What You Can Behold You Can Become

By: John Morton, DSS

March 26th, 2021

What You Can Behold You Can Become

Whatever we behold, whether it is for ourselves or in this world, it can become.  What that means is if you can envision something for yourself or in this world, and it is real in how you look upon it, then it can be made manifest. – John Morton

This article first appeared in the New Day Herald in November 2011.  It seems as relevant today as it was when it was first published.  Following the article is a beautiful blessing John shared in March 2020.

Whatever we behold, whether it is for ourselves or in this world, it can become.  What that means is if you can envision something for yourself or in this world, and it is real in how you look upon it, then it can be made manifest.  Sometimes when we see something that is coming from a higher manifestation that has yet to become, it may look as if it is not here yet in this world.  Yet, we can behold it as if it is here while knowing it has yet to manifest in this world.

When I behold something as if it is already here, I am also conscious that I am being shown from the Divine. As I am being shown, I can behold it as real and true. The weakness we might have is to doubt what we behold.  You might say, “That cannot be true” or “That is too good to be true.” You might even have all sorts of justifications for why you should doubt what you behold.  Why would you doubt what you dream of and what you know in your heart of hearts?

What you may find is that you are actually being asked, “Are you ready?” or “Do you want to choose this?” You may simply say, “No, I am not ready,” or you may give reasons and justifications.  Why search for justification for what would fulfill you?  We do not need justification for following our heart of hearts.  We do not need to justify or explain what we behold that comes from our divine knowing.

Another experience of beholding may be that you sense it intuitively, but you have not been able to actually see or envision it yet.  The Spirit will not inflict upon you.  So, what you behold may appear unconsciously and be moving through levels of consciousness that are not readily seen or perceived.  Once you can handle the awareness in your consciousness, then the awareness will appear to you here and now.

There is also a surprise factor in beholding what can become because God is the kind of guy that likes surprises — the good kind. Have you ever had an experience where something really delightful and wonderful happened, where something happened that you really wanted maybe even more than anything you imagined?  Then you realized, “Hey, that is what I was wanting, but I was not conscious enough to know that was actually what I desired.”  Somehow your conscious self was distorted so that when you were shown what could become, it seemed different than what you thought initially.  Yet, what has become manifest is actually better than anything you could have imagined.  What has become is actually a surprise to you, and yet it is what you truly want in your heart of hearts.

It is important to allow ourselves to see what can become.  The kind of seeing I am talking about is of the higher, greater good that can become the highest good.  So, be sure to ask yourself, “What does what I am beholding ultimately become so it is complete and done for the highest good?”

When we look to completion spiritually, something has to move. What comes from above, must move to below or you have to go from below to above.  Above and below have to meet up eventually.  Consider a situation where you realized, “Look, either you go or I go, but someone is going here because the way it is right now, it cannot stand.”  That is the reality of something that is of an incomplete nature. It cannot stand. It must move into a complete nature where our spirituality and humanity are aligned.  Once we are onto that awareness, that is a sign for us to relax and be patient, to let go and let God.  We can realize, “Oh, this is going to complete itself regardless.”

It is not necessary to worry or be concerned that something is not going to work out. It is going to work out eventually.  It is just a matter of when and how.  We have some influence on that completion process because we have choices in how we create and move into cooperation. So, it is important to accept and do our part in cooperation while remembering it is all in Spirit’s timing and ways.

There is another part to beholding what can become that is done in spite of what we do.  Remember that God is in control and we do not need to be in control.  If you attempt to be in control, it will not work anyway.  So, you might as well relax, cooperate and go along with the program.  Have a good time doing whatever it is you are doing, knowing that God is in control.  Some things are going to take place that are inevitable. They will occur whether we are laughing or crying.  You get to decide how you want to go through each experience.  It is up to you — laughing or crying. It is your choice.

We are going to have a better world. You can have a better world for yourself and whoever is coming after you.  So, take more authority in how you relate to others, so you set the tone for how people conduct themselves with you.  Start choosing those who conduct themselves in the ways that you want to be treated.  Choose into the loving and honoring of each soul that comes your way, including yourself.   As you behold what can become, it is important to love every aspect of yourself.  If you are in a state of denial towards some part of yourself such that you pretend you do not have a certain quality or behave or think in a certain way, you are doing a disservice to yourself.  You are cutting yourself off from an aspect of yourself, and there is going to be disturbance in your house. A house divided does not have long to stand.  It falters.  It comes down.  The same is true for your personal house.

All parts of yourself come from the Divine, and God loves all of Its creation.  What is the message then? Love all the parts of yourself as your beloved children. Love the parts of you that are growing up and that you find still become distracted or distorted.  Help those parts see what is on purpose for you as a soul learning and growing in this world.  Honor those parts. It is like honoring children who want to run out and play.  You want to allow them their freedom and to enjoy themselves.  However, if you are on the interstate highway, that is not such a good plan.  So be aware of when it is time to allow parts of you to play and when it is not because it would not be for the highest good at that moment.

As souls who are learning and growing in this world, we are all light actions.  We serve the light action by cooperating with how the light is serving us in the moment. Part of that is to be conscious and aware of the opportunity that is here with you in each moment to learn and to clear yourself and to fulfill your purpose as a soul in this world.  You are designed for that.

Choose what is clear for you rather than choosing into distraction, disturbance, ineffectiveness or losing focus on what is in front of you to do as your best choice. When we are on purpose, there is a connectedness and sense of integration rather than a feeling of separation.  I call it being unselfconscious, which can seem like you are not even thinking. You are just in a state of doing that is more like a state of being.

