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Gratitude at the Travelers Living Center Nigeria

Our third Sunday combined service, which was held today Sunday 20th February 2022 @ the Travelers Living Centre (TLC), was a great success. Theme: “GRATITUDE: AN ATTITUDE OF SUCCESS” (Public Class). Hence, the Travelers energy present was magnificent and the turn up was very impressive.

The beautiful gathering that started by 10am was brought to a closure by 1pm. We had also agreed to be doing group light planting and planetary healing every 3rd Sunday. So, sequel to the class we all came out of the hall for our planetary healing meditation.

Pictures taken during the class are attached for your perusal and enjoy.

Love and Light,

Prince Iwuoha

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2 thoughts on “Gratitude at the Travelers Living Center Nigeria”

  1. Thank you beautiful people in Nigeria gathering together in genuine love and peacefulness.

    Thank you for your every blessed thought, sharing, illuminating your souls.

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