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MSIA Northern New Mexico – Staying Positive in the Time of Covid


Some of us have been challenged by how to adapt to new realities and new technology, in order to be able to work remotely. Others live alone or are house-bound for other reasons, and are feeling isolated and lonely. In rural New Mexico, with many of our “pit stops” shuttered, it is very difficult to travel the long distances from home to where our parents, children or grandchildren live. Since the early days of the pandemic, the prospect of interstate travel has been problematic; and now, because our state is in lock down again, we will not be able to have family gatherings this holiday season. All of these challenges can make it difficult to stay positive.

Our community is offering more PTS classes locally and to all of the MSIA community. People are very grateful for MSIA’s outreach, and we are feeling supported by the daily blessings with John and Leigh, the posting of the collection of John Morton’s sharings, Paul Kaye’s Monday meditations, John’s Wednesday seminars, and the many PTS classes that are offered via Zoom (including tuition reductions!). With all of these gifts and support, we are better able to experience greater trust in Spirit, see the beauty in it all, and reach out to support and be of service to others.

The pandemic has made staying home and working from home the preferred “new normal” for non-essential workers. This has made space for a more balanced and grace-filled daily routine for many. It has also provided the time for healing and completions on many levels. Thanks to Zoom, more people can participate in our ministers’ meetings, seminars and classes. We are seeing many local folks who have not been able to attend these events in person, as well as friends who have moved away and other members of our MSIA family who live all over the country and around the world.

We are grateful for the opportunity of greater time and space for devotion, learning, and our individual healing processes. We are grateful for the support of the whole MSIA staff and community, especially John and Leigh. We are grateful for the mantle of John-Roger and all the support that he has established for us on the planet. We are grateful for the enhanced intimacy, loving, caring, and sharing with our partners, families, households, and our local, larger, and worldwide MSIA communities.

The conditions that we are living in right now have brought forward a greater sense of community, and we are all appreciating each other more. There is a greater sense of loving and caring for each other. The pandemic has also called on many of us to become more creative in fulfilling our daily responsibilities, as well as our greater life’s purpose. This is a challenge we appreciate.

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