The Sanctuary in Your Spiritual Heart

By: John Morton, DSS

March 12th, 2021

The Sanctuary in Your Spiritual Heart

“Doing a simple process of immersing in the spiritual heart is like bathing.  It is like entering a holy, sacred place where disturbance doesn’t enter. I would suggest relating to it as a sanctuary.” – John Morton

This article comes from a John Morton Soul Transcendence Seminar he gave on February 3, 2021.

There is a spiritual heart that is registering what’s going on in our life, transcending what we have in our mind or emotional field.  It’s designed to do that.  Our emotions can give us a weather report like, “What’s the weather like?  Is it stormy, clear or windy?”  Our emotions give us a sense of that.  And the mind will often interpret, however minds interpret.  It can be all over the place.

It is what it is, and we all have an opportunity to direct how we relate to it.  If I were giving you a prescription, it would be to spend time immersed in the spiritual heart, however you access that.

In MSIA, we are given all kinds of keys, directions, and instructions as to how to access your heart.  When you do it, you will find a calm and a freedom.  You’ll find something like a relief or release.  If there is something oppressive or confusing, that “something” takes that from you.  Maybe your mind feels like it can’t think because it has been overthinking.  In some way, that is a relief from, “I’m so exhausted I can’t even think.”

That can be in your favor, as in you need to stop thinking, because the way you’ve been thinking is disturbing and upsetting.  If you keep that pattern of negative thinking, it affects the whole system so everything is out of balance.  Doing a simple process of immersing in the spiritual heart is like bathing.  It is like entering a holy, sacred place where disturbance doesn’t enter. I would suggest relating to it as a sanctuary.

Disturbance and negativity can’t get into the spiritual heart.  By entering that holy place, you must release any disturbance, conflict, disappointment, hurt feelings- all of that.  Then it can be like a bathing, a baptism where you are being cleansed.  It can be soothing so that whatever hurts can be released.  Tension can be released.

When you are in that sanctuary of your spiritual heart, it is important to realize you can call it forward.  There is something there that you can invoke.  It’s important to relate to it as calling yourself forward to the place of Light that is always in your consciousness as a spiritual reality.  The heart is a nice way to relate to it because it’s in the center, your center.  It is in where you come from, your place of birth, your origins.  We begin to understand this is the Soul consciousness.

One of the amazing qualities of the Soul is that it has so much allowance and acceptance in whatever the conditions are in our life.  It doesn’t judge.  It’s very aware and observant.  It is a consciousness that knows and looks at all things and conditions.  So, focusing in the Soul consciousness in a life situation or in something that is bothering you is helpful.

You can bring your understanding to what’s going on in the lower nature that is disturbing, upsetting or you don’t know how to handle such that you are getting exhausted or frustrated.  Take time and have the intention to go within until you are in that immersion of the sanctuary of your heart.  You are in the presence of a safe place where you are embraced and loved.

It is something that has been referred to as the “Halls of Rest”. You could ask, “Isn’t that in another dimension or place?”  Yes.  Let’s just say you could find a version of that inside yourself.  You are going to a place where, when you enter, it is quiet and soothing.  If there are sounds, all the sounds are nurturing and serene.  They might also be joyful and uplifting.  It’s not like you have to do anything.  You just need to let go and be in restoration, restoring yourself.

When we go into spirit from the daily cycle, that is what we really need to do.  We need to get into the spiritual center where we restore and regenerate.  We get the energy that has been taken from us.  It is getting our daily bread.  Sometimes people think it’s in the outer form, and I’m sure it can be that as well.  But it’s more important to get the manna, what sustains us, to go through another day.  It is energy that brings us up again, so we have our strength, courage and enthusiasm to enter our life.  It’s a big key for everyone.

Nobody is exempt from this.  If we don’t allow ourself to immerse in our spiritual center, we are going to be missing it, and our life is going to reflect to us something like “out of balance”. Our energy is not full of joy, peace and goodwill towards the creation.  That comes from this spiritual center.  By immersing ourself in our spiritual center, we are renewed.

There may be something like a need to be in retreat. When Jesus went into the wilderness, that was his retreat.  He understood, “I need to do this.” This is a self-directed experience.  You can do your own version of it.  I’m thinking of the Garden of Gethsemane, when Jesus requested that the disciples stay awake in vigilance and watchfulness.  You hold the light in an awakened fullness, like you are a sentry, and your duty is to watch.

If something that needs attention shows up, a watcher is to call out, being alert and awake to whatever life is bringing.  Those can be natural rhythms.  I see it as a daily cycle where we need to renew ourself in some way during that period.

It can be something in which you ask God to come in and be the caretaker, even at the basic level.  If we are out of focus, like in a so-called crisis or emergency, we would call upon God to do what God can do, which is miraculous beyond explanation.  God could sustain the heart or bring peace and restoration.  If someone was marching all night, because there was a purpose to march, God could sustain that.  When it’s in God’s mercy and grace, God will do that.

I also see that it is because we asked God, “Lord help me”.  It can be as simple as that.  Then I say, get ready for what the Lord’s help is.  It wouldn’t necessarily be what you think might help the most.  It could be something mysterious that is actually what would most help.  It may be very different from what you think would help you.

If someone cries out for help, even the least one of them, the Lord’s way is to help.  The Lord is designed to respond in unconditional loving.  Get ready for that when you ask for help.

Baruch Bashan

Blessing of Renewal and Rebirth  

Lord, we present ourselves once again,
from wherever we have come today and throughout our existence.
We ask to be opened to be served by You.
We are here to receive.
Lift our illusions and self-deception,
and awaken our consciousness to the truth of who we are
and the truth of who You are,
that we may know our oneness with You.

We ask for peace, that we are at peace with what is.
As we go forward this day, let us step into this world bringing peace.
Renew our ability to see the beauty and joy that are present.
Let us see it in Your simplicity.

With each breath, we are reborn.
We experience Your breathing us,
and we are grateful to be alive, to be Your servants.
And we again forgive ourselves for any judgments.
So, bring us into peace with our minds.

And now, Lord, renew our spiritual connection
as those You have chosen,
who have chosen back unto to You,
to call upon Your name,
the name of the Holy of Holies.
Awaken each one of us,
that we hear the Sound that comes from God,
that we are renewed in our dedication and our worship.
Let us know now and forever more
that the blessings already are.

Baruch Bashan

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Thanks again for a wonderful way to bring me back home. God Bless You. Darrell