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The Perfect Frequency of Windermere


My adventure had just begun. A great movie line don’t you think? I got to visit Windermere last week. I was with my daughter Ivy and her husband Will. Ivy, as a lot of you know, was the best Windermere staff (hey I’m her Dad) ever!

We got to the ranch at the break of 4:00p.m., so we had about an hour before the sun would settle into the ocean to leave behind a sky full of purple and gold hues (Ani-hues?). Sunsets are neat aren’t they? My grandfather told me when I was six that we should go up into that Arizona sunset and dig out all that gold. I said, “Huh?” So much for appreciating the setting sun with a successful businessman 🙂

Milo and Leilani greeted us at the gate with their usual smiles that could calm down King Kong on a bad day. Aren’t they great? Then we made our way to the lower road below the pond and got to a point where we could take in, well, the magic. I think I heard the sun say as it slid majestically into the sea, ‘please let me stay! I love Windermere!’ I answered that that was way above my pay grade.

As twilight began to envelop us, I turned toward the East and there gazing sternly to the North was the profile in stone of what could have been a Chumash Shaman. Very cool. Check out the picture. There are so many ‘faces’ that adorn the silent rocks all over the land as the sun provides different angles of shade and light, but this one really spoke to me.

We walked up the hill to the pond and I looked across the water at the peace pole. We actually got to experience a Chumash Shaman bless the pole with John Morton a few years ago. Anyway, the pole was reflecting in the water in such a way as to make it look like a solid column of Light at once reaching for the sky while sending its power deep into the Earth every hour of every day. Thank you Peace Pole.

Finally as hard dark overtook this magical place we drove (really slowly) down to the Bunk House. As we neared the infamous left turn that separates the Santa Ynez Mountains from space itself, I heard my son-in-law utter from the back seat, “Is this safe?” I told him to focus on the glowing lights of Santa Barbara a couple thousand feet below (I don’t think it helped).

When we got to the Bunk House (safely — the road is really okay) we stopped a moment to take in the ambiance that only Windermere and money can buy. It is truly stunning to take in the massive mountains that tower over Santa Barbara and the colorful glow that becomes an inky blackness that is the Pacific Ocean shoreline.

After a not long enough visual treasure, we turned the car around to go. Our headlights scanned across the landscape and then suddenly settled on the herd of goats in various positions of respite right next to the house. They looked at us as if we’d just walked in on a card game we couldn’t afford. One was lying atop a boulder taking in the healing just like our tours of people do at Quelien Rocks. We tip toed past them in our 4 Runner and made our way to the exit. Like the setting sun, we didn’t want to go. But as always, after being immersed in the perfect frequency of Windermere, we could say, ‘our adventure had just begun.’

God Bless you all!

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