Working Through Spiritual Science with the Traveler

By: John Morton, DSS

May 5th, 2021

Working Through Spiritual Science with the Traveler

“I’m inviting you to work with the Traveler in the very best way, for the highest good at the highest rate. That can take courage. Well, we’ve got it. Take your courage and do that.  That’s what courage is for.  When your heart knows this is what you’ve been looking for and this is for you, then do it!” – John Morton

This article comes from a sharing John had with students in the Peace Theological Seminary and College of Philosophy Doctor of Spiritual Science (DSS) class in March 2021.

I’ve been involved from the beginning of the Doctor of Spiritual Science program as a consciousness with the Traveler to step in and see what I could do to help people in the class sharings.  John-Roger, obviously, was involved with every step of how it was created with the materials, curriculum, etc. But in large part, it was other people who did the work of the discovery process, putting it together and so forth.

The DSS was designed to be what I would call a pinnacle, something that is “as good as it gets” at our seminary.  We don’t know how to do something that would be of a higher learning than what this is.  There are obviously requisites or prerequisites for the program rather than an “all-comers” class.

One of my contributions was encouraging tithing as one of the requisites.  That was my suggestion.  I may be selfish.  I want to play with people that have a level of commitment that they are willing to be tithing to God.  That’s how I look at it.  It’s between you and God.  I don’t want auditing or something like checking on that level.  It is honesty.  Tithing is between you and God.  If you say you are tithing and you’re not, we don’t have a God of punishment or resentment.  I just look at it as a trust.  It’s a faith that people would tithe as an acknowledgment to God.

There is a ministerial seminar about the Melchizedek priesthood available to any active MSIA minister.  If you’re active and haven’t listened to that seminar, I highly recommend it. Abraham is mentioned in the Bible as someone who brought his tithe and gave it to Melchizedek.  If you are looking to where tithing was introduced in the Bible, consider Genesis 14:18 as it offers a succinct introduction as to who Melchizedek was. He was the “King of Salem… [and] priest of God Most High”. He blessed Abraham (called Abram at this time) after receiving a tenth of all the goods he recovered from the war between allied kings in the area. This event is listed on the Bible Timeline Poster around 2004 BC.   Melchizedek’s name was not mentioned again till much later. Starting in Psalms 110:4 and several chapters of Hebrews, it is evident that he was known and even revered generations later. In Hebrews 6:20, Jesus was likened to Melchizedek and has become “our eternal High Priest”.  [The J-R seminar “The Order of the Melchizedek Priesthood” is available in MP3 format for MSIA ministers at].

We are working at the level where we are calling people into your highest consciousness by an intention.  That is no small feat.  It can be something taking tremendous commitment and maybe even some kind of sacrifice.  I don’t look at it as some gigantic monetary thing.  What’s the value and the price that should be put on what it’s worth?  I say it’s priceless, so how do you measure that?

The DSS is set up for people to invest themselves tremendously.  There has been what I would call a lot of refinement.  We continuously ask, “How do we really do this in the very best way, so people are coming into whatever they are looking for spiritually and getting it?”  It’s being delivered to as much as they can handle and as much as they are willing to participate.  It is refined.  It’s in a much higher attunement now because each time we do it, it refines itself.

I look at those who are brand new to DSS, like in the first year, as taking advantage of that.  You didn’t really miss out.  Sure, there are opportunities we’ve all missed, but opportunity keeps coming around – particularly the spiritual kind.  It doesn’t ever go away.  Not one Soul is lost.  No matter how many times you say, “I don’t finish it.  I don’t complete it.  I don’t do what my Soul came here to do,” it’s waiting for you.  It can’t be denied.  It is an internal gift and we’re playing at that level.