There is no disconnect between who we are and what we are doing other than we are human. However, there is a friction factor in our humanness that has a lag, but it is a natural lag. It’s a God-created lag.  Our place with this lag is to accept it, honor it, love it and enjoy it.  So, we can enjoy the way we do things that are silly, foolish or nonsensical.  That is just part of our humanity.

How does God regard those aspects of our humanness? God loves and appreciates it all because we each are the only one that does our own.  So, love yourself completely because there is a special love there from God that is just for you.  It is a complete love that has no limits.  When I remember God’s love for me, I do not have any issues. I do not have any dissatisfactions, worries, or fears. I am just full of love, enjoyment and peace. There is no sense of “have-to.”  There is nothing going on like, “This is wrong. This is not good enough.”

A way to remember God’s love for us is to stop criticizing in ways that are judging.  Instead, be gracious and forgiving.  Also, remember our natural disposition is to be courageous whether we are venturing into the known or unknown.  Courage, valor and bravery are invincible; they are qualities that have no fear.  Your courage can come upon fear and see it, but it is not something to slay. Courage is much more a knowing of our nobility and what is right for all and then choosing to uphold that through the courage in our heart.

Have the courage to be willing to participate in what is right for all. To be right with God is to see the good in all because that is God’s view.  We are the ones that sometimes, somehow forget, and that forgetting can go on for quite some time. So, ask inside, “Lord, open my eyes that I may see and remember the goodness.  Allow me to behold what is for the highest good.”

You may find yourself asked, “Well, are you prepared to see? Are you prepared to love what you see? Are you going to attempt to take your disturbance and condemnation into what you see?” God will not allow that. So, when you free yourself of your judgments, God will let you see and behold what can become.

That is the perfection of the Lord. To see truly what God sees, we must be in a loving state.  When we are not in a loving state, we do not see what God sees. It is as if we are blind, and what God knows is not known to us.

Remember that when you step into your trust and your faith, the Lord is with you. That is really all we need to know. Wherever we are, the Lord is with us.  The transition from beholding to what can become is simply overcoming our fears, doubts, and those things that we would place upon ourselves as limitations. As our heart knows the truth of who we are, then we can stand strong and move past our perceived limitations.  We can act with courage to see the face of God, knowing we can and will see the face of God as our fulfillment.  Where do we see the face of God?  In the place where that knowing is present which is within.

Turn from the mind and the sensual experiences into the beauty inside which is a consciousness that can appear as nothingness.  Then wait.  What are we waiting for? We’re waiting for whatever that moment is when we awaken, knowing we are here in this world to awaken and see God in every moment.

This physical world is not meant to fulfill us. It is meant to usher us into what is next in our learning and becoming who we truly are in spirit.   As we realize that, we can have a sense of preparedness that as we walk and survive in this world, we shall not fear. That is the truth. So, if we are frequenting in fear, we are moved out of our courage and natural knowing.  We are out of sync with our true self.

Remember to stop the fear and choose to trust in the Lord.  Find the frequency within you that is peaceful and beautiful.  What we find as we discover our Godhood is that with God all things are possible.  All the human factors are transcended in the God factors which reveal all is one, all is love, all is glorious.

There are things in your life that are meant to reveal who we are. Those things that are meant to be moved and shifted.  What can be shaken will be shaken, but what cannot be shaken and will never be shaken is our divine nature. So welcome that which disturbs you and shakes you because it is your liberator.  Embrace your learning and clearing process.  Our choice is to behold who we truly are and become our divine self freely and fully.

When we can love and accept ourself and our life experiences regardless of their conditions, we are free.  In the exact moment that we understand all is good is the moment of our liberation.  We see through the eyes of the Lord and behold from the Divine what can become.

Baruch Bashan


Spiritual Transcendence

Dear Lord

We welcome Your presence this day

Full of blessings

Full of the consciousness of the highest good

We open ourselves again to be aware of whatever is present

So we bring You our concerns, whatever they are

We find that everything is embraced

And also in a movement that is lifting, clearing, balancing, healing

And whatever is needed, wherever it is needed, and for whoever is needed

We are in the consciousness of the Beloved

In that consciousness, we have great altitude

And in this perspective of the higher consciousness

We can see the beauty and grace

And know that whatever is going on in the world is momentary, always changing

So we bring our attention, our focus, into what helps, what lifts, what comforts

Also that we have compassion

This compassion is for whatever is difficult

Whatever is challenging, confusing

We send this compassion to our own consciousness, our own selves

To whoever is near, even if we do not see them

And whatever is near, if we do not see what that is

You remind us that we always have the opportunity to call forward light and love

To come into that presence called the Holy Spirit

That it brings us in the absolute truth, the living truth, the eternal truth

We give thanks to rejoice

That we still can find the cause for celebration

Especially as we can see into the transcendence

The nature of who we are spiritually

That transcends whatever is going on in this world

We find that presence that is relaxing, assuring, and bringing our strength

In this consciousness, we have the experience You are always with us

You also lead us in the ways that are serving the highest good

You let us see

You let us hear

You let us feel

Whatever is serving this Presence

We give thanks that this is being done through the Christ, through the Traveler

In that Presence that is in all levels

We experience also Your rhythm that comes and goes

Moves in perfect ways and perfect timing

And endures through all conditions

Baruch Bashan


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