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Work – Love Made Manifest

When you have done your work in this physical world, you have a sense of joy because work is your love being made manifest to other people.   – John-Roger

This article was first published in the Movement Newspaper, November 1973.

MSIA does not force discipline.  The Mystical Traveler Consciousness does not force discipline.  Sometimes it will bring to people a situation that will bring them into a high degree of selectivity, where they must first discriminate what their possible action will produce before they move.  And when a person is moving into this type of selectivity, discipline comes in as an automatic process.  You move from “I want it my way,” to “This is the way that will work best.”  And yet no “discipline” is placed because that is not the way of Spirit.

Spirit offers opportunities.  It offers many changes.  Not long ago I was traveling from the Middle East area to Europe in the company of some people who were consciously working in the Light Consciousness.  And some opportunities arose that allowed these people to move even beyond the point of selectivity and discipline into the area of selflessness, not the type where you say, “I know if I do something nice, it will come back to me” — that’s being selfish.  And selfishness will not bring you what you are after.  Selflessness says that you do not even know the reward for what you do, or if you did know, you would turn it down.

But traveling on the plane with us were nine Vietnamese orphans who were being taken from Vietnam to Paris to be adopted, and taking care of all of them was one young lady who was very exhausted.  The plane was held over fifteen hours in Bombay to repair a cracked windshield.  And of course, hotel accomodations were provided for many of the passengers, but the government wouldn’t allow these little children to come in; so they had to sleep on hard floors in the reception area of the airport for a period of some fifteen hours.  Then they were put back on the plane for the rest of the flight.  They were all sick and dehydrated.  They had had very little food.  And they were vomiting and had diarrhea so the food they were getting was not of much value to their bodies.  It would make your heart bleed just to look at them.  A couple of them looked like they weren’t going to make it.

But the “Light workers” all seemed to be drawn towards the back of the plane where these children were; and the only thing going for them was to be of service and to assist those less fortunate.  As the nurse bathed the children, she’d sort of pass them along; and everyone was very busy dressing them, and feeding them and LOVING them and helping to stabilize the Light in their consciousness.

One of the little guys was about six or seven months old, and he wasn’t expected to live.  I looked at his aura and it was really very depleted.  He was close to death.  So the action was then placed within the Consciousness of the Mystical Traveler, because the nurse had said “Yes, I do need help,” and I had said, “Okay,” it was possible to transmute, to change the probable path.

The other Light workers had said, “We want to be of service; we want to help.”  So the time appeared and the little one that wasn’t going to live needed great energy and strength.  I placed him with one of the Light bearers.  And that youngster who hadn’t had more than sixteen ounces of food in twenty-four hours, consumed probably two bottles of milk in a very short time.  He was keeping it down, too, and he was coming back strong.  He consumed a lot of Love and Light, too.  That one will probably out live them all.

But when we were getting ready to leave the plane in Paris, I went over and picked him up (he turned out to be my favorite because he was the “under-dog”), and I told him, “You’ll live now; you’ll be okay.”  And he just turned towards me and smiled.  At that moment, I just sort of dissolved in the love I felt for that child, and I felt so much joy and happiness that I was allowed to be of service, that I was allowed to extend the Love and Light of Spirit to this child and the support which would give him the chance to more completely fulfill his divine destiny on this planet.

Joy and happiness is the attribute of God and Spirit.  And the good feelings are your work made manifest.  When you have done your work in this physical world, you have a sense of joy because work is your love being made manifest to other people.  Some people say, “I hate my job.”  If that is your feeling, you certainly do have a challenge which is to do the thing you dread the most.  Since the thing you fear the most will come upon you, it is best to move your consciousness from one of hatred to one of completing the job in the best way you can.  In the sense of completeness, you can release the job because the job will be finished.  If you work in a sense of hatred or despair you can never complete because you will always hold some of that feeling to yourself.

You’ll find that you can’t walk away from the work.  You’ll take it home with you, and then you’ll throw it in your loved one’s face.  If this is what happens in your daily pattern, you would be wise to get another job.  But never is it wise to quit one job until you have another one coming in.  There seems to be a law that says, “If you don’t have a job it’s difficult to get one.”  But if you have one job you can get another job rather easily, if you place out in your consciousness that you want another job.

Very often things can come your way very quickly when you place that level out into your consciousness.  A girl mentioned to me that she wanted a lyre, but didn’t know where to get one.  I suggested that she place this out verbally in an MSIA seminar situation.  She did, and I said, “Louder.”  So she said it again, and no sooner did she finish the request than somebody else said, “I’ll talk to you after the seminar.  I know where you can get one.”  That is very fast to have it return so immediately in the physical, but in the MSIA seminars people will place out a need through their silence, and that need is often met before they leave that night.  The “need” is met because it no longer exists.

Maybe it wasn’t a need.  Maybe it was a desire or a want or maybe the avenue was found that would fulfill it; so it no longer distresses.

You distress yourself.  You suppress yourself.  You desecrate yourself.  No one else can do that to you unless you allow it.  You allow it when you work from a point of weakness, a point of insecurity, a point of “I’m no good.”  I’ve heard many people say they’re not worth much, not up to much, and so forth and so on; and then they bemoan their fate and ask why better things don’t happen.  Who’s going to give anything to you when you’re not up to much, when you’re not worth much?  And yet, the opposite pole of “I am the greatest; there is none greater,” puts out the assumption that — “Therefore there is nothing you can do for me.”

In either extreme people will find it difficult to relate with you and to interact with you.  People want to be free and they want to be able to relate with you in freedom.  Maybe a relationship between two people begins from the position of “Let’s relate to each other verbally; let’s see if our philosophies can coincide.”  If they do, maybe you move closer together to see if your emotions balance.  If that level balances, you might see if you are harmonious with each other physically.  If that level is harmonious you might decide to go on to the sexual level, but you’d better check to see that you are working from the same spiritual reference point.

Without that compatibility, entering into the creative action will just force you into a corner and you’ll reap the whirlwind.  You will not consciously manifest the Light Consciousness.  You will not manifest love.  You will become the destroyer and attempt to destroy yourself and those around you.  And that is being very foolish because you don’t have it within you to destroy anyone around you or to destroy yourself.  You just may think you do.  You might say; “I can blow my brains out.”  Remember, you said “My brains,” which means that you are more than your brains.  You are more than your body.  You are much more.  That body is going to die sooner or later anyway, but that which is YOU will go on because YOU are eternal.  And right now, you are in the midst of eternal life.  You are living in eternity because eternity is now.

Baruch Bashan

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