Dancing and Singing in the Spirit

By: John-Roger, DSS

March 12th, 2021

Dancing and Singing in the Spirit

“The Christ in me worships the Christ in you.” And at the moment that this takes place, both start dancing in their hearts. That’s a great, great ministry… – John-Roger

When John-Roger was in Australia in February 1997, he talked at a Ministers Meeting in Sydney. This wonderful article, first published in the New Day Herald in May of 1997, is from that sharing.

God says, “No matter what, I always love you. I took you as you were, I found you as you were, and I lift you from that point.” And then we won’t do that to other people. God does it to us, and we won’t do it to anybody else. Does that make any sense? Is that the right thing to do? We should lift and be lifted. “Lift and be lifted”—I think we have an MSIA song about that.

Talking about singing and dancing with the Holy Spirit, about six or eight weeks ago, I was in the inner realms of Light in a school, which happened to be a Roman Catholic school. It was preparation time for people that are going to come onto the planet and be that as their vocation. It’s like they’re called in from the Spirit to fulfill it; it’s a karma. They were just having a great time with this, and I was brought in to watch the graduation, which was really commencement, which means that now they’re going to start. There was this tremendous heavenly music, like some great orchestra or sound. I never did spot where it was, but it was pervading everything. When it started up, the music was very slow, and it picked up sort of a tempo. And in through these mists of times in the corridor (because there aren’t walls like this unless you put them there), they started coming in, dancing and singing in the Spirit. They were waving their arms as they were dancing and singing, going in through the incarnation, the rebirth to go onto the planet.

I said, “I’m not sure there’s going to be a cataclysm in this century because God is sending the elect back in again. And they’re going to be elevated.” But, then, all the philosophy says, “That big church will fall down.” Yet it is also said, “Not one Soul will be lost.” So if it’s going to fall down, who’s going to save the Souls? I realized then that here they were, dancing in the Light into salvation and into the world.

What that means is, we’re getting close to the changes in the time factors here on the planet. Now, that’s neat, because I think more of us on the physical will start dancing in the Light. And as ministers, maybe we’d better practice our steps so it looks like we can dance in the Light. Do you have to dance like everybody else? No, just your own. Does it have to stay the same? No, change it, move it around, observe it, redo it. Why? People will observe the apparent freedom inside of you through your physical movement and will start to come free. (The bad news about movies is that you see these people do things on the screen, and they’re free and wonderful and they’re full. Then you go home and try to do it, and it doesn’t work because it’s still fantasy time and you have to rehearse to learn how to do that.)

You might say, “Should we go out of here and dance in the streets?” Go out of here and dance in your hearts. It is, “Hail, fellow, well met” and “Greetings.” Some other philosophies say, “Namaste.” It’s really saying “the Christ in me recognizes the Christ in you.” That “recognizes” really is “worships”—”the Christ in me worships the Christ in you.” And at the moment that this takes place, both start dancing in their hearts. That’s a great, great ministry. You don’t have to stand up and deliver sermons. You don’t have to have a big congregation. If you want to, sure, go ahead; nobody here stands against that. But ministering from heart to heart is really a dynamic thing.

Baruch Bashan


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