An Easter Prayer

By: Dave Wright

March 26th, 2021

An Easter Prayer


Dave Wright at Windermere with Sharaza circa 2001

I had a friend tell me that a few years ago he actually saw a giant Easter Bunny on the Santa Monica Beach. I mustered up a straight face and asked him a very poignant question:  “Was it at Easter time?”

I was reading through the Bible recently — they say if you’re in your seventies and reading the Bible, you’re cramming 🙂 — I began to wonder what Jesus’s physical level voice sounded like. It’s a very interesting process I must say.

And then I wanted to express a prayer from me to Jesus, our Traveler, and Spirit and infinity and beyond! It was a wonderful place to be as I wrote, so I thought I’d share it with NDH readers if you’ll have me 🙂

Sweet Lord

Sweet Lord thy embrace nurtures my very heart and lets me see the Light that emanates from God.

Thy Sound surrounds me and frequents my Soul with the melodies of life itself

Thy hands set upon me and healing ensues as then I may do upon others as they come upon me and request my love

Thine eyes pierce my person and present to me infinity as the here and now consumes me

Thy voice fills me with the ebullient tones of the Silent Ones

I choose therefore Lord to follow you

To trust in you with all my heart as I inherently know you are now in my life of lives to lead me back through the doors of the kingdom from which I came and to which I shall reside again

To share with all those coming up from the beyond so as to comfort them and rejoice with them at that time we all know the knowing and we all reside as one – the true God


God Bless Us All,

Dave Wright


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Beautiful. Love you Dave!

Lovely prayer. Thank you.

Dave Wright, Thank you, your poem is a beautiful Easter gift . God bless