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Processing the Path to Mastership

"Whatever is going on in your life, you are in touch with the path to mastership, the consciousness of God.  There is an aspect of that we call the Mystical Traveler.  We also call it the inner master, and it is present in everyone." - John Morton

The following article comes from a seminar John Morton gave in September 2020 on the topic of Path to Mastership

“Those of you who work in the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness have the absolute freedom to go where you want, do what you want, believe what you want, test whom you want, and doubt whom you want. It’s all right with me. I am going to continually maintain my levels of awareness. And it just so happens that when I maintain mine, the people who are working with me can maintain theirs much more readily because the Mystical Traveler Consciousness — which is truth, sacrifice, faith, creativity, intelligence, will, devotion, discipline, service, love and mastership — will maintain the focus of Spirit for all. You can move your whole consciousness forward by developing these eleven key traits which define the path of mastership.”

– John-Roger, The Path to Mastership

What John-Roger says is why we are looking at mastership in the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness.  All of the traits connect to mastership and the path to God.  Is it really a path?  Let’s consider it is a living truth that is always present regardless of any condition.

Whatever is going on in your life, you are in touch with the path to mastership, the consciousness of God.  There is an aspect of that we call the Mystical Traveler.  We also call it the inner master, and it is present in everyone.  It doesn’t need to be recognized or acknowledged.  It has its own witness.  It just is.  It makes me smile because it is transcendent in all of its qualities.  They are always present.  Practically, they lead to the best in our life. If we really develop ourselves in these traits, we are going to fully develop ourselves in our life purpose.

I find myself processing the path to mastership primarily in two ways.  First, is it truthful? Second, is it loving?  I need both.  If I declare, “This is truthful,” I also need to check, “Is it loving?”  If I say, “I just love this,” is that truthful?  Make sure it’s truthful.

Just as the kingdom is within, these qualities are within every person.  We don’t need verification outside ourselves.  We might get a beautiful reflection of what is inside being magnificently reflected to us outside.  But we also might get a lousy reflection from what is outside such that it denies our truth and our love.  Like, “You don’t really love me.  If you loved me, you would do what I want.”  That makes me smile because that sounds like an ego.  The loving way may transcend what we want, and the truth may transcend what we want.  Between what you want or truth and love, I would go with truth and love.

There is another trait that may come in: sacrifice.  I may have to sacrifice what I want to be in my truth and love.  Is that easy? I hope so.  But sometimes it’s the discipline to let go of what I want so I can be in what is truthful.  I mean truthful that is all around.  Truth.  Full.  That’s two words.  It’s “full” of “truth”. My experience (maybe you could call it my faith and trust) is there is a truth that knows the truth.  It doesn’t need a witness.  It is the truth no matter what, independent of anybody’s point of view.  It’s the truth.

If these traits are in an order, truth is first and sacrifice is next.  What do I sacrifice?  That which is not the truth.  How many of us would do that?  Stop living a lie, saying one thing and doing another.  Stop pretending.  Maybe that starts to reduce who is “in play” and who is willing to sacrifice to be on the path to mastership.

Next is faith.  What’s that about?  Maybe it’s, “I’m not sure about the truth.  I don’t know what the truth is.”  Consider there is a truth that transcends what you think.  Do you have a willingness to go with that truth?  Maybe just have faith that says, “I’ll check it out.  I’ll act as if it’s true and find out what happens.”  Let’s consider we can do that by faith.

I offer something else to you.  There is a truth that you naturally know.  Call it intuition, faith or trust.  Are you willing to put your body in alignment with truth and act as if you are loving and do what loving would do?  If you say, “I can’t love that,” consider that is a lie. You can love that.  Maybe you don’t want to love it.  If that is the truth, you can say that.  Let’s say you are denying love is unconditional.  Then consider God’s love is unconditional, always loving and loving in all ways.

When is there unloving?  It doesn’t exist.  Unloving does not really exist.  Only loving is true and always true.  Perhaps you say, “I can deny that.  I don’t believe that.”  That’s your opinion.  Consider what triumphs.  What is present at the moment the day is done is a loving presence that is always with us.  Hatred is temporary and it is not going to last.  Hatred comes and it must go.  It must stop, exhausting itself.  At some point it doesn’t have the strength to pick up the weapon.  It doesn’t have the will to pull the trigger, to “do the deed”.  Something stops us.

One of the great teachings from John-Roger is the “cessation of againstness”.  Peace is the cessation of againstness.  In the biblical scriptures it talks about a peace that surpasses understanding.  We don’t need to understand it.  It is peaceful.   It might make no sense whatsoever.  Let’s consider there is peace, glory and beauty present. What do we look at and what do we sacrifice?  Where are our faith, trust, creativity and what we do with our life that is on the path to mastership?

Have you had a moment where your awareness is, “I love everyone! I love everything?”  When I have posed that question with groups, the majority of hands go up.  They are saying, “I have had that experience even if it’s just one moment.  I loved everyone and everything.  Even the worst of it.”  These qualities transcend whatever is going on.  There is mastership.

Baruch Bashan

Blessing and Meditation for Trusting the Lord

Dear Lord, we ask for Your light and love

as we do a little contact with our loving nature.

Take a deep breath in.

Notice how you can trust your breath.

It’s not something you have to hesitate about.

It’s not something you have to resist or fight.

So, breathe in and breathe out freely.

If you want to breathe in deeply,

so you’re more at ease and more relaxed, do that now.

Locate your trust now.

Your trust in yourself that whatever comes forward to look upon.

You have the ability, the strength, and the honesty to look clearly and, openly.

You have nothing to fear.

Whatever reveals itself as the truth is your friend.

Whatever reveals itself as the illusion, that’s part of clarifying the truth.

The truth that releases the illusion is your friend.

To know what is true and what is not true is liberation.

Regardless of what is revealed, even if you don’t know,

you can find trust and faith in yourself and the Lord

that you will handle whatever is given to you.

There’s freedom in exercising your trust and your faith in the Lord.

Baruch Bashan


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