Approaches Into Spirit

By: John-Roger, DSS

September 8th, 2021

Approaches Into Spirit


John-Roger, circa 1985.

"In reality all we are doing is awakening ourselves within each other. I awaken myself within your consciousness and you awaken yourself into my consciousness." - John-Roger

This article by John-Roger was first published in the Movement Newspaper, January 1985.

When the way into the spiritual realms is through the Light, it is not limited to any particular individual, idea or group.  We have about four and a half billion people on the planet and there are about four and a half billion ways to approach the spiritual consciousness.  It’s not a factor of where you are or who you’re with, it’s a factor of where you place your attention.  If your consciousness is placed within a Light action, you can be washing dishes or playing at the beach and you’ll be moving into Spirit. When you can accept the Spirit in whatever situation you find yourself, you will be awakening to that energy.

The difficulty begins when our mind creates diversions and we buy into them.  Soon thereafter we forget that we are the sons and daughters of God and children of Light.  We lose sight of the sacred promise and our spiritual heritage and are unable to recognize that there have been many Christs on the planet.  Each of them have had a similar message: “Come and I’ll show you the way,” but we lost sight of the Christ action within us.  Each person on the planet is the Light of the world, but some recognize it more than others.

When we reach out and treat our neighbor with kindness and love and consider another person’s feelings, then we approach others with forgiveness; we experience our love returning to us.  Knowing this, we continue to turn around and neglect to forgive ourselves.  We then become the recipient of our least compassion.

We have a right to grow and express ourselves without concerns about anyone else’s inventory.  It is not necessary to tell others what’s good or bad, nor if we find them ugly or pretty in our opinion.  If another person asks us for help, we can give it, just short of stopping their growth.  If you’re not sure when you’ve reached a point of too much help, then I would suggest not helping them too much.  We have choices available to us in our lives.  Each individual has a unique way that is perfect for them.

I have never known a normal approach into the spiritual consciousness, however, I know there are many natural approaches.  Often they appear so natural that a person’s consciousness can be moved into a state of Soul consciousness and they don’t realize it.  Gradually as they awaken to it, they feel as though everything around them has changed, when in fact nothing has changed.  They begin to see things clearly and can perceive directly what is going on.

Often when I’ve told people that I perceive things directly it isn’t always understood.  I’ve had people respond, “Well, don’t we all perceive directly?”  No, most of us are perceiving through a mask of illusions, through our habits, our conditioned responses, our karma, or how we want other people to perceive us.  When we try to get people to see us differently than we are, we limit others from seeing us clearly.  Illusions are the nature of the physical body.

Only in Soul consciousness do you perceive things clearly.  There are no illusions in Soul consciousness and you see things as they are.  It is very difficult to bring that higher perception into a mental, emotional, or physical consciousness.  Below the Soul you’re working in a field of illusion, and if what I say comes from the Soul level your illusions may block you from hearing it.  At a later time your consciousness may lift above the illusions and immediately you say, “Right, I see that!” and the understanding appears.

Most spiritual teachers approach the higher consciousness through the Light and are adept at explaining that to you.  Once the Light touches to you, in a fraction of a second, it can move you into tears or jubilation.  The Light can shake you every way but loose.  It strips away all your facades and allows you to see exactly what’s there.  Often when you have removed your false images, you are given a spiritual promise.  This is not meant for you to become a missionary or go pounding on doors.  That would only be inflicting yourself on others.  It is a time for you to hold the Light.  You can go your own way and continually ask for the Light to be present.  So wherever you are, even if no one else has asked for the presence of the Light, you’ll know that you have.

When it comes to the Sound, most spiritual teachers won’t know how to connect you with the Sound Current.  You can only be connected to the Sound Current by someone who has that connection.  You can consciously live without the Light, but once you’ve partaken of the Sound, a heavenly music that goes right through your body, you can’t live without it.  The Light is sometimes described as angel’s food and there is an old saying, “Man may eat of angel’s food and die.”  You can know the Light and still incarnate back onto the planet, but once you have been connected to the Sound you have broken that consciousness which can incarnate you back.

In reality all we are doing is awakening ourselves within each other.  I awaken myself within your consciousness and you awaken yourself into my consciousness.  If I have a higher level of consciousness than you, then you are especially blessed.  And when you awaken yourself inside someone with a less evolved consciousness than you, it becomes your blessing to them.  If we want to bless someone, it’s very important that we go to the highest level of consciousness we can to receive the blessing from Spirit. As they shed Light, love, peace and harmony upon us, we can lift with them.  If anyone asks what a new age action is – it is lifting in Spirit together.

Baruch Bashan


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