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John-Roger on PATIV in 1984 in Israel

Who Was Jesus Christ?

In that time when He first entered onto the planet as a baby – many people would say, “When this phenomenon took place” – the birth was a phenomenon. Nothing else at the time was quite so phenomenal as when this Baby was brought forward and people saw the ministry of angels coming forward. – John-Roger

This article by John-Roger was originally published in an MSIA publication called “On the Light Side” in March of 1972.

We often wonder who this man was, Jesus the Christ. And I’d like to give you a thumbnail sketch. Many people have had many ideas about what this particular person looked like and what this particular person acted like and who this particular person was. But I had the pleasure to be in that company in another dispensation of time. And it’s as real sometimes as where I sit now, in this moment. Many things have been said from the pulpit about this man, who was indeed a MAN but who was overshadowed by the Christ. Here was a man who had a perfect love relationship with the entire world, a perfect love. Can you imagine a perfect love with everything that existed, even to the time He was walking down the road and saw the carcass of a dog that was decaying. He looked at the teeth and said, “Look how beautifully the teeth shine.” Others saw the decay and smelled the stench, but the perfect love manifested the perfect beauty. And as we enter into our own Christ Consciousness within — because it is within every one of us — we are stirred into seeing this beauty as it is represented in this present time.

Here was a man who was in one moment so tender that the most beautiful music was coarse in comparison, and yet here was the same man who was so rugged and stern that the mightiest oak tree would be nothing compared to Him. Can you imagine the dimension of someone who can come forward, in one moment, and clean and cleanse a temple and the next moment go and raise the dead? Such dimension to be so volatile in one moment and then so giving in another moment. To everything He touched He gave of His Light Spirit. And in the few short years that you people have heard most about Him, He gave entirely of His life stream. This life stream was not only part of the Christ consciousness, but it was part of His own life stream. He had dedicated Himself into the highest form of Light that can ever be manifested or that ever will be manifested.

It’s interesting to remember the times when He walked the roadway. I don’t think people ever consider the idea of a man who could walk along the road and get dusty feet and yet was a God, a God in manifestation. And yet, those with Him seemed to get very dirty along the road but all He seemed to get was dusty. It’s a manifestation of the Spirit that He was able to move the things back from Him that He no longer needed. We walk along the road way and we get pretty dirty as we pick up that which is around us. But here is a man who so loved that nothing was above or nothing was below His consciousness or His manifestation of that consciousness. He would wash His own disciples’ feet. He would feed them. When all were asleep He would take their robes and wrap the robes around them to keep them warm. He worked with the people who needed the work. Many times He was to be captured and put away by the religious groups, and many times they came after Him, but so many times were they thwarted that this particular manifestation becomes a miracle. They would reach out for Him and He wasn’t there. If He wanted to be surrounded and incarcerated He had the consciousness to do it. And if He didn’t, nothing could harm Him.

He traveled all over the known world at that time. He traveled everywhere. And it’s interesting that some of those who were called forth as disciples traveled with Him in company long before they were called forth as disciples to assist Him in His Open ministry in what we call the Holy Land, which is indeed a Holy Land because it has a central vortex of force that comes right up through the earth.

There are so many things that could be told of that thirty-three year period when this man went through more torment and more agony than you can ever imagine. His initiations into the various aspects of His ministry before He started ministering were so beautiful to behold that unless you could understand and see what was brought forward, for the most part, you would not know His way because only those people who have eyes to see and ears to hear will know of the Light in its ministry. Those who are part of the central earth will not know of this ministry through the Christ consciousness. They will know of the ministry of the Christ when they are in another dimension. When they are taught in that dimension, the agony of their consciousness will be to look back on this planet and see where they could have grown so much more rapidly here in this consciousness because here in this level we have such tremendous freedom. When we step into another dimension, into another kind of consciousness, we’re restricted much more by those laws because only on this planet do we have that contingency of freedom.

It’s so interesting to think back, to see a man walking down the road as the dust is gathering and it’s twilight time. It’s also interesting that the company of Jesus got very hungry. They didn’t have anyone to carry food for them and they appeared to be at the mercy of the people, but they really weren’t, because within the land where the ministry was taking place, were groups of what we might call “Lightworkers”. They belonged to various sects. Among them were the Essenes and Nazarenes. And as they would go into these areas everything was taken care of for them. When you stop to figure it out, this was a tremendous work that was laid down in such an ordered fashion and in such an ordered way that you would think it would take a general with a tremendous staff to have set this up. And yet, in a moment of consciousness, these things were brought forward because always and forever, wherever He went, the Light moved ahead of Him and always and forever, the way was prepared to do what He wanted to do.

