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MSIA San Diego Community – Where Two or More Are Gathered…Virtually!


The pandemic, wow, what a shift. We have experienced all the typical things you would expect from loss of income, connection, canceling of services, and events. What is interesting is all the little things this challenge has brought as blessings.

We immediately went to doing virtual MSIA seminar and Ministers meetings. What a gas. We held a couple of zoom training sessions for all our folks. Most of us here are not technical wizards, and many are older, but everyone worked the process.

One of the funniest things I remember is some of our 70+-year-old crowd claiming “I don’t do technology” only to find after a little bit of trying it out, the comments transitioned to, “Oh, that’s easier than I thought.” I have to laugh because how many times our habits and opinions keep us from trying new things, only to find when we finally do them, we start saying, “Why didn’t I just do this sooner?”

We usually hold a fun auction each year to raise money for the community. We decided to do it on zoom. No one knew how it would work, but it was fun, and we raised over $1,400 for the community.

We have found time here and there to meet with each other for short periods with masks and distancing in small groups or as individual to individual, it takes more prep and care, but when we have done it, I always feel deep gratitude for everyone involved. The most common statement is, “Oh, this was just so good to do!” In many ways, I think it causes us to appreciate each other more.

The other opportunity is setting up community events with John, LTY, Paul Kaye, and others. It’s almost easier to do. And I also see people participating in the PTS events virtually, with John and Leigh, Paul Kaye, and so many more. Even though we are close to LA, I have heard people say that they wouldn’t have been able to swing the travel, but they love that they can do it virtually. It’s funny, I hear the comment more now, “Sorry, I am busy with DSS, a PTS class, or any number of events.”

I used to do home seminars every week. But with travel for business, it just wasn’t practical. Now I do a home seminar every week, not only because I am not traveling, but because I can host it whether I travel or not. We have so much fun and laughter. The energy of the Traveler, Preceptor, and Christ is so present. As in Matthew 18:20, “For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them,” is true virtually too!

And the benefits keep coming, time to do SE’s, read Discourses, and the basics seem to be more present for many of us. What a great time for going back to the basics in our Spiritual practices. I love it.

Blessings to you all.

David Rodgers

MSIA San Diego Rep


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  1. Heather Brown (Heather Hu)

    lovely article, so true! thank you for sharing and all you do, what a great community you have there.

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