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John Morton at Living in Grace 2023

The Levels that Spirit Is Engaging

“You can learn how to keep your consciousness in the awareness of the One that is always watching over you.  One where you would say, ‘You are always with me’.”  -John Morton

This article comes from John’s sharing with participants at Living in Grace held at Asilomar Conference Center in Pacific Grove, California in December 2023.

The levels that Spirit is engaging don’t need your mind.  In some way it would neutralize your mind in your higher consciousness.  How would a high-ranking angel, like an archangel or higher, see?  Like a consciousness that is in the psychic material level from Spirit doing Spirit’s work directly.  It has an authority and an assignment to do that.

You have that attunement, so you can call it in.  You are seeing what would represent higher consciousness through the Spirit. This consciousness is smiling, looking at you and enjoying your presence.  Enjoying all that has occurred in your life, even the worst of it.  It sees the gifts that have come from every experience in your life. You have only been given what you can handle spiritually.  And that also allowed you to endure, to get through whatever you have gone through physically, emotionally, and mentally – all of that.

This is a consciousness of wisdom, often non-verbal.  It’s watching and seeing.  It is a knowing of you.  Are you in the attunement?  You do it.  I just described it in my way of seeing and experiencing.  You allow yourself to be open to that attunement.

You can still do things like watch where you are going, watching your step.  You can still be ordinary and do what other people do.  It is all of that.  You can be with other people having this experience.

You can learn how to keep your consciousness in the awareness of the One that is always watching over you.  One where you would say, “You are always with me.”  It doesn’t have to be in a body wearing pants and shoes.  It can be, “You are with me even if I’m not aware of your form.”  You can say, “I would like to see your form as you would reveal that to me.”

Let’s make it “up close and personal.”  You can reach out with your hand and touch the presence.  Either hand or both hands.  You can do it with your hands over your heart.  Let your hands be free to touch the presence.  You can be doing what people do in the physical world, and you can be aware of the presence.  It is in touch with you.

It is as if you could feel a hand on your back in a very comforting way.  Like when you touch somebody and say, “I am with you.  I’m here.” They may ask, “Why are you touching me?”  It is simply, “I am here with you.”

Florence Nightingale knew how to do this really well.  She was a master at doing this.  She carried a lantern and had a way of coming into the awareness, bringing in the presence.  Even if she couldn’t heal or do anything about what was happening to the body, she understood the presence was what was most important to bring.  “I am with you.  I love and care for you even if you don’t know who I am.  I know you.”

That is the presence of, “I am always with you.”  You can do it for yourself, and you can also do it for others.  This is a ministry.  You already know it.  You would come in and comfort people because you care.  Sometimes you may give or make things. That represents the presence also.

Did you ever see John-Roger demonstrate how to give trust?  He had a pen in his hand and said, “If this pen is trust, in order to give it to you, what must I have? Trust.  If I am going to give it to you, I’ve got to have it to give it to you.”

You have the presence in you to give it to somebody else.  It is in unlimited supply.  As much as you give it to someone, it keeps coming up to give again.  That is a key in your ministry going forward and to yourself.

It is important to fill your vessel, fill your cup, when you are aware of the first breath of the day.  You might say, “That happens to me twenty-eight times a day.”  Renew yourself often.  You can move this into, “In every breath I renew myself.”

There is a part that goes into the physical, matching up with bringing the presence into the physical with every breath.  It’s being done spiritually.  You just come into the attunement.  You can say, “Father, I accept.”  You can know that is happening with every breath.

“I accept and give this away.  I accept and I give that away.”  It can just be how you do things.  This can become something where you keep your balance in whatever you are doing.  Allow yourself to be human.  Can you have mercy on your humanness?  Yes.

When you find yourself self-critical or worse, I would say you don’t need to do that.  Appreciate what you are, even if it doesn’t match whatever is inside of you where you think, “I should be different than the way I am.” That is habitual.  If you go back and try to find it, it could be back in the unconscious so far, you could just keep looking for it and go, “There’s another time I wasn’t good enough. I wasn’t this and I need to be more like that.  I’m not like them.”