With what we call initiation, in particular, we can do what the Soul came here to do and more.  It came to complete the psychic-material assignment for this whole life, whatever it needed to do as experience.  Let’s consider that experience delivers learning that develops the Soul consciousness.  It is coming into its mastery.  It is coming into its full blossoming that whatever the Soul is to do is a master consciousness.  John-Roger referenced it as a “Path to Mastership – the Royal Road.” The inner master is calling this consciousness and you are the inner master. [J-R’s book, “The Path to Mastership”, an audio packet, “The Royal Road: The Path to Mastership”, and a SAT – Soul Awareness Teachings seminar titled “The Path to Mastership” are available at].

We wake up progressively to all of what that is so that we have the opportunity to become the Christ.  “I am the light.  I am the truth.  I am the way.”  That is the Soul’s inheritance, that we become the Mystical Traveler Consciousness.  That has all been called out in the teachings long ago, not just by John-Roger.  There are things that John-Roger said that I’ve yet to find someone else saying.  Perhaps God was saying, “I was silent for a while and then I spoke.  Not one Soul will be lost.”

There are a lot of teachings that say that’s not possible, saying that you can go to eternal damnation or failure.  Like you are lost, that’s that and that is too bad. That is not what we bring forward.  If you want to play it, it’s this lifetime!  I look at that as amazing because even if it was something like no one had ever completed the DSS in less than four years, I’d still be interested because I can see where it’s going, and I want that.

From the first moment I chanted HU, I had a very direct experience of the movement of spiritual inner awareness in a very intense way that my mind could not immediately comprehend.  It was like an explosion.  I then realized that I am conscious in that movement that is way, way beyond my mind.  I’m having the experience.  Even though I didn’t comprehend what was happening to me fully in that experience, I knew it was good.  I wanted more of this.  Where do I sign up?

You might want to consider how you could have more of that.  Here I am.  I look at my story as very ordinary.  If anything, it’s like a lot of other people.  It is unique, but like yours, everybody’s experience is unique.  I’ve said many times, and I say it now, “The best is yet to come.”  That is how I see everything spiritually.  It’s not over and done.  It is increasing and expanding.

You can have that spiritual experience while you are here in the human condition in this lifetime.  That would be having the best experience ever.  The best.  It’s not dependent on who we are physically.  Maybe we have to cooperate physically, like showing up, participating, chanting the name, inviting the Traveler consciousness to be with you, guiding you and letting that be wide open with no conditions on it.

I’m inviting you to work with the Traveler in the very best way, for the highest good at the highest rate.  That can take courage.  Well, we’ve got it.  Take your courage and do that.  That’s what courage is for.  When your heart knows this is what you’ve been looking for and this is for you, then do it!

I would make this primary because it’s your “God shot.”  Somehow God is touching you in the Movement, in this consciousness and in these teachings.  When you apply yourself, you have that experience that it’s working with you, all of it.  It’s still vastly mysterious.  I can tell you by applying myself, like any of us can apply ourselves, then more and more we know what it is.  We just know it. Some may say, “Prove it to me.”  John-Roger did not know how to prove it to anybody.  Get your own proof.  That’s how it’s designed to work.  Find out for yourself.  Don’t believe me.

You might consider what I’m telling you is also what is available to you.  If I’m having these experiences, they are available to you.  Then what do you do?  Do what that is.  You still end up having an ordinary, personal life, where it doesn’t take up all your time every day.  It’s not going to.  It’s going to let you be who you are in the ordinariness of your life.  You are going to have to live in yours.  If you do this, the value comes forward.

“To whom much is given, much is expected.”  I look at it as, you are given. Then you have the ability and the authority to give it to others because it’s something you have that can be shared.   There is a way that’s done that holds up the sacred.  That’s my experience.  There is a way to share what this is so that it keeps it sacred.  There is something really beautiful there.

In whatever way this Movement is developing, it doesn’t retract.  It holds, finding a way to do it in something that’s subtle for those who have the eyes to see and the ears to hear.  I also see it’s becoming something easier for something like the “masses” to comprehend and value.

