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John Morton Cleansing the Temple

Attuning to Our Spiritual Consciousness


In the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness, we endeavor to catch up with the Spirit, to be fully conscious and aware in the Spirit because we already are that way.  The “catching up” part is getting our body and mind there. – John Morton

This article comes from a Soul Transcendence Seminar John gave on August 4, 2021.

Our life in the world is temporary, but our spiritual life is eternal.  In the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness, we endeavor to catch up with the spirit, to be fully conscious and aware in the spirit because we already are that way.  The “catching up” part is getting our body and mind there.

One of the signs we are functioning spiritually is that we can be flexible. We can go with what is, “steady as the north star.”  We know what that is, and it stays consistent.  We also need to be as “flexible as the wind” that can move in different directions with different levels of acceleration.  We can go in different ways, with differing cadences and drumbeats.

In the spirit, it’s a symphony.  It works in harmony.  As we go into a spiritual awareness, we could experience cacophony.  That is a way of saying there are sounds in the world that are discordant or inharmonious.  They are not in synchronicity with ways that flow freely according to the spirit.  When you come into the denser realities, the conditions that become the psychic-material nature, it makes it something like a “slow down” in sound.  It is a substance I would call more fixed, hardened, or solidified.

The psychic-material nature creates challenges to simply staying awake and conscious.  That is a challenge in and of itself, to stay awake when we are in some state of consciousness like drowsiness or sleep when it’s difficult to stay conscious.  It’s feeling tired.  That could be a temporary condition, like, “I’m tired of this.”  But if we do something fun and light, it’s, “I’m no longer tired.  I’m in the energy of finding the light.”  We have a phrase, “Make light of it.”  Lift the energy of what that is.  Even if it’s just emotionally or mentally, we do it.  We can look at it in a light, fun way.

The word “uplifting” is about being buoyant.  It has an energy that is free flowing.  It’s not caught up in something like, “What did you mean by that?” or “Are you insulting me? You don’t understand me.”  That could become mutual.  “I don’t understand you.  I don’t get you.”  If we go into the spiritual consciousness, I get you completely and you get who I am.

In the movement of spiritual inner awareness, we develop the ability to be attuned to our spiritual consciousness.  We also call that the soul.  The soul is the spiritual nature as it individualizes itself in our human beingness. Then there is a greater consciousness.  Some people call it the “oversoul,” the soul in everyone and everything.  That would be a very expanded soul consciousness.  As we are in that awareness, we would find it is always something above and beyond what’s here or present.  It needs to be in the movement because we want to grab it.  We could find it moves beyond our grasp.  Our grasping for spirit could come up empty.

How do we get in touch and ahold of the spirit?  We just open to it.  We let it come in because we are open to having the experience of spirit.  There is also the opportunity to be aware of the light and radiance that illumines. As we illumine, it allows us to see in greater acuity.  It is being able to see in great detail with clarity and focus.  The focus is not vague or blurred.  It is clarifying and it goes across dimensionality.  You would see that the clarity continues.

Beyond the second dimension, there are greater dimensions in the third, fourth and fifth dimensions.  The light would allow us to be clear in all these dimensions in ways that we experience and understand.  I would call that knowing what I see to completion.  I know I’m seeing entirely what this is.  I know what this is.  In that consciousness, we would be able to be in the physical or psychic dimensions and also be aware of the spiritual dimensions, as well as the qualities that differentiate them.  There are qualities to each dimension, each particular level.  As we move into those dimensions, we also become something different.

The idea is that we are evolving from what we already have in us as the seed of greatness.  One of those is what we call in MSIA, “soul transcendence.”  We are all destined to return to the soul realm.  We realize that we are not actually from this world.  We are visitors.  Some call it, “strangers in a strange land.”  We realize that we belong in a greater place.  That is definitely an understatement.  One way to measure it is how you experience it.

Regardless of where you are in your life today, how would you measure it?  Are you happy or unhappy?  Are you healthy or unhealthy?  Are you peaceful or in conflict?  Regardless of all those states that we experience, you can move into a spiritual awareness that transcends any of the negativity.  You can do that while you are in the physical body, whatever that body is.  Whatever lifetime it is, you can do that.  And part of it is, if you do it, you have the potential.

Do you realize that potential and put it into effect so that you are living and expressing as a spiritual being, with all the limitations that come with being human?  Some people call that our faults, the “wages of our sins” as the reason we are so limited.  Bad things come because of how we’ve lived, and our life brings about diminishing returns.  That is the view that our life would become of lessor quality and that we don’t live up to our potential. Sometimes people interpret that we’re in a state of ruin, that our life in on an irreversible trajectory like “going to hell in a handbasket.”  Just forget about that because that’s not much fun, is it?

