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The Calling Inside


Jay Winston.

Let’s see…..I believe it was the Spring of 1977, and I had decided to move from New York to LA to be closer to MSIA, and in particular, to J-R.  I had this calling inside to be closer somehow, and so I said my goodbyes to my family, friends, etc., expecting to live in LA.

My car was so filled that I could not see out of my rear view mirror. I decided to drive long hours to get there as soon as I could, and so I found myself driving all night one night in the Southwest somewhere and saw the sun rise. I suddenly became so sleepy that I opened the window on the driver’s side so that I wouldn’t fall asleep.  I even began gently slapping my face in order to stay awake! There were no hotels/motels in sight, just a long stretch of road in front of me, and it seemed as if it went on forever.

For some reason, it did not occur to me to pull over and sleep, and so I continued on.  There was a ravine on the driver’s side of the road, as I remember, that had a deep drop that would have serious consequences if a car were to accidentally stray off the road.

And so I feel asleep, traveling at a high speed.  I awoke to a loud voice telling me to get up (it was a loud shout).  It was not a millisecond too soon as I awoke to find myself heading for the precipitous embankment, and so I instinctively turned the wheel to avoid catastrophe without a split second to spare!  With a beating heart that almost jumped out of my chest, I pulled over realizing that I was spared because of that voice that awakened me in the moment that it was needed. Thank you J-R!!!!!

In those days I seemed to travel thinking that if I kept on going without stopping I would get there faster, so stopping to ask directions was something I did when I was low on gas. So I finally arrived in LA with all of the freeways suddenly appearing out of nowhere requiring me to make a decision to either turn this way or that (I cannot understand why I was like that in those years as I look back….it was in the days before cell phones, roadmaps were the way to go).

Anyway, as I get deeper and deeper into LA, and not knowing where I was going, taking this freeway and that, I finally decided to exit.  There was a gas station a block off the freeway, and it was then that I asked directions.  I found myself a block away from Prana! The chances of that happening must be infinitesimally small.

Love, Jay

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  1. Wow, such a great story! I can totally relate to resisting asking for directions or stopping my forward movement, something I’ve learned over the years as well. And that big voice has helped me on a number of occasions, too! How blessed we are to be awake and attentive.

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