In that time when He first entered onto the planet as a baby – many people would say, “When this phenomenon took place” – the birth was a phenomenon. Nothing else at the time was quite so phenomenal as when this Baby was brought forward and people saw the ministry of angels coming forward. Needless to say, those years until His open ministry were years of intense study that very few people know about. He traveled under the name of Joseph, and if you would see the registers of the various mystery schools around the world you would see Joseph and His company registered there. He was initiated into the mystery schools when He went into Persia and into Egypt, and He even went into China. So you see, when you stop to think about this particular man, He was indeed a world traveler and if we could do it without punning, we could also say, a mystical traveler because wherever he went, the Spirit of the Christ Light went with Him. He was overshadowed just about the age of thirty with the Office of the Christ and this was only after He had fulfilled all that was set before Him that He was to do – all. From the moment of His first breath He was in school to manifest this Christ action, to become the logos of the planet, the God incarnate.

It’s such a fantastic thing to have this type of action take place that we don’t realize within our conscious mind what this is. The same air that was being breathed by this great man, and others since, is still being breathed by each one of us, and we are indeed part, in more ways than you can imagine, of this particular action of the Light as it comes across the planet. We can refer to the Light as the “Christ Light” but we can also refer to the Light as being a universal energy source that comes from the Supreme God and this covers every race, religion, creed, or what-have-you. It’s all part of the divine action that is brought forward.

I’ll tell you about the time when Jesus was with the sheep in the field. It was not a parable that one sheep was lost and He went to find it. This was taken from His own personal experience of searching for the lost sheep. And when He found this lost sheep and brought it back, He realized the symbology of what had taken place and therefore, He reached out within the parable to show that not one soul will be lost – even to the little sheep who doesn’t know what’s going on and gets lost in the throes and the thickets of our civilization. A worker of Light will search this one out and bring it back to the fold.

Jesus referred to himself as a worker of Light and he referred to himself as the Son of Man. We asked Him, “What do you mean when you say ‘the Son of Man’? He answered, “I am the ‘Self’ of Man, the ‘Self’ of all mankind, the great inner knowledge, this is what I am.” And when you think of this, it makes so much more sense than to say “the Son of Man”. The Self of Man is the Christ that is in every person, every one. Jesus manifested it to such a high degree of glory that He became that which is the Light.

To be initiated into some things is one action, but to manifest the initiation is another action. There have been many Christs on the planet, but there have only been a few that were able to manifest the Christ in its highest glory and its highest manifestation. And since this is true, we have to say – many are called but few choose because you may be chosen to represent the Light but then you must also choose in return because it’s never, ever given to you but that you say, “Lord, I am ready; here I am,” and then the Light comes to you. By presenting yourself in a position of acceptance, you go towards the Light and as this enters into your life, as we’ve heard on many levels of consciousness, it can change you. If can lift you. It can bring you up. It can purify you. There’s just nothing that I know of that the Light can’t do. I haven’t seen anything yet that could not be done through this Light. We’re all part of this focus and as we bring forth our greater and greater Light we are indeed doing it the way Jesus taught – not when He said, “Forgive them, Father, for they know not what they do.” He was seeing to the time when the teachings of the Christ would be perverted and corrupted through the thousands of years since His death.

And now we must come back to some of the most simple aspects that were brought forward in that time. These aspects have been brought forward in many times and in many places but much like little children, after we’re told something over and over or after we repeat it many times, all of a sudden we say, “Oh, I get it.” After we’ve heard it a hundred times, we get it. That’s fine – as long as we get it. If it takes a thousand times, we do it a thousand times. We manifest the Light as many times as is necessary. How many times do we forgive our neighbor? Seven times seventy. And that’s just a start because we bring the Light in as a continuing process – continuing – never ending – never. Even as we shift consciousness from this body that we are in now, to another form of consciousness, it is never ending that we bring this Light to everyone around us.

Baruch Bashan

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