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MSIA L.A. Latin Community – Experiencing Our Worldwide Family


I belong to an MSIA Latin community that, for more that 20 years, had been meeting every Wednesday at Prana for our events consisting of PTS classes, Sacred Tones Workshops and Traveler Seminars.  So you can imagine, losing that space due to the pandemic is our greatest challenge.

We are all missing meeting with our spiritual family in the energy of Prana, Home of the Traveler. It’s time to move on. Light to that. I think we could be more creative in this area. There is a lot of untapped creativity yet to come forward. I hope the Good Lord will guide us in the right track.

The blessing coming forward has been an opening of the Zoom classes where we mingle with Latinos all over the world and experience the family growing beyond our expectations. That is a beautiful thing. It’s like our heart is growing to encompass a much bigger space inside and out. We  don’t have to be at a certain place.  Wherever each one is, we are in the energy of the Traveler showing us the way.

We have done 2 very small meetings at a park after the Los Angeles Minister’s meeting, and that was very nice. Everybody brings their lunch and, after calling in the Light, we eat and share about our Ministries. In our last picnic we were 6 women and everybody was delighted and said they wanted to continue doing this.

One of our facilitators has gone twice to Windermere to end their 5-week classes, and is talking of doing a Peace-walk in December.

That is all for now. I expect to have greater news in the near future.

Alicia Landa, DSS, Los Angeles Latin Community MSIA Rep

3 thoughts on “MSIA L.A. Latin Community – Experiencing Our Worldwide Family”

  1. Hooray for Alicia & your precious Latin community— worldwide! Here in Washington, DC area we enjoyed your leadership for too short a time: visits inside the Capitol (including with Johnny!), and many home events like Sacred Tones & PTS classes. It’s a pleasure to see you & your friends looking so joyful. Thanks & bless you all always! ❤️

    ps How ’bout a photo collage of all our Latin MSIA faces worldwide?
    Any techie takers?

    — patricia day lyne

    1. Thank you Patricia for your comments. I also have good memories with the MSIA people of the DC area and surrounding cities.
      Maybe we could repeat a visit to plant Light Columns in the Capitol building with this new government. I like your idea of having a collage with faces of MSIA Latinos all over the world. Light to that, and Light to you too. Love you much.

  2. The home of the Traveler has always been a special and joyful point of gathering for the Latin community. Over the years, I have witnessed fellow MSIA students travel long distances e v e r y Wednesday to partake in the fellowship that has been created. Thank you Traveler, MSIA Prez, and all involved, for making the space in Prana’s busy calendar for these special gatherings held in Spanish. For some, these weekly seminars and workshops are the Soul food they need to keep going. I can’t wait to have the opportunity to enjoy these gatherings in person again. Cheers and thank you Alicia, Staff and all involved for your sweet and loving service!

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