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Working Within the Action of the Christ

The Light of the Christ is recognized by your own Christ Light within.  It can’t be recognized any other way.  Everyone carries the Christ Light, but some are more cognizant of that Light and are able to recognize and manifest that Light more completely. – John-Roger

This article by John-Roger was originally published in an MSIA publication called “On the Light Side” in April of 1972.

Much has been written and much has been said about Jesus, the Christ, and many people have tried to interpret the action of the Christ.  We tend to sit here, in this contemporary time, and say, “If I’d lived in that time, I wouldn’t have been the one who crucified Jesus.  I would have known better.  What a stupid thing to do, to kill Jesus.”

And yet, how would we recognize the Christ if he appeared tomorrow?  How would we know him?  What would he have to say and what would he have to do?  Would he come in robes and sandals and long hair?  Would he walk on the water?  Would he come and feed the multitudes with one or two fish?  How is he supposed to return?  What is the preconceived idea of what will take place?

We sometimes say that we’re waiting for the Christ to return.  Will he return in glory?  And, if so, what kind of glory?  The glory he had before?  Remember, they crucified him last time.  Many people did not recognize Jesus as being the Christ.  They did not recognize the Spirit as it flowed through him.  But, if the Christ returned today, those who would recognize him would know him in the same way that the disciples of Jesus knew that he was the Christ.  Those people who are aware of the Christ Light can recognize this Light in another.

One time Jesus asked Simon Peter,  “Who do you say that I am?”  And Peter answered, “You are the Messiah.”  And Jesus said, “Flesh and blood did not reveal this to you, but my Father, who is in heaven” (Matthew 16:13-16). (And Jesus also said, “The kingdom of heaven is within.”  So the Father, the Spirit, must be within each person).  So that Spirit that bore testimony to the Christ Spirit in Jesus was a lesser consciousness of the Christ Spirit within Peter himself.

The Light of the Christ is recognized by your own Christ Light within.  It can’t be recognized any other way.  Everyone carries the Christ Light, but some are more cognizant of that Light and are able to recognize and manifest that Light more completely.  Jesus manifested the highest awareness pattern on the planet, the awareness of this Light.

The twelve stages of consciousness, which are represented by the disciples, are within each one of us, and at some time we have portrayed each stage, each level.  The disciples were just men, as we are just men.  They were very much attached to their own consciousness, their own patterns of behavior, their own emotions and needs and desires.  And the consciousness of each one could manifest in a negative or a positive way.  Power and energy can be used to destroy or it can be used to create and build.  The power of criticism and fault finding can be used for praise and upliftment.  Critical judgment can be used to point out what is wrong in a situation or what is right.

The consciousness of each disciple, in the time of Jesus, was changed and altered from the negative aspect into the positive aspect as Jesus brought the Light to each one of them.  And, as the Light flowed through them, these things which were negative were reversed in polarity and became positive.  And we can change in just the way that they changed, by the same action of the Light of the Christ.  The action of the Christ was demonstrated through the action of the disciples.  The ability of Jesus to work with the Light, to change and alter their consciousness through the action of the Light, demonstrated that he was indeed the Christ, that he was able to manifest the consciousness of the Christ.

We know that the common denominator for the company of Jesus was the Holy Spirit — that power which reached in and wove them together to set up one of the greatest forces of mankind, twelve people, dedicated, evolved through history.  The Christ, manifesting through Jesus, brought the Light through to each one of the disciples and brought about those changes in their consciousness which lifted them into the consciousness of one, the One that we all know, who is the Christ.  And we know this: flesh and blood doesn’t reveal it to us, but the Father that is in heaven, the inner Spirit testifies this to each of us.

The miracles of Jesus were not really miracles.  He said, “These things that I do, you also will do and even greater” (John 14:11-13). He promised this to us.  He made us heirs to his Kingdom of Light, not the worlds of illusions but the pure realms of the Spirit.  Each one of us will inherit the throne if we follow the Light and the way of the Light, which is the Holy Spirit.

I think that everyone of us have manifested or do manifest the consciousness of these disciples.  At one time we may be shifting and then we become very solid.  Sometimes we doubt and sometimes we are very firm in our faith and our knowledge.  Sometimes we are very quiet and sometimes we can teach a beautiful lesson of Light to others.

If we have a chance to manifest the consciousness of any one of the disciples, then we might want to choose to express the positive aspects – the dedication, the brotherhood, the sacrifice, the divine love, the purity, the power of the Light, and the humility that allows us to accept the Light and work within the action of the Christ.

Light and Love,

Watch a Moment of Peace with John-Roger and Mother Teresa

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  1. So beautiful to see this meeting between JR and Mother Theresa. Thank you for sharing it. Much loving, Barry Clark

  2. Thank you for this article on the Action of the Christ—JR came here to activate each of us into this Light. (More articles this this one please. The Practical spirituality and health,wealth,happiness is not the main message of JR but seems to be published as if it was.)

  3. So beautiful,have watched it so many times and it always touches my heart.
    I am so grateful to have the chance to see it again.
    Thank you so much.

  4. I have watched this many times as it so reaches my heart and remains in my memory, Love and serving are it’s beautiful message. Thank you so much.

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