may know the radiant form.
We become that radiant form in the knowing.

In this moment,
we ask that we be translated into the highest form that is our Spirit
and the revelation of our Soul.
We ask that we be prepared,
that we may step from this moment in a direct line
with our Spiritual heritage.
We proclaim the promise that was given from the beginning.
We are the Beloved of God
and in this we shall be forever more.

Baruch Bashan


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