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John Morton, Initiates Meeting of the Highest Good

Opening Ourself to Transcend

“When we open ourself to transcend, there is an expansion. It’s a greater, higher awareness. Hopefully, these words can tune us in so we can relate to it.” – John Morton

This article and blessing are taken from a sharing John had with the faculty and students of a Master of Spiritual Science Transcendent Leadership class in March 2020.

When we open ourself to transcend, there is an expansion. It’s a greater, higher awareness. Hopefully, these words can tune us in so we can relate to it. Then we can put the specifics in, as in our relationships or physical health. You can transcend that. Would you like to? You may say, “No! I want to be upset.” Okay, you can be upset. Are you hearing the range in this? It can be a circus, not just three rings, but many rings with many shows. “So, where do I look when there are so many things going on?”

If you keep the attitude, interest and intention that you want to transcend whatever is going on in your life, then it personalizes to you. It is your choice. Everybody has choice. Everybody has responsibility, the ability to respond. How would you like to respond? What do you want to create? This is where it starts getting particular. What we choose, hold in our mind and focus on over and over, continuously creates – whether we like it or not.

People at times feel upset, saying, “Why did you do that?” Then we go back, take a look, and see the facts. You did do it. You did create it. You just weren’t conscious about it. You were busy blaming or finding fault. That can go through you so you feel upset, guilty or whatever. But the reality is this is your life. How would you like to create it?

The transcendent opportunities are great. They are beautiful and magnificent, always and in all ways. You may say, “But what about the things that keep hurting?” That’s not so transcendent. That is painful, difficult, confusing and frustrating. Have the awareness that you are not exempt. You are human and these things come with the human experience.

One of the opportunities we all have is compassion and self-compassion. You can have compassion for yourself or for your partner. One of the obvious things about what is disturbing is that we want things to be different from what they are. It is that simple.

What do we teach in MSIA? Acceptance. First and foremost, right away, always have acceptance. It is a solid foundation in your life. It is not a threat. Denial puts up an argument like, “That’s a threat and I want to avoid it. I want to deny it as much as possible.” You can try that. You can try to run away. You can try to live in another reality, but it is not going to work. You can monitor that with awareness. How do you talk to yourself? What do you want to experience? You can say, “I’m going to endure this. This too shall pass.”

These are things that can help you. Then with another, a partner, it gets down to common sense. Do the best you can. You might say, “That’s it! That’s the best you’ve got? Do the best I can? Do you have any idea what it is like to live with this person?” I might have a good idea. I might even have a better idea than you what it is like. I may have been through it ten times worse than what you’ve gone through, so what’s the problem? Get over it. Buck up. Grow up. Mature. It’s about time to mature in your life and say, “I can handle this.”

If you want to complain, moan, beat the floor and have a tantrum, those are options. How is that working for you? You may say, “Great! I’m having the best time of my life!” Well, keep that up. Then you can start teaching how to use your tantrums for happiness.

There is a way to use all this for your upliftment, learning and growth. That’s hammering home, one more time, ground rules of our teachings because the ground rules work. Use everything for your upliftment, learning and growth. Make sure you are using as much as you can in a way that you like. Then make sure that what you like is what helps you in your life, what creates what you want to experience in the very best way.

We teach something that would allow you to have a partner, called God. Let’s call God the ultimate partner. When you get God on your side with you in all this, then all things are possible. God has the power to do anything. That’s amazing.

I remember hearing John-Roger saying that God is not stupid. God is not going to do something stupid. If he has power and omniscience, the wisdom is to not make a rock so heavy he cannot lift it. I’m not going to be stupid, so I don’t do that. Then it comes down to our teachings that there is nothing we are given we cannot handle spiritually, with God as our ultimate partner.

Rejoicing in All That is Good

Dear Lord,

We welcome you more closely, more consciously, that we may have that opportunity in our oneness with you.

So, we experience that we can say, I am always with you, breath for breath, step for step. In this way we are expanded into the oneness that is in all the creation. It is a beautiful experience in this moment to breathe in, to breathe out.

We also reveal so it is a shared experience. All is blissful, all is sacred, and how we can ride upon every experience from the least of it, however we are connected to whatever that is, and into the greatest that is beyond what we can contain.

So, we let go and find the freedom that is in this movement, in this ever-higher experience of who we are.

And we rejoice in the stillness, in the purity, in all that is good.

And you remind us “Let’s get going. Let’s go do some good.”

Baruch Bashan.

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