We are the Curator of Love, Light and Blessings

By: John Morton, DSS

June 15th, 2021

We are the Curator of Love, Light and Blessings


“I’d say we’re not really from this world.  This is not our world.  What are we doing here?  It’s a fair question.  We are learning what we need to learn.  Some of that is just pure experience…” – John Morton

This article comes from a sharing John Morton had in May 2021 with the Doctor of Spiritual Science class.

There is knowing which is complete knowing. It has been called the certainty of the Soul that John-Roger talked about.  In the teachings, you will find more information that the truth has a complete quality.  It’s not a partial truth.  There is no such thing.  Can it move?  Can it shift and change?  Yes.  It’s a living truth that is alive.

One of the ways you would know something is alive is that it is moving.  That’s why I say even things that are minerals are alive.  There is life in a rock.  Go in at the atomic level and see what you see.  Of course, that would take some special devices to allow us to see at that level.  We would see movement so far beyond what we know as movement we would easily be awed by it.  There is such a living force in inanimate things.  Keep that in mind.  There is a truth beyond what we perceive.

We are looking through lenses that cause distortion.  Consider that our physical or mental view is often way short of seeing and knowing what is.  Keep that awareness present.  It’s humbling.  That is one way to relate to it.  Many have said, “The more I get to know, the more I realize I don’t know.”  That could be discouraging.  I thought I knew something and then I find out I knew almost nothing.  Exactly.  You might want to be a little more humble about that.  There is a great opportunity there.  It’s called “partner up.”  Way up.  All the way up.

You might say, “I haven’t seen God.  I don’t know God.  What does God look like?” Fair enough.  You can still know God and see God without trying to do it in your perceptions.  There is a teaching to look for the good and the divine in people and things.  Hopefully that sounds familiar to you.  It’s one of the great teachings from John-Roger.  He called it the “Secret of Soul Transcendence,” which is our business. What are we doing in MSIA?  It’s Soul Transcendence.  That says it all.  How do we do that?  We look for the divine in people and things.  There is another part to it.  All the rest leave to God.  I’m laughing because you might say, “Oh, you mean like all of it?”  Yes.  All the rest means everything else.

How do we do this?  With a lot of willingness to cooperate and look for the good and divine.  If we look for it, can we find it?  If we find it, can we relate to it?  I say, “Yes.”  It’s a natural way of being.  But there is also something like an unnatural way of being.  What would that be?  It’s a simple answer, the negative.  What’s the negative?  It’s not bad, but it has a functionality and a duality.  Like the alpha and omega, there’s a positive and negative polarity.  It’s just a dynamic.  It causes a dimensionality where we start seeing something.  We are only seeing some of it, but it’s better than nothing.  The part we can see can be full of good and divine.

Now we’re seeing the good and divine.  Not just looking for it, seeing it.  We are onto something that’s real.  But what if I’m only seeing a small part of the good and divine?  You can use that.  Something about that focus brings more good and divine into your consciousness.  Does that translate into the world?  Does it then manifest into the world to some degree?  I’d say that is worth it.  If you can get it to manifest, it’s going to bring into the world a greater good, a greater presence of the divine, because we are invoking that, rather than focusing and acting in accordance with the negative.  That’s discord.  That is out of alignment and attunement.

When we are off, we know it.  It’s discord.  It’s not in harmony or in our vitality.  It is dis-ease, and we feel and sense it.  It shows up in manifestation.  We realize, “Hey, we could make this more of the good and divine.”  If you deplete, exhaust, and sacrifice yourself like a martyr, you could have done greater.  You could have replenished, restored, renewed and then had another good day.  Consider that it is a long-distance approach.  It’s not giving everything out today and then you are done. You can take it that far, into that extreme.  You are designed to renew, restore and replenish.  That is how we are designed to a point.  Then, at some point, there is nothing that can keep us here.

I look at that as a great big hint.  We are not designed to stay in this world.  Nobody.  What’s that about?  I’d say we’re not really from this world.  This is not our world.  What are we doing here?  It’s a fair question.  We are learning what we need to learn.  Some of that is just pure experience.  What happened?  What is the meaning of it?  The meaning is when you learn to use that.  Then we develop.  If we survive or work it out, we get through this day to see another day.  That drive is in people that want to live to see another day, to see another breath. If you’ve ever had that impulse to get your next breath with all your might – whatever you have to do – an experience of power comes from somewhere.  You wonder, “Where did I get that power?”

There are a lot of stories where something happens where on the other side of it, people understand they could have passed from this world.  They sometimes have experiences of, “I did pass from this world.  Then I realized I could go back, do more and have a whole different attitude about it.  I’ve seen and had a glimpse of what is on the other side of this world.  I saw I still had an opportunity to continue.”  They knew about a part of who they are and their destiny.  When they come back, they are more on purpose for what they are here for.  It is to take care of themselves, so they now can take care of others.  It’s a natural progression.

There is plenty to do to help.  If you want to help people and make a better world, there are endless opportunities.  Some people get caught in it, as if it is their responsibility to save the world.  “There will not be one hungry person today,” you might think.  I don’t know if that is your responsibility.  If you understand the karma that people are going to learn from being hungry or starving, they will learn from that experience.  You may say, “Well that’s too severe.  That’s not fair.  I don’t agree with that.”  Maybe one day when you find out you are not your body and neither are they, you’ll understand it’s something you use to have experiences from which to learn.

When you get in Spirit, there is no pain or suffering.  That is not the way of Spirit.  We get to mess up the way with all kinds of things that don’t work or complicate or make big messes.  But the way is still present.  We are not lost.  Let’s say we are in some place we don’t belong.  There are better places.  This is not the way.  You’ve had enough of that, so get on the way.  How would you do that?  Love yourself.  Love others.  Pretty simple.  Then love the creation itself.  How would you love that?  For some it’s as if that is not possible.  “You’re supposed to hate that thing.  Everybody hates that.”  That is not true when we meet up with this consciousness of God.  It reveals itself and It’s not invisible or silent.  It is going to say, “I love everything, including you, and always have.”  If you are open to seeing it, you’ll see it.  You’ll see that it’s not in the words, it is in the truth of it.

You come from where it is God’s domain, and you are a full inheritor.  Once you are on to that, it becomes a natural seeking to fulfill what you came here to do.  That is so you can gain access to what truly fulfills who you are to be. One in the creation and integrated with it.  How do we do that while we are in this world?  It’s very simple.  Love our creator and all creation and then understand we are the curator of love, light and blessings.

Baruch Bashan

Blessing of All of the Creation

Thank you, Lord,

for preparing the way for all of us one more time,

and that You bring us in.

And You also allow us to bear witness

to what You are doing in our midst,

so we can actually see You doing the work,

preparing the way and also clearly calling us forward

so we are those actively doing the work,

doing it in ways that we know are completely attuned

and alive in Your presence.

We give the praise all the way to the source we know as God.

And we also recognize and acknowledge our choosing back,

our commitment, our dedication,

that we become one with You in this work,

that it is the love of God

and the love of God that’s shared with all the creation.

We see this in a very beautiful way.

Thank you.

Baruch Bashan


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