The raw teachings are beautiful.  You could remove words like “Mystical Traveler Consciousness” and even “God” and just talk about what happens to a person in their experience and leave it there, not putting names on the energy or consciousness.  Just describe it as, “This is what happens to you. This is what your life is about.  It’s living love, forgiveness, loving your enemy and doing things that create health and happiness.”  Who’s not in?  I find the teachings and the way they were laid out as magnificent and beautiful.

I don’t know of another teaching that calls to me in such a way that I say, “I’m going to do this now because I’m up for it.  I’m up for the highest teaching there is.  That is my intention.”  That’s how I was able to work it out with myself when I was wondering if I was getting way, way over my head immersing myself into this.  I said, “I’m going to do this until something better comes along.”  I didn’t know how to do it half-heartedly.  My prayer was, “God, I really would like it if you would wake me up. Let me know if there is something really better over here.” That was my prayer.  Guide and lead me to the very best.

I look at what we’re taught in the Movement, and I don’t know anything better.  In the Doctor of Spiritual Science class, we try to give the very best of the teachings and the best ways of practicing them, so they become a lifestyle.  Yes, there may be some personal changes that we need to make so we’re really living the teachings to the level where you could teach the teachings.  That is where I say we are going here.  You could write the discourses.  That’s it.  There we go.

Jesus called that out and so did John-Roger.  We are all going to do something greater.   That is how this works.  See if we can do what was laid down.  I mean, even with Jesus, see if we can do that.  I know there are other beautiful things.  I’m not trying to do that thing where we make our teacher, our guru, the best and we all dance about it.  But it is my experience.

I’m not trying to tell anybody they “should” be involved. We don’t make some point like we’re trying to save you from going astray.  John-Roger’s policy was that when people wanted to leave, we helped them leave.  Not mocking or ridiculing, but like, “You need cab or Uber fare?  Okay, we got it.”  If people want to become uninvolved and do something else, my point of view is, “What will help you?  What can we do?”

God bless you, my friends.

Baruch Bashan

Blessing of Turning to the Lord

Dear Lord, for those of us who are willing, we find ourselves gathered with You again in that place in the Spirit where all souls gather, and that’s of all Your creation.

It all comes into the Soul until we find the great Light.

We feel, sense and consciously realize the great love, the great truth.

We take a moment in this place where we are in this world, in our body, to let go and do this eternal exercise where we let go and give it up and surrender to You.

You are the one we can trust completely, and yet You don’t demand it.

You give us the choice.

So, when we’re ready to let go in our trust and to move across whatever faith is necessary, which we realize is in our own darkness where we have turned away.

We ask through the Traveler and the Christ and all the gifts in Spirit, that You reach into our consciousness loosening what is attached, bringing the Light into what has been the dark, where we have turned away in shame or fear.

We take this moment again to extend throughout our existence that we are those who are walking in-step with the Traveler, claiming our liberation.

We know we have been brought to this world for that purpose.

We give thanks that we have chosen back, and in Your presence, we are reminded it is done.

We rejoice that we are in this place where we must do each and every choice that remains.

We ask for Your assistance to hold.

We give thanks that we are shown the way again and again.

You teach us it does not matter what has happened.

We let go, release, and trust.

We embrace this new freedom.

You remind us that the little things that are our concerns are indeed little because in the Spirit they have no real consequence.

They are simply circumstantial, and we are to love each and every circumstance. With our whole being, we receive Your strength, Your wisdom, and all the gifts that You bring to us.

We rejoice again in the simplicity of our child-like nature, a pure nature that You brought us into this world to become.

We forgive ourself for what we have forgotten, and we accept Your forgiveness all along the way that continually restores us and embraces us, so we are healed.

We are realigned.  We are renewed.

We thank the Traveler, in particular our friend, John-Roger, and our friend, Jesus, and all those in this line who prepared the way and are still holding it open forever waiting so whenever we come, we are welcome.

Baruch Bashan

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