The Precious Opportunity to Remember that I Am Divine

By: Carol Jones

June 15th, 2021

The Precious Opportunity to Remember that I Am Divine


Carol Jones at the Joyful Transitions class in 2016.

PTS Joyful Transitions Class Now Open to the Public and on Zoom.

When I think of the subject of death and dying with dread or fear or deep sadness that’s been hiding in my heart, it’s because I have forgotten I’m really Divine. When I come to my senses, I remember what J-R has told us so many times…

God loves all of its creation.
Out of God come all things.
We are never given anything we cannot handle.
Not one Soul will be lost.
I am always with you.

The PTS Class, “Joyful Transitions,” came about because John Morton said in 2013 that PTS needed a class on death and dying. I was there that morning at Bovey Castle, and having written my book about Kenny’s passing, and having had years of experience developing PTS classes, I offered that I could do it. John said, “You’re tagged.” Since then, John and our beautiful and gracious (and so many other wonderful qualities) MSIA Ambassador, Leigh Taylor-Young Morton have been intimately involved in the development and support of this class.

What better way is there to have our own experience of the teachings that John-Roger precipitated down from Spirit about this subject in many, many seminars throughout the decades, than under the protection, guidance, and love of the Mystical Traveler Consciousness in a PTS class! And from my own experience, there’s a gift available with each week’s theme — the precious opportunity to remember that I am Divine. That I will not be lost, that the Traveler is always with me, and that I can open myself to the joy of knowing God loves all of its creation, including me, even when I’m grieving the loss of a loved one. Even when I’m deep in my fear of dying, even when I open myself to the possibility that I can prepare myself for my passing and that it will be perfect for me and my Soul in every way.

Development continued until in 2018, when I enlisted many PTS reps and facilitators around the US to participate in offering the pilot class in their communities (in person then). So over one hundred students got their first taste of experiencing this subject first hand, keeping in mind J-R teaches us that passing from this world can be a peaceful, graceful, walk through the door to the next room where he will be waiting for us. And through the book, Through Kenny’s Eyes, Kenny’s experience as a voracious student of the Traveler’s teachings, we could read all about how he shared his joy, his loving, and his hilarious sense of humor with anyone who came to visit, even to his last days. When John and Leigh came to visit, just ten days before Kenny passed, John told Kenny his ministry was on fire. Kenny’s response–“Glad to be of service. If people could discover the joy I’m having now, they’d stop whatever they are doing and start doing what I’m doing.”

Classes continued to be conducted around the world such as in South America and Australia and various communities in the United States until summer of 2020 when we initiated another round of classes to take place right after conference, while we were still excited and in our hearts’ experience of having participated in MSIA’s annual worldwide gathering, this time on Zoom.

So last summer over seventy participants took part in yet another round of Joyful Transitions classes originating in Los Angeles and Sweden, this time sixty of them took part in the class that Lori Matson and I facilitated via Zoom with expert Zoom assistance from Joanie Clingan and John Pavilonis. Ten more people participated in Europe on the same days with timing that worked for their part of the world. Beloved Agneta Lindhe took a leap of faith and originated that Zoom class flawlessly. Some students actually took both classes at the same time.

Since then, the class has been facilitated out of Australia with Wendy Bennett, Alaska with Judy Pendleton, and in Spanish in South America/Los Angeles with Alicia Landa and Vania Grimalt. And our quintessential facilitators who conducted those classes assisted me in the final edits which produced the official PTS materials that are available now. So, whether you’re in an area of the world where you can actually have in person classes, or you find a class originating in another part of the world scheduled via Zoom, or you take a hybrid class, the materials are ready for any area now.

We expect that classes taking place after the MSIA Conference of the Heart of Soul Transcendence will carry some powerful Light and love and understanding and compassion with so many of us who will have just experienced The Heart of The Traveler’s teachings at conference.

So, I encourage us all to check out the calendar for any of the worldwide Joyful Transitions classes that fit your schedule, and register. You may also contact any PTS facilitator you know to help them fill a class with the requisite number of students so materials can be sent out to them.

Our Traveler, John Morton visited last summer’s LA based class and last fall’s Spanish language class. A powerful part of John’s message was about being in the loving, the truth, do what loving would do, completing with your loved ones. We’re in our laters now, he said. And it’s not too early to learn about leaving this world for the last time from the Traveler’s perspective. Accept God’s plan. Have the willingness to do it God’s way, not your way. And as always, it takes great courage to see the face of God [in death and dying, in grieving, and in God’s reality–the joy that awaits us in the Traveler’s arms on the other side.

And to emphasize the Traveler’s support of this class, here’s a “Blessing This Day” link in which John and Leigh encourage us to check out the class. There are priceless J-R clips of course, and at 20:21 minutes, Leigh begins talking about Joyful Transitions and then John ends with a Blessing for Transition.


Among all the students and facilitators who have participated in the class, many are likening their experience to the power of a PTS Peace Awareness Training and a Living in Grace Retreat. So let us know your interest and we’ll do whatever we can to bring about the next wave of global Joyful Transitions classes.

Any questions, feel free to contact me, Carol Jones, or David Whitaker,

Loving you with all my heart,

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