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Grace Tithing: Giving Up to Grace

For you to want to manipulate the physical world indicates that you haven’t found the spiritual place within where you exist as a total creative form.

The one who has “got it” could not care less about manipulating anything because they see the total picture of how everything is on schedule.

They sit back in a very relaxed state, and Spirit pours through them and brings to them everything they need, and people say that they lead a charmed life. No, they lead a very relaxed life. They don’t get irritated or upset by things.

It’s really a nice day when you can sit by yourself and not have any problems.

When you do that, then you’ll find out that you were also the source of your problems. And all the people you blamed for being your problem were only reflecting to you your state of imbalance.

John-Roger, D.S.S.

There certainly seems to be plenty of reasons to be tense or worried these days, as a glance at world news would attest. However, as travelers on the Soul transcendence journey, we have a myriad of other, more expansive, options.

When it comes to the spiritual principles of abundance and prosperity, the very act of tithing, seeding, and grace tithing is an act of letting go and of consciously putting our lives into God’s hands. The miracles then can unfold in our lives without our interference.

Grace is given by God, and when we receive that, we become full. When we go into our heart where the Beloved dwells, then we not only have the grace and we’re full, but we’re great and we’re full.

The heart does not say “I.” The heart does not speak. The heart gives out and manifests the loving nature.

The loving heart, the spiritual heart, is the place to be. When that is unlocked and is unfolding, if it pats you on the back or kisses you on the forehead, then you should thank God from your very being that it happened, because the loving nature is the key to all things.

From The Rest of Your Life by John-Roger, D.S.S., with Paul Kaye

Grace and gratitude have the same Latin root word, gratus. When we are stuck, in our mind or in a situation, we can tell ourselves, “Be open to grace.”

When we seed, many times what we receive far exceeds our expectations—an example of grace at work. In such cases many people want to give back more to God, in gratitude. Such giving is called grace tithing.

A grace tithe has no obligation with it. It is not a law. It is giving to God out of pure gratitude — in thanks for, and in acknowledgement of, the grace and blessing of the harvest we have received.

The amount given is completely up to the individual. It is a pure and ecstatically joyful process, and when we do it, it opens our eyes to seeing even more grace in our lives. Grace starts to appear everywhere. Grace begets grace.

Every month at the Los Angeles world-wide MSIA ministers meeting there is an opportunity to seed with a wonderful guided seeding meditation. It is also a time to focus on the blessings we have received and to give thanks for that.

(We can also use this time to focus on the qualities we have chosen in the IIWP adopt-a-quality program).  It’s a reminder to increase our awareness and intention with the qualities we have chosen and a wonderful opportunity within the ministerial energy to reconnect to them.)

Then there is grace tithing. I don’t talk about it that much. I like to mention it every Christmas as we reflect upon the year at that sacred time.

With tithing, if someone gives us a hundred dollars, then we tithe $10 as our increase. That’s tangible and clear. But what if something in our life goes a lot more gracefully than it could have? A “disaster” or accident coming our way that was averted.

For example, I started the week with my car having a dead battery. The way that everything came together so gracefully, getting to an important appointment on time and getting the battery replaced, was beyond my expectations.

I was so grateful I wanted to give back to say thank you. I received something, an increase of sorts, it’s just that it was intangible. Grace tithing gives us that way to give. It’s a beautiful way to acknowledge the presence of grace in our lives and to say thank you to God.

The mechanics of grace tithing are the same as a regular Tithe – you make a tithe (online, by check, etc.) and the donation will show up in your annual donation statement.

Give up to grace. The ocean takes care of each wave till it gets to shore.

Jalal al-Din Rumi


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