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Windermere Keeps Getting More Wonderful!


From left to right: Carol Chaffin (Milo's Mom), Greg Cheever, Rama Fox-Cheever, Robin Graham, Buddha Bear & Celia Graham, at Windermere Ranch on March 26, 2021

Recently my husband, Greg, and I went with Robin & Celia Graham to Windermere. OMG! From the moment we drove up to the gate, we were in awe of manifest changes in energy. The place seems visually and energetically transformed to another level. The energy is even more vibrant, healthy, healing, graceful, beckoning, well-tended, gracious and truly lovely. I really was surprised at the elevation changes. Although Windermere is timeless … it also feels NEW & Present. Honestly, it feels like an enormous porthole within which the past, present and future of loving, peace and blessings all reside.

I kept getting inwardly that J-R would absolutely LOVE to walk among what has been, is being and will be done there. Yes, I know he’s very much with us on the inner and is guiding this transformation. And, at the same time, this is also the physical world – and we know how he loved to walk the land. As we walked the grounds, J-R’s radiant loving is everywhere, blessing us, blessing Windermere, happy our MSIA family are partaking of his ever-expanding gift. It’s so entirely clear that he brought these beautiful Souls (Milo & Leilani) to shepherd this latest transformation into manifestation. Their dedication and talents show everywhere. Wherever one looks is beauty. Milo’s creativity, knowledge and exceptional abilities show all over. When one points that out, Milo humbly brings attention to the volunteer helpers that have and do contribute so much to this majestic ranch of the Traveler. This truly is a labor of love and beauty.

We drove down to the barn area, where Milo and a very pregnant Leilani, along with Milo’s sister and her two handsome young boys and Milo’s mom, Carol, all greeted us and walked with us the short distance to the new fountain/pond/waterfall with the glider swing tied in the gracefully over-dangling tree. Here one just wants to bask in the resplendent healing peace, lullabied by the sound of falling water. Underwater, in the center of the lovingly created pond, is a beautiful stone spiral. NOTE: I have a personal request – this space deserves it’s own christening and naming!

From there, we strolled the wood chipped pathway to the amusing chicken run over which the beautiful redwood “fairy” bridge is being hand-made by Milo. (There’s a story as to why I call it the “fairy” bridge.) It, too, deserves it’s own name. Walking over it will lead — via woodchip path — to the beautiful labyrinth. Following the wood chip path (lovingly laid by volunteers), we meandered through gigantic lichen-covered boulders clustered together like majestic families, passing under trees canopying our journey. Windermere feels so much more connected throughout the property. It reminds one of J-R taking us on hand-holding journeys on the Arrowhead paths, blessing the property and the devas.

Lady Baja (one of the enormous-hearted gentle giant Great Pyrenees dogs) smiled and gazed her tender brown eyes on us, as she escorted us throughout our journey. Arriving back at the barn, we’d brought organic animal crackers for the goats … and, boy, did they love them! Milo’s nephews cautioned us not to get in with the Billy goats (males), cause they’re very pushy … but the boys freely walked in with the nanny goats (girls), who obviously know and like them.

Milo’s mom, Carol, graciously welcomed us to view the inside of the new, totally remodeled cottage she currently resides in. What a transformation! Then we went into the barn. Wow, although it’s full of items, it, too, is transformed. Clean, organized. Welcoming.

Besides my enormous gratitude to Milo, Leilani and all the wonderful volunteers … I give you, our Dear Presidency, my heartfelt gratitude that you are so generously supporting the upliftment and enrichment of our MSIA and IIWP ranch that our whole Family of Light can enjoy and contribute to in varying ways. The welcoming embrace just gets better and better.

And this happy visit didn’t even touch the other wonderful aspects of the ranch. As the Grahams, Greg and I drove away, we shared what extraordinary appreciation we have for what we all lovingly call “Windermere.”

With Love Always,

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4 thoughts on “Windermere Keeps Getting More Wonderful!”

  1. Rama thank YOU for obviously blessing our Windermere! I hope you guys go often. Milo and Leilani have an absolutely amazing touch for embellishing that sacred land. Great article! God Bless

  2. Patience Iwuoha

    Windermere my dream land how l wish to visit some day. I always have these thought of visiting in my heart. I asked these through the grace of God and the Mystical Travelers Light, for my highest good and of all concerneds. Thanks to all the Beloved who have contributed one way or another. Lots of love.

  3. Denise Lumiere

    Beautiful description, photos. We love this place. Thank you Milo and Leilani and all who have helped to keep making it more wonderful and filled with loving!

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