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MSIA Presidency Update – April 2022

At the Los Angeles Ministers Meeting on Sunday, March 27, 2022, Paul announced that David Jaramillo had been appointed by the current MSIA presidency of Vincent Dupont, Mark Lurie and Paul Kaye, to the “succession presidency.” Understandably, many of you have asked what this means.

Let’s start with a review of what the current MSIA presidency is. Over thirty years ago Paul Kaye became the president of MSIA. Vincent became MSIA vice president and joined Paul and Mark as the three-person MSIA board of directors. We have been the board members and corporate officers of MSIA ever since.

At that time, in 1990, John-Roger suggested the three of us operate as a Presidency with Vincent and Mark being advisors to Paul, the president. Our approach is consensus leadership, i.e., we discuss and make decisions together as a presidency.

This format has worked remarkably well all these years though it does take a discipline of placing our emotions aside, getting all the necessary information, having clear and open communication with one and other, and making sure that our priority is listening to Spirit and the inner guidance of the Lord Jesus Christ and John-Roger.

Here is an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) to help clarify where we go from here.

What is the succession presidency?

Over ten years ago at a routine meeting with our church lawyer, he told us that our most important job in the coming years was our succession. Given his quiet and unassuming nature, his statement had a big impact on us and we took his advice to heart.

A quick google search of “succession planning” tells us that it is a process and strategy for passing on leadership. It is used to identify and develop new, potential leaders who can move into leadership roles and involves developing plans for them to assume those positions when they become vacant.

The idea is to ensure that we have the right people in the right jobs today, and in the years to come. When it is done correctly no one notices and it is smooth and seamless. Done badly, it’s a mess. It can compromise the organization, create uncertainty and stress for staff and people involved in the organization, and take years to clean up. It is the responsibility of the current presidency to ensure the smooth and seamless approach.

Who is involved in the succession presidency?

Jeffrey Morgan and Anna Sugai were appointed at our Conference 2018. They are both from the millennial generation and have the necessary skillset. Anna is a native of Brazil, is on MSIA staff and is fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese. She has a bachelor’s degree in psychology and is currently studying for her master’s in business administration.

Jeffrey has been a member of our Los Angeles MSIA community his entire life. He also speaks French and some Spanish, is a licensed California attorney, and works in operations and business development for Sony Pictures Television. He is also part of the board of Insight Seminars. Although committed to his work and family, he has continued to deliver meaningful impact for multiple departments across MSIA and remains a dedicated and hard-working volunteer.

David Jaramillo was born in Cali, Colombia, has an accounting degree, has been on MSIA staff for over 11 years, and is very familiar with the distribution of our products, including our digital content. He also heads our Registration Team.

Does the succession presidency have a legal corporate role?

The succession presidency has no legal responsibilities for MSIA at this time.

Got it. So when is all this taking place?

It is actually taking place now. Jeffrey, Anna, and David are not waiting in the wings. They have been tasked with shaping MSIA into the organization that is ready and prepared for the future they will inherit when they take on a more official role. This is something they are actively involved in.

Where does John Morton fit in all this? Why is he not part of the succession presidency?

John Morton currently holds the keys to the Mystical Traveler Consciousness and is the Spiritual Director of MSIA, which includes Peace Theological Seminary and College of Philosophy, Peace Awareness Labyrinth and Gardens, the Institute for Individual and World Peace, and the Heartfelt Foundation. John’s role is a spiritual one. The presidency’s role is an administrative one.

John-Roger purposely set up the structure so the spiritual director role would not be burdened with day-to-day administrative duties. The presidency meets with John on a regular basis to seek his counsel, ask for his Light on current matters, and keep him informed of MSIA’s multiple activities.

What about John’s succession plans?

That is entirely in John and Spirit’s hands and is for John to address.  He has talked about it in seminars from time to time.

Does all this mean that the current presidency is going to be retiring soon?

Mark, Vincent and Paul have no immediate plans for retirement. We are all healthy and more enthusiastic about MSIA and the teachings than ever. However, with the passage of time, we know that will not always be the case. When it comes to the point that one of us needs to step down, one of the succession presidency will step up. And you now know who that will be.

In other news, a long-time MSIA initiate and minister called the other day asking if there was a way we can neutralize nuclear weapons in the world.  With the recent world events, this has been more on everyone’s mind. In perfect timing, an article by J-R “Peace Is Cessation of Againstness” just came out in the New Day Herald. In it, J-R shares:

Peace is not a static condition; it’s a very active condition. It is a cessation of againstness, where we’re no longer against or fortifying as much as we’re moving forward to. Then, if a number of people go in the same direction and everyone holds the same focus of peace, great things take place in the environment.

A few years ago, I told people that if enough of us were to hold the Light or to chant our tones, we would make all nuclear weapons immobile. At the time I said that, we started doing it. Not only are they dismantling the weapons now but the secrecy is being exposed to the public so it can be cleaned up.

In addition, please check out John Morton’s article “Thoughts on Peace and a Call to Action”. It’s from May 2003 and is featured in the New Day Herald.

Please join us in praying for the blessing of peace to reach our world leaders, and sending Light to current global events.

Much love,

Paul, Vincent, and Mark

2 thoughts on “MSIA Presidency Update – April 2022”

  1. Corinne Kidd *

    Thank you for that very clear commentary on the process of bringing forward new talent to step into the Presidency roles when the time comes. I am so grateful how John-Roger looked for someone to step into the Mystical Traveler shoes, so we had continuity. I envision the process going very smoothly. Fabulous that Anna speaks 3 languages and Jeffrey speaks French too! That was new. And David also bilingual! What a team. God Bless Us all!

  2. Great explanation of the plans for the future of presidency. I am very glad that David is on board. He is an amazing, hardworking, kind and loving man. Light ahead to all.
    L&L Juliana Rose

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