Trusting a Friend and Opening My Heart to the Traveler

By: Joan Victoria Kurkian

March 26th, 2021

Trusting a Friend and Opening My Heart to the Traveler


Joan Victoria Kurkian with John-Roger at a Q&A Fundraiser in Philadelphia, May 2003

In May of 1979, Rita Pepe Benasutti repeatedly asked me to go to a seminar given by her spiritual teacher, John-Roger, at Rosemont College. I tried to the best of my ability to ward her off and said I wasn’t interested.

She finally captured me and dragged me to Rosemont (thank God). When I got there, I was taken back by all the hugging and felt very uncomfortable. Prior to starting, Rita mentioned that I could give a note to John-Roger’s staff if I had any questions. So…this is what I wrote….


This is my first visit to an MSIA seminar. I’m a little puzzled about the idolization of J-R. I know you teach the Light of Jesus Christ, but do you profess to be like Jesus or a disciple or what? I’m not being smart, just confused.”

I gave the note to Edgar and at the end of the seminar, he returned it to me with J-R’s response.

Where I wrote:  “do you profess to be like Jesus” J-R wrote

Where I wrote:  “or a disciple or what?” J-R put an arrow next to “disciple” and wrote
“more this, He is my personal Teacher and Savior.

The tears flooded me and, I knew at that moment, that that was my first initiation with our Beloved Traveler.

Thank you to Rita for caring enough to get me there. My life has been forever changed and the grace that has been extended has been an eternal blessing.

By the way, I still have that piece of paper! (although it went through the washing machine years ago)

Note given to John-Roger at Joan Victoria's first J-R Seminar at Rosemont College, Rosemont PA, May 1979

Much Love to All,

Joan Victoria Kurkian

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Thank you, Joan. You are a dear dear Light and I love you.

Beautiful! Thank you, beloved Joan Victoria for sharing it. Tears came to my eyes✨

JOANNIE! This is beautiful! I got my goosebumps running down my body.
Thank you so much for sharing this.