Spiritual Awakening

By: John-Roger, DSS

May 5th, 2021

Spiritual Awakening


“When a Soul is stirred to awaken, to move on into its greater awareness, the paradoxes of life are placed before it to see if, in the expression of this part of God’s kingdom, it has indeed expressed Godliness.” – John-Roger

This article by John-Roger was first published in the Movement Newspaper, December 1975

When a Soul is stirred to awaken, to move on into its greater awareness, the paradoxes of life are placed before it to see if, in the expression of this part of God’s kingdom, it has indeed expressed Godliness.  And, because this physical level is a composite of all levels (imaginative, emotional, mental, and unconscious, as well as physical) we can clear things faster from the physical level than from any other level below the Soul.  So the Soul brings together the elements necessary to create a physical embodiment.  The Soul can do this; the Soul can do anything it wishes to do.  It will embody onto this physical realm because it knows it can reveal itself faster from here than from any other level.

The Soul is a powerful creator.  It will bring forward those things for which the consciousness asks, whether in this lifetime or in another lifetime.  But often that which you asked for cannot be given to you here on this physical level.  So you must wait until you reach the other levels to get it.  If you have asked for things of a physical nature,  and you leave this body, you may go to the astral realm, which is the realm closest to the physical.  Then you are aware of what you asked for of the physical nature, and when you get it there, it can become greatly disturbing to your astral body.  So you seek the purification from that.  And this purification is traditionally called “hell” or “ purgatory”, which isn’t a negative process.  It’s positive; it’s the purification.  It’s getting rid of the last entanglement of the physical.

God, in His perfect consciousness, has placed out certain patterns that each consciousness, each Soul must fulfill.  And all humans will fulfill the patterns in their own timing.  There are more rapid ways and there are less rapid ways.  If, indeed, you can be taught, then the Soul will awaken itself on the physical level, dissolve all karmic bondage, and you will be aware of the Soul on this level and on all other levels.  At that moment, you become what we call the “living free.”  There will not be one thing you can do that will not be perfect in the sight of God – not one thing.  But you’re not going to be doing anything that would not be in balance with who and where you are.  Other people may look at you or your actions and condemn you, but what does that matter?  They’re condemning everybody – not just you.  When I hear somebody talking or saying something negative about people close to me or about myself, I just look at them because I know that if they are talking about me, they’re talking about everyone.  Why should I have concern because they’ve singled me out?  Their gossip will come back to sit with them to be worked out at another time, because that is the law.  It’s nice to recognize that the Soul holds itself responsible for all its actions and creations.  The consciousness may try to “get away with something” or may try to fool itself and lull itself into patterns of unawareness, but the Soul says, “These things I am. These are things for which I am responsible. These things I will fulfill right down to the last farthing.”  And the Soul fulfills all things within itself.

The Soul, which is the essence of God within, is responsible.  Ultimately, it is the author of all your actions.  So pass the authorship to where it belongs.  Jesus said, “Of myself I can do nothing. The Father within does all things,” the Father being the God within or the Soul or what ever higher concept or term you care to use.  Often we call it the Light.  Jesus said, “I am the Light and the Truth and the Way.”  Buddha said, “I am the Light of Asia.”  The Light that springs eternally is the Light of which we are speaking.  It is the pure energy of Spirit.

When the Soul leaves the physical realm and starts upward, it’s very easy to drop the imagination, very easy to drop the emotions, very easy to drop the mind.  But when you go to the etheric level, the unconscious, you may look into the unconscious and see it reflect back to you the glories of the earth, and you enter into an identification with that and reincarnate again.  One way to break through the realm of the unconscious into the Soul is to be working with one who has the keys, the knowledge, and the ability to show you the illusion of the unconscious and the way through it into Soul.  But often the unconscious is so strong in it’s pulling back to the physical, in the remembrance of the emotions and the desires, that it will not heed the wayshower, and it steps back into re-embodiment.

When you get up very high from the earth, it will look like a paradise, a garden of Eden.  I think one of the astronauts said this when he got up quite high physically.  And when you get high in your consciousness and look back, you may say, “Wow, that’s paradise,” and impel yourself back again.  There’s a lot of reasons why the Soul will keep coming back.  In a way, it is a paradise here, but it is not as yet in the higher realms of Light and Love.  You can live here in the physical body and reside in heaven – by being aware of both levels simultaneously.  How do you do that?  You get enough practice of what this level is, until you know what this level is; then you stop doing this, and you automatically start doing that.

To know consciously of the other side, you must shut your mouth to this side.  You must not be the teacher.  You must be the student.  When you explain something to someone, don’t feel that they HAVE to understand it, that they HAVE to get it.  That’s cramming it down their throats, and no one’s going to swallow that.  You present a point of view to them and let them look at it.  If they don’t move on it, perhaps it wasn’t for them.  Perhaps they’ve already moved on it in another dimension.  Perhaps they are yet to experience that moving.  Non-interference is so tremendously important.  It is so important to allow each consciousness, each Soul, the freedom to evolve into it’s own awareness in it’s own timing.  Mahatma Gandhi, before he was released from the physical body, knew full well that his assassination was coming.  A detective said, “Let me protect you; let me go with you.”  Mahatma Gandhi asked what else he would bring with him.  He said, “My gun.”  Gandhi said. “Don’t come with your gun; leave your gun.”  The detective said, “I can’t do that.  I couldn’t protect you without my gun.”  Gandhi said, “Then it isn’t you who protects me; it’s your gun.”  Force does not do it.  But as we just stand beside another person, and support them with our love and Light – that helps.  Gandhi was not going to let anybody interfere with the order of things, least another be shot in his name.  Within his consciousness he would much rather be murdered than be the murderer.  Gandhi was a great Soul, and he knew his Soul in consciousness.

That same awareness of Soul is ours for the taking, but we must do it.  We must manifest the same teachings that have been taught all along.  Love is.  It is non-interfering.  It’s supporting.  It’s that thing that says,  “Look, I may not understand all that is going on, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t do it, just because I don’t understand it.”  Love is.

“I don’t know the words; the vocabulary seems strange to me, but that doesn’t mean it’s not valid and that it can’t be worked.”  The first time I heard the dialect of an African country. I said, “I certainly don’t know what that is, but the people who are communicating do.”  Or sometimes you’ll hear people talking about physics  or a particular branch of engineering or computer sciences, and you’ll say, “I can’t understand a word they say, but they know.”  Those who are doing it understand.  And for those who are not doing it, it isn’t necessary, at that point, that they understand.  Maybe you don’t need to understand computer programming.  Maybe you need to understand yourself.  And when you do this, you find out what it’s like to walk with the Beloved.  God bestows grace upon every Soul because God bestows grace upon Itself.  And through that grace, It is saying, “Everything is all right.”

Baruch Bashan

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