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John-Roger circa 1994

Go to the Silence Within: Experience Loving

“The more you sit and go inside, the more whatever that is that knows how to breathe us and sleep us and awaken us and digest food and to heal us, and to bring forward love, is going to be there more and more as a present, everyday, ongoing reality.” – John-Roger

The following article is taken from a seminar that John-Roger gave in 1992 called Out of the Silence.  It can also be found as a video excerpt in the compilation Living Love – The Door to the Consciousness of Soul.

Watch what patterns you hold in your mind, because you’re going to get more of those. If you want anger, hold an anger pattern and pretty soon the anger starts to hold you. You start to hold love patterns; pretty soon the love pattern starts to hold you.

But before it can hold you, it’s probably got to go through despair, through your frustration, through your senses of humiliation, and certainly the sense of shame that we have because of something. I know, we all must have done something that is bad, that is wrong, that we should feel shame about. Well, see, I just can’t buy into that because none of us has a guidebook that said “here’s how you run your life.” Anybody get one when you came on the planet? Was there a warranty with you where we could return you, or… Well, the only one I know that’s probably the best is the Bible. And I tell people, “Read it, but don’t go crazy about it.”

And there’s another good book, too. It’s called the Kabala. And I could go back through all sorts of different religious places and say, “Here’s some pretty good guidebooks.” But you may find out yours isn’t there. And so, what you have to do is take from them where the guidance is that opens for you.

I did this years and years and years and years and years ago, and found out the inner guidance is very easy to access. It’s just very easy. Jesus Christ said, “You receive not because you ask not.” Now listen, either you’re going to make the guy a liar, and if you do, then don’t follow his precepts. And you make him out a liar by saying, “I don’t believe that’s true.” Or you don’t do what he said, which is making him out a liar, and you’re saying, “I don’t believe that’s true.” Either way, you’re sunk.

So once he said, “This that I do you’ll do and even greater,” I said, “Take him at his word and do that and even greater.” And they said how? I said, “Well, you receive not because you ask not.” So you ask.

Now if you ask knowing you’re not going to get it, guess what’s going to happen? You’re not going to get it. It’s just almost rest assured. And then how about the times you asked, thinking you were going to get it, and you still didn’t get it? Life is like that. It’s called karma. If we could know all of our cause and effect syndrome, right down to this second, the next thing we did we would not judge, because we’d know it’s futile to do so. See, most of the problems we have right now inside of us have stemmed from basically judging. It would be easy if we just went out and said, “Hey, you ugly person you,” because now at least we’ve put it out.

What we do is we do it inside, and we start then to take this energy that is our spirit, and let’s call it God’s spirit, and hope we’re part of all that, and we start to hold and contain it.  If we can hold and contain the energy physically, then it can’t go out, it must go someplace, because there’s no such thing as just a vacuum here.

You learn to go into the silence, inside of you. And boy, after you get into there a little while you hear humming, and you hear drums, and you hear voices, and you see things. If you close your eyes, you can really hallucinate an existence. Nevertheless, you just sit there for that period of time that you’ve designated. And we call it, of course, spiritual exercise time, wherein you chant and then you go quiet, and you listen, and you watch. That builds energy, it just starts to percolate some beautiful energy fields inside of you.  You’re never going to know unless you do it.  And you do it by putting the seat of the pants on the seat of the chair.

I don’t know if you know it, but a lot of times when we were young, and not just me but a lot of people, we’d be disciplined by — then it was called punishment — we were punished by our parents. And we were put in a room where it was quiet. And sometimes in a classroom they’d take and put a person and face them to the wall and put a dunce hat on their head. They were, you know, it looked like a real insult and everything, except for one thing. The energy fields that were released on that person were profound. A lot of those people turned out to be gigantic leaders in their field, and they remember being made the dunce in the classroom and sitting facing a corner.

I’ll tell you something, though. Go sit in a corner and face the corner and just sit there with your eyes open and just look at the wall where there’s nothing, and pretty soon you start to find out that the stimulation, this ocular intrusion that you have, goes quiet. And all of a sudden in that corner you find peace and quiet. Sometimes they’ll take you and put you in a closet and close the door and say you can’t come out until…and you sit there until you go real quiet, and they come to get you and you’re sound asleep and you’ve had a peaceful rest, because you’ve learned, unconsciously, to go into it.

Now we’re saying you’ve got to learn consciously to do what we know unconsciously, to help the planet, to help you, to help every being in existence, move up to another level. And we do that by bringing forward the energy out of silence.

The more you sit and go inside, the more whatever that is that knows how to breathe us and sleep us and awaken us and digest food and to heal us, and to bring forward love, is going to be there more and more as a present, everyday, ongoing reality.

Baruch Bashan


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