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My Spiritual Journey With the Traveler


Suely Rodrigues with John Morton at a Blessing Fest - Jundiaí - São Paulo - Brazil, November 2012.

My name is Suely Penha Rodrigues, I am Brazilian. Though my contact with the Traveler through Discourses took place in 1993, I internally experienced my first contact with John-Roger in 1982. While living in Brazil, I had no knowledge of J-R nor MSIA as an organization.

I decided to move to Santiago, Chile with my family for work in 1989. I felt this choice supported by a bigger calling; this was when I started more vividly experiencing the Traveler’s guidance in my dreams and while I was awake. I felt a support so dear to make such crucial decisions for myself as a single mother. My family consisted of 2 children under the age of 10 and my mother to provide for while she helped me raise the kids.

I felt his presence helping me through different circumstances, from practical decisions to coaching me through specific healing exercises. I was diagnosed with a generalized infection, unable to function and in bed while undergoing care of 3 puzzled doctors that went from dealing with one infection to another as I felt my life slipping away.

That was when I started reaching out and more deeply surrendering to my prayers. I was guided through a process of forgiveness an entire night, “forgive and ask forgiveness” while seeing a long line of people in relation to whom clearing was needed, one at a time. I was finished at the break of dawn, and finally got out of bed to meet two pale kids, as if they were staring at a ghost, since I had been laying in bed for the last 3 months.

It was 1993 when I overheard someone’s conversation about Insight Seminars. One of our team members at the office did not manage to show up for our meeting because of this particular training, described by some who had never attended. Yet it immediately resonated with me. It was enough to know this was exactly what I was looking for and proceed to further research. One week later I kicked off with Insight I, followed by II, III and assisting of every seminar that year.

I applied to the first Insight IV Santiago Chile, in January 1994, when Alex Padilla was the Director for Latin American countries. Back in the day, subscription to Discourses was an Insight IV prerequisite. So, I subscribed, and when I had the Discourses in my hand I was sure I was in contact with my Master. I could then tell through John-Roger’s photos that he was the one who had been talking to me for the last eleven years.

My quest in Insight IV was to bring Insight Seminars to Brazil. I had enrolled 77 people within 24 hours at the friendly rate of U$100 suggested by Alex to get the ball rolling in our country. Well, it did.

I returned to Brazil at the end of 1994 facing a series of challenges until the first seminar in São Paulo took place in 1996. Sheila Solon, a beautiful Insight IV colleague, succeeded to fulfil her quest starting Insight Seminars in Rio de Janeiro.

I had just started reading Discourses, not yet having had the opportunity to attend an MSIA event, when my 16 year old daughter and I were privileged with the request to translate Discourses to our Portuguese language. This work was commissioned by Jesus Becerra whom in the future would turn out to be a dear friend.

My Causal initiation was done by Paul Kaye in Santiago Chile, January 1997. That was when I met John Morton, who found it funny when I raised my hand at his request for all new MSIA students to introduce themselves. Despite my super newbie feeling, at the sound of a giggling room I learned two years was no longer considered new. Either way it was my first MSIA seminar.

My first physical contact with J-R was after an unforgettable hug in April 1997 when he came to Rio de Janeiro. The hug was wonderful of course, though the most intense contact always happened spiritually. The familiarity of the hug was only the confirmation that we had been connected since 1982. I’ll let you in on a little secret, J-R first showed up in Hindu white robes and a turban…sound familiar?…We walked together in green fields of an intensity I’ll never forget. We hung out all night, but the one message imprinted that occurs to me to share now is “the one you seek as your companion is not of this world.” I was ordained as a Minister during this encounter, the physical one.

The stirring in my heart was followed by an awakened interest to become a Home Seminar leader. Insight seminar graduates were my main guests to share of this service. My first home seminars were the ones I organized at my place. A beautiful MSIA community in the area of São Paulo/Campinas/ Jundiai/Itatiba/Bragança Paulista and other nearby cities blossomed.

These experiences I tell in more detail in the book I have written as my MSS thesis for PTS Master’s Program in Spiritual Science. I’ve named it “Chronicles of the Beloved.” What I tell here is a summary of how the Traveler touched my life and reached out to many, many hearts.

It is an honor to be a Traveler’s student. Having Soul Transcendence as a goal adds more sense and value to my life. To find truths I’ve been seeking for so many years has a homecoming impact in my life. I’m getting to know myself more and more day by day. I am learning to forgive myself and own my divinity even when it seems improbable.

John Morton had already received the Keys of the Traveler when I entered MSIA, so it felt natural to meet him as the one anchoring the Traveler’s Consciousness, as J-R did. I have both as Traveler anchors as this work I experience as something being fulfilled by Spirit, that’s where my focus is. I love J-R and John Morton in personal ways, as far as I know them, but I have clear that as J-R says: “Do not focus on the personality, but on the Spirit.”

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