Even if it is really tough for you, just realize that is not what you are to become.  That’s not your life or what is in your heart.  Be open to the idea that if you look in your heart, you’ll find it.  It’s not just hope.  It’s what you are to become.  It is the truth of who you are.  You are releasing the limitations that come in a form of negativity, so you live as a being who is full of light.  That is the kind of light that reveals all is good and divine.  The forms that appeared in the negative ways return to a nothingness.  They become nothing.

When we really get ahold of it, there was always “no thing,” nothing.  It was some kind of illusion.  If you don’t have that experience or it seems like not really possible, some kind of delusion, just give yourself an opportunity to look in your heart.  Sometimes, this is interpreted by people as, “In the heart of your heart, the heart of hearts.”

There is an eternal beauty in our consciousness.  That is always who we are, regardless of the outer form.  When we understand that, the outer form is being reduced, disintegrated into something lessor, so what is greater can appear when it appears.  It has been there all along as a stage in our progression.

In the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness, we move along that way.  We become more and more attuned to our spiritual nature as a natural awakening.  Does it require a teacher, guru, saint, avatar or whatever?  How I see that is, “No.”  It requires our creator, our God, and then whatever form God would meet up with us that could be our teacher, wayshower, guru, avatar, or saint.  Let’s consider it is not the outer form that matters.  It’s who we are and what we are to become.

As we meet up with whatever is here on our way, you have the opportunity to embrace what it is so that it becomes something sweet and beautiful.  It brings about peace and understanding.  Joy brings out something that in our heart of hearts we realize is what we really want.

The irony is that it has always been there.  Even if we haven’t realized it up to now, consider what we are really talking about is fully realized. Regard- less of our transgression or sins, it is held in the state that is eternal.  In the teachings we come across, not one soul is lost.  We may have lost our way in a conscious understanding.  We may be asleep to what we know inside of our awareness.  What is necessary is to awaken these aspects of who we are as a practice.  We call that “spiritual exercise.”  It is the exercise of allowing spirit to work.  As we find it and hold our focus, we learn how to come into cooperation.  We learn to be what I would call a “Hu-man,” or God man.  That is also the at-one-ment or atonement.

If we vibrate according to who we are spiritually, it has an energy that is completely integrated with all the layers.  We learn how to be in whatever the conditions are by allowing ourselves to be at one.  That’s another way to look at it – one moment.  It’s another way to understand how this works.  We are already in a consciousness that knows what it is.  We just act like it more and more.

The greatest key is loving.  No matter how many times you’ve heard that, claim that for yourself and say, “I know that I want that, that is my primary focus in life,” consider there is more you can do because it is always in movement.  There is greater loving in the movement and expansion.  As we do spiritual exercise, we are learning how to put ourselves into the movement.  It is also referred to as the sound current.  It is how sound moves like a live stream.  It is a sound that is moving and flowing.

As we become part of that as a conscious awareness, there is illumination and revelation.  There are keys we call the names of God.  They have been there all along.  It is a way to come into the consciousness of the Beloved that is in harmony with itself in every way.  That is an internal awareness. It’s an eternal consciousness.  As we learn how to let go and call ourselves forward into what is that sound and vibration, it also lets us become what that is regardless of conditions, circumstances or wherever we find ourselves.

Baruch Bashan

Blessing for Our Souls

Lord, at this time we present to You our souls, that we as initiates are open again
to claiming that which is Your promise unto us, that You sanctify us,
releasing us from anything that no longer serves.
We offer up Your name that it may be always heard. You give us Your sound,
resonating through all of our consciousness, throughout all of our existence.
We give thanks to the Christ
for fulfilling all that was necessary to be done, that the way has been prepared for all

souls to walk and know themselves as the Beloved that is You.
We are friends of the silence.
Those who are the silent ones are our brothers and sisters in spirit.
So, we give praise up to all those in every dimension who assist the Traveler and those who are the Traveler’s own.
We ask for that ability that would allow us to hear Your sound more clearly, more directly.
As we hear the sound that comes from God, we surrender ourselves that we may transcend.
We release our fears, we release our judgments, that we go free.
We give thanks for Your healing touch, Your hands, the embrace of Your love.
May we return it in kind ever more.

Baruch Bashan


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