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Celebrating the Christ Mass

“Part of our heritage comes through this thing we call the Messiah, the Christ, that which is the power, knowledge, ability and spiritual promise that can be awakened in each person.” – John Morton

This article comes from a seminar John Morton gave on Christmas Eve 2011 in Santa Monica, California and the blessing that follows he gave on Christmas Eve 2013.

We celebrate at this time of year what is called Christmas.  If we look at it as a Mass, we might ask, “What is that?”  In some way it’s a consecration, a celebration in a particular way.  Each of us gathers in our own tradition or history with what we are doing in this season.  There is a responsibility, as I see it, that we come into the living Christ, also known as the Messiah.

That can get to a point where people might argue or debate what all that means.  I’m not here to argue and debate.  I am suggesting we celebrate in something that comes in our willingness to gather in this purpose.

There are other things going on this time of year having to do with who gets what, how much it costs and when things come your way.  What does it mean?  Was it enough?  Was it correct?  I think we can get distracted by what is referred to as the commercialization of the Christ Mass.

There are other things at this time of year such as Hanukkah and Kwanzaa, and other traditions that I’m not so much aware of that go on just because it is a season.  You know it’s a season when all kinds of things take place.  I invite you in your own way to open your hearts to find what is there for you.  It is something personal for each of us, often a celebration of family, and at times that can be challenging.  To get together can be part of the challenge.  How do we do that?  Where do we do that?  Whose home?  Who is doing dinner?

That type of approach often gets into a distraction that would lose connection with what we are looking at.  We are looking at a birth of Spirit.  In my view, that takes place in the Spirit and from the Spirit.  If we were looking – and I continue to invite you to do that – you would see what the Spirit is doing with us is always a cause of celebration.  There is great joy and peace regardless of what comes across in the flesh and in the world.

I recently heard John-Roger’s Christmas message from 1968.  It’s something we play at our Living in Grace retreats.  We had Living in Grace retreats for twenty-plus years and that same calling is here today.  That is part of the responsibility that I accepted over thirty years ago, and it came into a kind of completion at this time of year. This time of the year becomes part of my process in a personal way with this thing we call the Traveler Consciousness.

The Traveler Consciousness is something that John-Roger brought forward from 1963 when it was part of what occurred in his awakening and responsibility.  For my part, it’s something of a succession, a “following”.  I’m following in footsteps.  When we really look at the footsteps we are following, they go back.  It doesn’t just go back two thousand years to Jesus.  It is a whole line of those who had the authority and anointing.

I give thanks for the beautiful dance and way of communicating that it is an anointing of the Spirit.  It is often represented in a ritual of some kind of sacrament, as something holy that takes place. That is an opportunity for all of us, not something for the elect few.  It is something we all have as a birthright, as an opportunity coming forward.

Have you been finding it “easy going” lately?  There must be someone, like an unknown soldier, an unknown person that has been finding it easy going.  Consider that life, such as it is for all of us in the midst of the Christ Mass, often presents itself as something challenging.  I’m one of those people.  I figure that part of the reason I got into this position is that I need a lot of repetition.  So, I go and source the information, the teachings, again and again.

I do have something that John-Roger referred to as every Traveler’s prayer, to let the truth come from my lips directly to your ears.  That is something I endeavor to do.  But like you, I’m sure you understand that at times our expression does not really represent our truth, whole truth and nothing but the truth.  It does become a challenge to keep ourselves up in this presence of the Spirit that is joyful, peaceful, harmonious, abundant, prosperous, generous and receiving.  That, to me, is the truth of this Spirit.

The consternation may be that in our own challenges and difficulties at times, we choose to make it more difficult than necessary.  Have you ever had that kind of experience?  We do things that we would not look upon as our true nature or spirit, that which is holy amongst and between us.

Part of our heritage comes through this thing we call the Messiah, the Christ, that which is the power, knowledge, ability and spiritual promise that can be awakened in each person.  It is a living potential and something I found I needed to do at a certain point.  Part of what happened in my process was determining I needed to connect to a purpose and truth and to make that what determined what I do in my life.

The time I recall that was most intense as an awakening was when I was completing my first run with college getting a bachelor’s degree.  I was about twenty years old when I graduated from the University of California, Davis.  I was aware I was in confusion, not having a clear knowing of my purpose.  Part of what was going on with that was a search that led me here.

In that search has been a process of not awakening to the Spirit in the purpose.  As much as I might tell you it was an act of making my life one of giving to others in service, initially I was trying to find some peace of mind and sanity amidst the challenges I was encountering.  And so it continues.

There is an aspect of what goes on in the life of the Christ and that which comes in as the Messiah and then is shared with each one that is a constant challenge and process of stepping up.  It has been said there is no rest for the wicked.  That might sound like it’s “coming down” on someone or something.  The way I look at it is that what is off, does not work or serve our soul’s purpose; it is of a wicked, backwards or oppositional nature and something we must clear and overcome in our process of life.

It is really good news that if we are going to have peace, understanding and the good that is present in our life, we need to let go and release this wicked nature.  It may be of the truth that if you stand convicted, or sit, or you are lying down convicted, there is the opportunity to release what is no longer serving, what is bothering or disturbing you.

I invite you to leave your burdens with the Christ.  There is a consciousness that can take that on, dissolving and clearing whatever is not serving the highest good, making the way we express in the world brand new.  That is an invitation.  It is a blessing.

Baruch Bashan

Blessing the Christ Born in You

Let’s take a moment to go within, and then I’ll share a vision in my way, and you can see the vision you have in your way, however that works for you.

We can see ourself walking into the place where the birth of the Christ is shown in the physical form, in the body of an infant. There is a great light emanating.

What brought you into this place was your own attunement and awareness of that light, however it came to you, that you saw it in some way, that someone told you about it and told you where to go, and perhaps even led you there. In this presence with this light is the sacred and the holy. In silence is the first sound. Then, whatever sounds are there, the natural sounds that go with the world, the silence is pervasive.

There’s a most beautiful feeling. You can feel it physically on the skin and the way you feel the air.

You can hear sounds that are like music, sounds of great instruments, sounds that become resounding and resounding joy, peace on earth. So, you have the experience that this peacefulness, this love, this radiant joy and beauty is everywhere, that everyone is beholding it, however they do that.  We are in the presence that unites us all, that makes all things new, restores the beauty, the purity, the sanctity.

There is great understanding. There is the view of what would paradise be on earth. There are the sounds of laughter. There are the sounds of delight.

That peace that is restful, so there’s nothing that would in any way disturb this peace. It’s all no more.  In the sky is a great light that is that star that is also part of the signs that we are in the birth of the Christ. And we’ve been led to this moment in our own way.  And as you permit it, this consciousness can move in you and be awake, and transform your life, that from this day forward you have the strength, you have the wisdom, you have whatever is needed to work out all of these situations.

You have a great companion who goes where you go, who is most willing to assist and guide, and show you how to move into your own strength and your own wisdom. Behold this day, the Christ is born in you, and all are beloved of God.

Baruch Bashan.


3 thoughts on “Celebrating the Christ Mass”

  1. Thank Hu so heart touching Lovings. Truly we are Blessed. Thank you John, our heart touching Spiritual Director & Traveler in the flesh.

  2. Rev. Prince Iwuoha

    When the Travelers Talk’s it vibrates and resonates the part of us that is asleep and kick us into the action of our movement of spiritual inner awareness.
    Thanks, JR & John for being the transformer of this light, love and sound wave of spirit…

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