My Feather Story

By: Cindy Storm

April 8th, 2021

My Feather Story


(Left to right) Cindy Storm, John-Roger, Thom Storm in July of 1974.

It was 1974 and I was to receive my causal initiation tone a couple of years after I met John-Roger.  He and his staff were scheduled to come to Minneapolis for services and a seminar.  I had written to him and had asked to be initiated when he came to town.  I was in my early twenties and when I learned that I was clear to receive my tone, I was very excited.

At that young age, I was very excitable, romanticizing things in my imagination as to how things would go.  I was happy that J-R was going to be giving me my initiatory tone.  As I thought about it, I wondered what the tone would be like.  I really hadn’t heard from anyone else about receiving an initiatory tone so I had no expectations based on someone else experience.

So, in my young excitable imagination, I thought it must be some ethereal sound, something very beautiful and wonderful to behold.  I imagined J-R giving me the tone and I started to think about what I would say to him after I received it.  I thought we would talk a little afterward and, in my imagination, I pictured our talk.  “It’s a very beautiful wonderful tone,” I thought myself saying.  “I love this, it’s light as a feather.”

The day finally came for my tone appointment.  I waited in the room for J-R to come in and finally he entered the room.  He came in and, in a loving yet business like way, he explained the process of receiving the tone and my responsibility afterward.  He made sure I understood all of that.  He then said he would now give me the tone and anchor it personally for me.

When this was done, I must say I was very surprised, somewhat disillusioned and even shocked.  The experience was not as I had imagined and much different than I had expected.  He stayed with me quietly for a few moments and then rose to leave.  I thought “I need to say something here, something about the tone.” So, I sort of stammered and sputtered “Ah, it’s very wonderful and beautiful…” as he walked toward the door.  When his hand was on the doorknob, he turned to me and said, “It’s light as a feather.”  He opened the door and left.

I sat there in utter surprise.  Then after a few moments, I came to a realization.  It was not in my mind to mention the feather phrase on that day. I realized that he’d been there with me all along, all of the time I was waiting for the tone, he was right there with me.  In the future, the Traveler would be with me, through this and all of my initiations.

About fifteen years later, I was going through a difficult time in my life.  I also thought I felt disconnected from the Traveler.  I asked inwardly if this was true and didn’t receive a clear answer.  At that time, I used the book Walking With the Lord as my Spiritual Exercises journal.  One day, I sat down to do SE’s and I opened my journal to read something.  Inside the journal, on the page I was to read, I found a feather.  I know I hadn’t put it there.  I asked my husband if he had put it there and he said he hadn’t.  I puzzled over this and then shut my eyes for SE’s and heard J-R’s words, “It’s light as a feather.” Tears came to my eyes as I knew in my heart I was never disconnected from the Traveler.  If I needed something tangible for proof, this was my proof. My gift from the Beloved.   He was and is always as close as my heart and breath, “Light as a feather.”

Cindy Storm


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Beautiful Cindy. Like you! I think Mary had taken a 3 day bus ride from Arizona to get her Light study in MN that year. Love you guys God Bless

What a beautiful story, Thank you Cindy for sharing it with us. It almost brought me to tears, all the wonderful Blessings that are with us as we walk with the Lord.

Thank you for sharing this beautiful example of how the Traveler is able to touch to us through the Unity of Spirit.

Cindy, I read your story and it brought tears to my eyes. You painted a very clear picture through your words.