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The Angel of Liberation

We’re all going to meet in the same plateau of consciousness at some point. When you’re there, you’re going to realize that the angel of life delivered you there, and you’re going to be thankful for that. If you’re going to do that THEN, you might as well start doing it NOW. – John-Roger

This article was first published in the New Day Herald in November  of 1997.  It is information that John-Roger shared at the PTS Master of Spiritual Science Program graduation on June 26, 1997.

Around New Year’s Eve, we often see in newspapers or magazines a picture of “death.” He comes in a big black cloak, and whatever is in there is horrendous. He carries a big scythe, and he’s going to reap, which means to cut down very indiscriminately. When we go to die, we think, “I don’t want that dude coming after me. I never worshiped him. That terrible thing is my future, and he’s there, staring at me, like, ‘Wait till I get ahold of you.'”

With that picture in our minds, it’s no wonder that we fight to hang on to this lifetime on this earth, so we don’t have to put up with that dude, wherever he’s going. And we know inside we’re going to hell. Except we know we’re not. But we know we are. Except we know we’re not. Well, those thoughts keep cycling around inside of us.

I want to tell you that there actually is an angel of death, but that angel of death is not known as the angel of death in the Spirit world. He’s the angel of liberation. He’s the angel of freedom, the angel of expanding consciousness, the angel of greater and greater opportunity. And you have to pass the test. Shall I tell you what the test is? You walk up to him, with all your diamonds, rubies, jewels, Cadillacs, and fur coats, and he sends you straight on down the left side into hell. Those who are smart start throwing their stuff away before they get there. But he can still see that they’re attached to it, so they get to reincarnate back; in other words, they go back on earth.

In some churches, you’ve got to be married in their temple and pay all your dues to the church in order to be saved into the kingdom of heaven, but there is no principle in religion that states that. You can’t buy your way into the kingdom of heaven by materiality. You CAN “buy” your way into heaven by your spirituality, but you can’t just say, “Oh, I’m spiritual.” You can’t fool the angel of the Lord who comes to liberate you. The angel looks at you and says, “Well, I see what you think you’ve done. You get to go over here, where Traveler people go.” Then the Lord of the realm may look at you and say, “No, you just B.S.’ed everybody. You were deceitful and you lied, and we can see it still in your spirit. You incarnate back.”

You might say, “But I’m an initiate of the Traveler.”

“No, you were INITIATED, but you were never an INITIATE, because an initiate does these things–the spiritual exercises. Initiated just is initiated.”

I can initiate a dog or a rabbit or a monkey. You have to understand, there’s a different calling placed upon people who are initiated and also become initiates. They’re the ones who LIVE this whole idea. In MSIA, we come forward with initiations into the Sound Current, the method that God himself set up. It goes back into other universes, and it’s as powerful now as the day that it was spoken.

A lot of you have been aware that we have people in the Movement who have been very, very sick and in the hospital, and they look like they’re getting ready to make their transition to another place. Our ministers–and a lot of them are PTS graduates–have been going to see our friends, praying and doing communion. The person always perks right up, comes alive, and is vital, and the visitors say, “This person isn’t close to dying.” But nobody is there twenty-four hours a day, so we don’t get to see the time where it hurts. Very few of us get to see the time when somebody hurts.

Imagine that you’re sick in your body, and that one more breath is excruciatingly painful. You hope that you don’t have to take it, but you’re afraid if you don’t, you’ll die. But if you take it, it will be so painful, you’ll wish you would die. What a dilemma. Then in comes the angel of liberation and life (who has been called the angel of death), and that angel says, “I’ll take all that from you now.” All the pain leaves, and you’re filled with the warmth of something wonderful. It’s like juices of electricity moving in your body, and you’re filling up. You feel free, you feel great, you feel wonderful. You look down and ask, “What’s that there on the bed?”

The angel says, “That was your body,” and you think, “God! Who would live in that?” That’s like us looking down and watching a bear pull a log apart. There are these grubs running around, and the bear picks them up and eats them with relish. Most of us would say, “Oh, God, not me.” So here comes the angel of life and life eternal and life everlasting. When you–as an initiate–are freed by the angel of life, you’re moved over into the Sound Current. The Sound Current is all-pervasive, and you can also be in it more directly. It’s like this: the air in this room is all-pervasive, but if you want to smell the roses, they’re right here, and so you have to get in the area where you can smell them; then you’re drawn in. It’s like that with the Sound Current, and all you have to do is just listen. You can hear it, follow it, and go into the spheres of heavenly glory. It’s wonderful to see people who are doing this while they’re alive–doing s.e.’s and having experiences of that heavenly glory.

Peace Theological Seminary and College of Philosophy is probably going to become one of the better-known, if not the best-known, theological seminaries and colleges of philosophy in the United States, if not the world. This is because we’re doing and teaching a wisdom and a way to access it and to move through consciousness. Eventually, the technique of how you get to it will be known inside of you automatically, and then you’ll just be into it and working it.

People say, “Can I find enlightenment on this path?” and I tell them, “Yes, absolutely. I can guarantee you enlightenment. If you will follow these principles of initiation and Soul Transcendence, you will get it.”

They ask, “Does that mean I will get to know anything I want to know?” No, it doesn’t mean that. It means you’ll have wisdom. Enlightenment is wisdom. It isn’t the ability to peek your nose into other people’s business. That’s messing with their karma. You don’t get that, not at all.

“Well, then, how do I get enlightenment?” You start walking and talking as an enlightened being. The principles have been placed there with you, and you can see them, and as you start to do it, the karma drops off.

You might ask, “Well, do enlightened people die right away?” No, they generally live rather a long time. Why? Because they’re keeping themselves out of the areas that are poison or toxic to their nature, and they’re bringing themselves and their behaviors in line with where they are going spiritually. But some people still say, “Can’t I have marijuana once in a while?” Sure, you can have it all day long if you want it. I won’t do it. And I’m not going to be doing it with you or hanging around if you do it. Why? I understand the effects of second-hand smoke.

In MSIA, we’re getting you to know that there are these different levels of consciousness. I’ve talked about them for decades, and people are writing me and saying, “You know, you’re right. Thirty years ago, you said. . . .” I knew it was right when I said it. I also knew one day that you would know that it was right when YOU said it, and I have a lot of patience for you to know it and say it in your own time.

We’re all going to meet in the same plateau of consciousness at some point. When you’re there, you’re going to realize that the angel of life delivered you there, and you’re going to be thankful for that. If you’re going to do that THEN, you might as well start doing it NOW.

Baruch Bashan.

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