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Bringing Forward God’s Blessings

Understand that it may be a little while longer, my beloved.  Hang in there and love yourself, nurture yourself and seek help. Go for it!  Do your best praying.  Be great at bringing forward God’s blessings. – John Morton

This article comes from a Soul Transcendence Seminar John Morton gave on January 12, 2022. The article concludes with a blessing he gave that day at the end of the seminar.

It is very simple to have the intention to send the light.  We call forward the light and presence of mercy and grace that would assist us, regardless of conditions.  Let’s say the conditions, including physical ones, are there for some purpose.  We put that in the light, on the karma that may be with someone or the situation.

When we do a blessing for someone or a situation, often the way of the Spirit is doing it for one is doing it for all.  Be open, as any of us may have something with the body, and whatever is coming on that is out of alignment, like an injury or any condition.  It could be a disease, or neurological, with tissues, glands, or parts of the body.

Whatever it is, we are sending light to all of it.  We can do that very particularly to what is needed so it is serving the highest good.  It is always important to place the light for the highest good.  That is when the most can be done for healing, clearing, and allowing restrictions or conditions in the negative form to be released and transmuted.  We are holding for that.

If it is something for you to work out in your personal karma relating to taking care of yourself, you are going to need to take care of yourself.  Are you willing to do that?  Do the best you can.  That’s a great attitude. Amazing things can come from a great purpose because we are choosing to line up with God’s purpose.  There may be a part of you that doesn’t like it, or feels tired and frustrated, because there are conditions that come in the body that hurt like hell.  They disrupt things.  Maybe you can’t hold a fork to put food in your mouth because of spasms.  Then there is a mess on the floor.  Whatever that is, embrace it and take it in at a level of trust that it is good, not bad.

Whatever is going on is something for you, not against you, even if the way it came in is a negative karma.  Let’s consider that negative karma is over.  It’s finished!  And that is what you are doing.  We are clearing it at the level it can be cleared.

Some things may come in so you can choose to get assistance from others who are “gifted.”  They are gifted as a helping consciousness, caretakers, doctors, therapists and even ninjas or shamans.  Be open to following the mysterious ways God would bring forward to help you.  If your mind says, “That’s not possible” or “That doesn’t make any sense,” let it in anyway.

Be open to what that is. Sometimes that can be rather interesting.

For example, would you go to a particular beach? Perhaps you haven’t been there in ten years, but something is telling you, “I think I want to go there, and I don’t even understand why.”  Why don’t you just go there?  Take it one step at a time. It can be like that.  You may find yourself talking to someone at the checkout line at a store.  Something happens, and somehow by talking to that person, they say something that helps you.  You then realize, “Oh my God.  God is with me in this!”

Regardless of what it is, you will endure.  Have the willingness to endure and clear what you are here to clear in this lifetime as an initiate.  You will endure whatever.  Have the attitude that you are doing it.  You are cleared. You are done with it all.  Understand that it may be a little while longer, my beloved.  Hang in there and love yourself, nurture yourself and seek help. Go for it!  Do your best praying.  Be great at bringing forward God’s blessings.

Dear Lord, thank you for coming into our midst and that You bring company.  I am aware of all those who are richly assisting Spirit.  For those that are being revealed, even now, let us each – and all of us together – embrace Your grace.  The power that is in Your will is being done perfectly, that You provide whatever is needed.  Whatever is needed is already provided and prepared.

Then we place light with what is wanted so our thinking is free.  We can ask for the very best it can be, and we can make it specific in the ways we each do that.  We hold for one another.  We are giving our strength and wisdom.  We are giving what we have that in any way could assist and support.

It comes to us all as gifts.  Gifts that serve our soul and our life in this world.  It is done in the most beautiful joy, peace, and harmony for those who are willing, open, and prepared.  We can see it now, that consciousness we know as home.

Baruch Bashan

Watch a Blessing with John Morton:  Accepting the Lord’s Blessing

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  1. Hello,
    I’ve just listened to John Morton’s link above, “Accepting the Lord’s Blessing.” I found that the words are everything I believe, and so grateful they are acknowledged thru his vocalization. At closing of blessing, it sound as John Morton said one last phrase or word I didn’t recognize, possibly something in another language. Will you please tell me what that is and the origin, etc?
    Thank you,

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