The Power of the Loving

By: Merlene Mason Bukovich, DSS

March 12th, 2021

The Power of the Loving


Merlene Bukovich receiving the doctoral hood from John Morton at the 2019 PTS Doctor of Spiritual Science graduation.

Once I asked myself, “If I could have anything, what would it be?”

“JOY!  To have joy more abundantly in everything I do — to be that manifestation of the Loving — enjoying it all, seeing the good everywhere,  accepting myself and all as we are.”

One day, I walked into Conference and was greeted by an angel—a magnificent, beautiful Soul.  “Let’s do DSS together, that would be fun.”  I proceeded down the aisle to find a place to sit.  At the same time, I was running negative self-talk about why I couldn’t do the Doctor of Spiritual Science class.

Then, magically, everything that John Morton shared was clearly directing me to take the DSS.  I’m guessing that he didn’t even use the word DSS.  Amazing how the Traveler’s loving ministers.

The power of the Doctor of Spiritual Science, for me, is the Loving.  Like John-Roger said:

            “Love is the guiding Light inside of you.   Love will take care of you.

              Pure Love is the Soul.”

John-Roger (From:  Loving Each Day)

DSS classes have always provided a safe, loving space for me to be in.  The HU-mor of the facilitator continues to assist me in expanding in Who I AM.

I wrote my Practical Treatise and graduated DSS in 2019.  My Practical Treatise title is:  Living from the Fountain of Joy.  I am living my Practical Treatise.  I have received what I asked for.

Now here I am in 2021 continuing to choose back to the DSS.  I thank God for the opportunity to stay involved in the DSS monthly classes — holding the Light for all involved world-wide.

The unconditional loving that I’ve experienced throughout my 7 years in DSS, surpasses anything that I could ever imagine.  Thank you, classmates and all who make this class available.

Keys for me now — in my continuing DSS journey of discovering more of Who I AM — are: singing, dancing, entertaining, humor and playing.

I   AM  G. L. A. D.

Grateful for the loving and supportive family and friends in my life; especially their openness to receive my loving and supportive expressions to them.

Loving myself enough to do Spirit’s priorities, which releases the stress of all the things that I think I need to accomplish in the day and I can be okay with it all.

Acknowledging myself for caring enough about my spiritual growth to take time to journal daily (a discipline I developed during DSS).

Discovering the ‘greater’ God Consciousness in me today as I am writing my observations and awarenesses (observation and awareness are key Spiritual Science tools I learned in the doctoral class).  I’m discovering what works for me and does not work for me (another practice I learned in DSS).  My life is about openness to change, that which works!

Now I sing to you a song that came forth during DSS:

Singing is the Sound of God

Singing is the Loving Heart

Singing is the Light of Christ

This is God, singing through me.

The Love that sings within each Heart

The Light that glows when one sings

The Sound that rings through eternity

This is God, singing through me.

God bless you.

Baruch Bashan

Merlene Mason Bukovich, DSS

DSS Year 3 worldwide online begins in September 2021.  For more information, contact Gaby Grigorescu, PTS Director of Graduate Studies at

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