Stop that.  Learn how to hold yourself in the presence, and then give it away.  Take the time to renew yourself as often as necessary.  That can be in your rhythm.  It doesn’t have to match up with other people.  You need to resource and renew yourself many times a day.  It is finding your rhythm and what holds you into the presence.  It is always with you.  Learn how to meet up with the presence so it becomes familiar and ordinary.

You can ask the presence, “What did you have for breakfast?”  You might be surprised what shows up.  You might say, “Can I ask you something?  You are like me, and I have a sense we are in friendship and communion here. I understand you, and you understand me.  There is something going on here where we’re working something out.”

Consider that.  Maybe archangels need to get their wings too.  They are in the lower nature.  What are they doing?  Fulfilling something, like anything that comes into the psychic material levels.  Nothing is exempt.  In some way there is a risk.  Like, if you don’t hold your discipline and focus, you could fall, right?  That story has been written.  How do we hold?  Stay with the program.  That’s it.

Consider that you can have it done under the authority of God.  The Traveler Consciousness has that.  Get with that.  The Christ Consciousness has it.  I don’t forget who I am as the Traveler Consciousness.  My mind forgets.  I have lapses like humans do.  My identification is I am always in this presence.  You just come back to it.

We call it spiritual exercise.  I also call it being in worship with who you are inside and learning how to do that with your eyes open.  In other words, you can be ordinary and be completely aware of this divine presence.  It does not have to be some gushing on a mountain top or putting things on tablets.  That has been done.

I am not saying it couldn’t be extraordinary or miraculous, but it’s often very ordinary.  Extra-ordinary, silent, and invisible.  Those with the eyes to see and the ears to hear, know it.  You know it inside yourself.  Keep doing your version of divine presence, which includes one hundred percent of your ordinariness.  It’s called being human, and your divine presence knows all about it, and it is not stepping away.

If something like that happens, it is because we do something like push or deny.  “I’m not worthy.  I can’t.  It won’t happen.”  You are the one doing that.  Just get back up and do something you would consider as what the divine presence would do as you.

Not everyone is going to understand.  That’s okay and nothing new.  That good intention is important for you.  It is a new breath, a new beginning.

Baruch Bashan

Blessing of Celebration

Welcome Beloveds
Welcome Beloved in all of us.
It’s that consciousness that is the Anointed One
Coming through Light and love and sound
Serving the highest good of all concerned.

In this attunement
We’re conscious with our breathing.
It comes in with receiving,
Goes out in giving,
Letting go, clearing, balancing.

We also welcome the blessings that come through healing,
Loving, caring, and sharing.
Let’s go and call them out –
Abundance, prosperity, riches
Health, wealth, happiness.
There’s one more J-R called out, touching.

Let’s consider we’re in touch with the Spirit,
With that consciousness and energy of who we are, all of us.

And in this world how that materializes, manifests,
Is being in acceptance cooperation, understanding, enthusiasm, empathy.
That covers a lot of blessings.
It’s also aligned in spiritual law –
That’s an absolute.
But it’s also a living, eternal, always in all ways presence.

So, in the anointing with the Holy Spirit
We are the columns of Light.
So, we place the Light, hold the Light, send the Light,
And we allow ourselves to be instruments of attunement.
And giving out in service to the highest good
We are also welcoming the Light action that comes through cooperation.

Whatever else is here, it’s been prepared in grace
In what can become because we have the will to do it,
And when we’re in cooperation,
It becomes two or more who are gathered in this presence we call the Name,
The sound,
The Holy of Holies.

It’s a beautiful day.

In our meeting this morning
We were preparing for a whole year in jubilee
Which is a very special preparation
And a blessing as an outpouring in celebration.

In our conference in a few months, in June and part of July
We’re calling ourselves forward in the focus of celebration.
Let’s consider it is already here.

There’s cause for celebration.
Thank you, Lord.
Thank you.

Baruch Bashan

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